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The selected cartoons appeared first in other publications, either in print or online, or on social media, and are credited appropriately.

According to government data released Friday, India’s GDP growth rate has tumbled down to 4.5 per cent for the second quarter (July-September) of 2019-20, marking the seventh successive quarter of its downward spiral. Sandeep Adhwaryu suggests the BJP-led union government has a way to keep the common man unaware of the slowdown.

Manjul | Firspost

Manjul weighs in on the slowdown too.

Gopal Shoonya | BBC News Hindi

Gopal Shoonya draws on the alleged rape-murder of a Hyderabad veterinarian, which comes as just the latest gruesome reminder of pervasive crime against women in India.


R. Prasad | Facebook

R. Prasad on BJP MP Pragya Thakur’s latest controversial remark about Mahatma Gandhi’s assassin Nathuram Godse.


Kirtish Bhatt | BBC News Hindi

Kirtish Bhatt pokes fun at the NCP-Congress-Shiv Sena alliance in Maharashtra, which marks the coming together of two very different ideologies.

Alok Nirantar | Sakal Media Group

Alok Nirantar depicts how Shiv Sena, a junior NDA ally in this Maharashtra assembly election, stole a march over the BJP by stitching up an alliance with rivals NCP and the Congress, thus securing the chief minister’s chair for itself. The BJP-Shiv Sena alliance is said to have collapsed over the BJP’s refusal to share the chief minister’s chair.


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