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The selected cartoons appeared first in other publications, either in print or online, or on social media, and are credited appropriately.

Kirtish Bhat, BBC Hindi | Twitter

On International Women’s Day, Kirtish Bhat highlights the hypocrisy of the Indian society where men speak on behalf of women too.

@Ponnappa | Twitter

Ponnappa illustrates a man and his son fetching water in the ‘spirit’ of International Women’s Day.

@MikaAziz/ Twitter

After attorney general K.K. Venugopal admitted in the Supreme Court that certain defence ministry documents are missing, Mika Aziz takes a jibe at the Modi government’s empty ‘achievements’ file.

Satish Acharya | Twitter

Satish Acharya takes a jibe at the Modi government’s propensity to take credit for the ‘250 terrorists killed’ in the IAF air strikes in Balakot, but directing all criticism towards the armed forces.

@Surendra | Twitter

Taking a dig at Modi government’s promised ‘Achhe Din’, Surendra suggests that the ‘balloon’ of promises became too big to remain under control.

Arvind Tegginamath | Twitter

After the recent hacking of the party’s website, Arvind Teginnamath highlights BJP’s perpetual obsession of blaming all of India’s ills on former PM Jawaharlal Nehru.

@ManojKureel | Twitter

Manoj Kureel suggests that the Modi government is using the Indian Air Force after the strikes in Pakistan’s Balakot to vanquish its electoral rivals.

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  • 191
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