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‘They killed my UPSC aspirant son’ — mother of man killed in Bijnor anti-CAA violence

Family members of those arrested for Friday’s anti-citizenship law violence in Bijnor allege that police barged into their homes, thrashed women with sticks.

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Bijnor: Palpable fear, anxiety and despair enveloped the Bijnor district in western Uttar Pradesh Sunday, two days after two men in their early twenties were killed and 131 arrested by the police in violence that erupted after Friday prayers against the Citizenship (Amendment) Act.

Anas, 21, and Mohammed Suleiman, 20, were allegedly shot at by the police in Nehtaur, the epicentre of the violence. Bijnor’s superintendent of police Sanjeev Tyagi told ThePrint that of the 131 persons arrested in the district, 70 are from Nehtaur.

A UPSC aspirant, and a father of a 7-month-old 

The family of Suleiman, one of the two men killed, called policemen “terrorists”.

“They aren’t police officers. They are terrorists. They are zaalim,” said Sheeba, his older sister.

Suleiman’s mother, Akbari Khatoon, added that her son was a UPSC aspirant.

“He would spend night and day just studying, preparing for UPSC. They killed my wonderful, hard-working son,” she said. 

Meanwhile, what would’ve been a happy occasion for Anas’ family turned into mourning—his son turned seven months old the day after Anas was killed.

“He went out only to buy some milk. He had nothing to do with the protests,” said Anas’ father Arshad Hussain. 

The bloodstain at the spot where Anas was killed is still fresh, and the sight continues to evoke tears in Hussain’s eyes.

Arshad Hussian father of Mohemed Anas standing on the street in front of the blood spot | Photo: Praveen Jain | ThePrint
Arshad Hussian, father of Mohammed Anas, standing next to the blood-stained spot where he was killed | Photo: Praveen Jain | ThePrint

Both families said the police didn’t allow Anas and Suleiman to be buried in Nehtaur, so they had to conduct their last rites 20 km away. However, Bijnor’s district magistrate Ramakant Pandey said this was a “perfectly normal requirement”, given the volatile law and order situation. “Burial in the region could create havoc,” he told ThePrint.

SP Tyagi added that neither family has filed a complaint yet.

“If they file a complaint, we will certainly register one. We haven’t received any complaints of police vandalising the homes either,” he said. 

Congress general secretary Priyanka Gandhi Vadra visited both families’ homes Sunday.

Congress leader Priyanka Gandhi meets father of Zahid Hussian Sulaman who died in the police firing on 22 December
Congress leader Priyanka Gandhi met the father of Suleiman, who died in the police firing, Sunday | Photo: Praveen Jain | ThePrint

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‘Police barged into homes, lathi-charged family members’

Many of the arrested persons’ families claimed that the police barged into their homes and lathi-charged them, including women. 

Zareena Khatoon, mother of 36-year-old Qamar Ahmed, alleged that the police arrested her son from their home, broke their TV set, vandalised their kitchen, and cut off the gas pipeline. 

“They said they will burn up this place (while cutting off the gas line),” Khatoon said.

Zareena Khatoon shows the damage inflicted on her home as her son Qamar Ahmed was being arrested | Photo: Praveen Jain | ThePrint
Zareena Khatoon shows the damage inflicted on her home as her son Qamar Ahmed was being arrested | Photo: Praveen Jain | ThePrint

“They hit me and his younger sister with lathis too. I kept telling them my son has done nothing,” she said, adding that the police are refusing to tell her where her son is. 

Nishat Parveen, sister of Javed Ansari (30), who was allegedly arrested from his home Friday afternoon, said about eight or ten policemen entered the house and broke a fan and a washbasin. Parveen also alleged the she and her mother were lathicharged by the police officers — all of whom were men.  

“There wasn’t a single female police officer with them. How could they just barge into our homes and hit us like this?” Parveen said.

Mother and sister of Javed Ansari, who was arrested by the police, showing their 'vandalised' house | Photo: Praveen Jain | ThePrint
Mother and sister of Javed Ansari, who was arrested by the police, showing their ‘vandalised’ house | Photo: Praveen Jain | ThePrint

Bullet marks everywhere

Nehtaur residents also pointed out the bullet marks on various poles and doors near Naya Bazaar chowk, where the violence took place Friday.  

“Look at how high this bullet mark is. If at all the situation was getting out of hand, it is basic practice to shoot below the belt. These bullet marks show that the intention was to kill,” a villager said while showing the marks. 

Bullet at the electric poll at Naya Bazar where police firing took place | Photo: Praveen Jain | ThePrint
Bullet at the electric poll at Naya Bazar where police firing took place | Photo: Praveen Jain | ThePrint

“There is a lot of fear. But for how long will a person live in fear?” another villager asked. 

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  1. Now you can play victim card…you can say he went to buy milk in the period of voilence…those who misguided you are responsible for your loss…search who misguided you..ask yourself and your community…

    • I will believe them when they say he went out to get milk. But lets say it was not for milk and for protest. The punishment if any should be PROPORTIONAL to the crime and protesting is not a crime and cops have not right to shoot dead somebody. Do you know what you are talking. Don’t treat fellow humans like some mosquitoes, karma doesn’t leave anybody. Feel the pain of the loss of a loved one.


    • May you lose somebody from your family then you will know how it feels. It is very easy for you to say because until now you haven’t suffered. But all those who think like you will definitely suffer. Wait until the day you lose some dear one. Have empathy for human!

  3. Both liberal and conservative are dividing the country. Protesters are just pawn in this game.
    Core of protest has nothing to do with secularism it’s about no illegal immigration in Assam.
    Being liberal or conservative doesn’t make u right.

  4. CAB and NRC for the Indian Muslims

    The plan of the Chaiwala for the Indian Muslims.dindooohindoo


    Assuming that the votes cast in the last polls in Hindoosthan,were at 40% of the aggregate
    Indian Population – it would be safe to assume that 50% of the residual non voters,would have
    no ID proof or records to prove ID, and there will be alternative claimants to their ID and
    properties and assets.

    Of them 90% will be Muslims,Dalits,SC/ST and just poor and marginal farmers and workers.What are these
    people expected to do ? There is no way that they will get any ID or prove the forensic trail of
    their possessions and properties,even within the current generation.It will be impossible to prove that
    they are Bangladeshis or from Timbuktu.

    Step 1

    As soon as these people are identified,their assets will be frozen and there will be multiple
    claimants for their assets and possessions – which will lead to distress sales and 3 rd party warehousing
    of their properties and assets as well as hawala operations within and outside Hinooosthan
    (at a huge loss to the owners,just like in the Demo)

    Step 2

    In addition,touts fronting for the BJP/RSS will offer alt-IDs,safe passage etc. (just like in the
    Demo drive) and the baboos,patwaris,village polity and pandoos (khaki ke kutte) will have a field

    Step 3

    The next step of the Chaiwala,will be to target the Muslims etc.,with voter ids and voting rights
    and to use the NRC,to disenfranchise them – as a non-citizen cannot have a voting right.


    The purpose of the Chaiwala is to disenfranchise Muslims and Dalits and Tribes in several North
    Eastern states,and other states,where the margin of vote winnings,is in a few 100s or 1000s,
    and there is a large hostile population which is anti-Muslim or Anti-Tribal,in sentiment.Then the Chaiwala can import
    the Hindoos from SAARC and settle them in those wafer thin constituencies (as swing voters),and especially near the
    IB (as spies).


    The disenfranchised Muslims and Muslims with No ID,will then be exported to UP/Bihar/Telangana etc.,to
    Muslim dominated areas (on the pretext that their own,will protect them),where the BJP already has an
    electoral disadvantage – to further polarise the Hindoos,in those states and provoke Anti-Muslim
    sentiments,to secure/grow and consolidate their vote bank

    Electoral Aggregation

    In the interim,the other political parties will punt on the Muslims etc.,and thus,will form a coalition
    against the Chaiwala (to ensure that there is no vote split and the votes are transferred to the
    coalition).This is what the Chaiwala wants,as that will further polarise the Hindoos and possibly
    bring to the fore their bestial instincts – which will be,to support the Chaiwala

    If there is no Anti-Chaiwala coalition,then the Muslim vote will splinter,as Chaiwala,earnestly desires

    The Hindoo Bindoo who believed that they would get 25000 USD per capita,will be easily conned to believe that the Anti-Chaiwala
    coalition,created riots over CAB and thus,the Muslim reaction on the streets – is precisely why NRC is required,and that the
    Anti-Chaiwala coalition is anti-hindu and anti-national

    False Flag operations

    If the instincts do not show the surge,then the Chaiwala will use the NIA/IB and Military Intel to bomb
    some Hindoo refugee camps and some Muslim clusters – like in Pulwama (which was a difficult forced
    flag operation).That will be cake walk for the NIA/IB – the khaki ke kutte.

    It is certain that there will be spate of bombings in North East and Central and South India to build the euphoria
    against the “imagined other” and build the case for the NRC

    The Pathetos

    A majority of Indian Muslims are Dalit converts.It is easy to conceive a situation wherein some Muslims with
    no ID Proof will gladly add “Rama” to their names,and accept ID cards with a Lotus synbol,or verses of the
    Ramayana – to live in India.

    The Kiss of death of the Israelis

    History records that whoever is used by the Israelis or is conned by the Israelis to kill the enemies of the Israelis –
    is destroyed forever.

    It is the curse on Solomon’s lineage and those which support the lineage

    Chaiwala was born to destroy Hindoosthan and has now adopted the Israeli Model.The Jews convinced Cyrus that a verse in the
    Torah named him as the Messiah.He rebuilt the Temple of Solomon, and his clan,empire and nation were destroyed forever.

    The Jews conned Cyrus.Chaiwala is the son of a Ayah Whore.It is the destiny of the chaiwala to doom Hindoosthan.
    Moral of the Story

    The dumb Muslims and Dalits of Hindoosthan have to understand that they need a separate nation.They will get
    nothing from Hindoosthan.

  5. If if as an UPSC aspirant, your son was burning public property, inspired by paid media, imagine what he would have done, if he had become some officer? He would have been a perfect Paks fifth columnist in the government.

  6. The killing of two Muslim youths by Police must not have happened. If mindless protests of Muslims continue like this police would be under pressure and unfortunate killings would happen. Fatima Khan type journalists are responsible for creating false fears and Hindu hatred among Muslim youths. She has no word of condemnation of arsonist Muslims of Nehtaur but full of accusations of Police. This is the perfect way an urban naxal’s mind thinks. It should be perfectly alright if I call this journalist inching towards becoming ani national. She failed to answer simple queries such as why police has entered some Muslim homes and not the others and what made police open fire. Calling police as terrorists is not a good sign. One day she become victim of her own creation

  7. Another drama son of a headmaster like, now UPSC aspirant. Why was he burning public property, pelting stones creating ruckus.

    Such kind nuisance creators deserve harsh punishment, police is all right to fire live shots if they think it is necessary to maintain law & order. Criminals cannot be spared.

    • Just like all the protest in UP Delhi WB Mangalore Kerala are peaceful.
      There are protest in every state none are violent.
      These violent protest undermining core Assamese protest issue.

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