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Photos of Justice Bobde astride a hunky Harley Davidson reveal different side to India’s CJI

Photos of Chief Justice of India S.A. Bobde were widely shared on social media, in which he can be seen sitting on a parked limited edition Harley Davidson CVO 2020. 

CJI SA Bobde | Bar & Bench | Twitter
CJI SA Bobde | Bar & Bench | Twitter

New Delhi: Photos of Justice Sharad Arvind Bobde flooded social media for a while Monday after they showed the Chief Justice of India (CJI) astride a limited edition black Harley Davidson.

Two photos of him were shared by several lawyers, journalists, Twitter accounts that track legal news and others.

In them, Justice Bobde can be seen sitting on the parked Harley Davidson CVO 2020, surrounded by people wearing masks. He, however, isn’t wearing one.

Comments on the photos ranged from “uber cool” and “people who love life” to criticism over him not wearing a mask and even on the current state of the judiciary in the country. Some alleged the bike belonged to a BJP leader’s son in Nagpur.

Sources close to the CJI told ThePrint that he did not ride the bike but was merely sitting on it.

The photo was taken at a ceremony the CJI was attending at Raj Bhavan in Nagpur, they added. Nagpur is the CJI’s hometown. Justice Bobde is there since the Supreme Court is on a two-week summer break.

Since the showroom was close to the venue, the CJI expressed his interest in seeing one of the bikes, according to the sources.

They said the two-wheeler was then brought to him for a demo, during which CJI Bobde removed his mask to apparently see the fittings better. He sat on it for a few minutes “to take a feel of the bike” without riding it, they said.

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Motorcycle enthusiast

The sources said Justice Bobde has always had a love for bikes.

“Like other judges are fond of badminton or golf, biking is a sport for the Chief Justice. He used to go on long drives on his Bullet in his college days and early days as a lawyer,” the said.

They also said that he is “very familiar” with the motorcycle models Bullet, Jawa and Rajdoot.

Earlier last year, before he took charge as CJI in November, Bobde had met with an accident while test-riding a motorcycle, which was believed to be a high-end Harley Davidson. The CJI has fractured his ankle in the fall.

The accident had kept him away from court duties as well as Supreme Court Collegium meetings.

During his interviews with journalists just before he took charge, he expressed his fondness for motorcycles, and said he used to ride a Bullet.

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