PM Narendra Modi | File Photo | ANI
Prime Minister Narendra Modi | File Photo | ANI
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New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi shared some of his new year spirit on Twitter by responding to several tweets and wishing people a good year 2020.

Continuing his quirky interaction from last week, Modi picked four posts to respond to, including one by Ankit Dubey, a BJP member according to his profile description.

Dubey, a self-professed Modi fan, sought a “follow back” from the PM as a new year gift. In response, Modi said, “Done so,” and wished him a “great year ahead”.

A day earlier, Dubey posted a tweet comparing Congress leader Priyanka Gandhi to self-styled godwoman Radhe Maa. 

Girish Shenoy was another of the four Modi chose to wish after Shenoy posted a photograph of himself with his family in front of the Statue of Unity in Gujarat. Modi used the tweet to reiterate his message on domestic travel — a pitch he earlier made in his 2019 Independence Day speech to boost tourism within the country.

“Keep discovering different parts of #IncredibleIndia,” was Modi’s reply.

The third account, Vallinayagam, had tweeted to the PM a list of “sacred places” he visited in 2019, to which Modi encouraged him to “continue the momentum”. Vallinayagam’s profile describes him as a “Bharathiya” and “solo pilgrim… exploring ancient Bharat”.

Earlier in the evening, PM Modi replied to a tweet by Gautam Aggarwal who said his mother looked forward to listening to the Maan Ki Baat radio programme. The PM asked Aggarwal to thank his mother. Aggarwal, who had tweeted to the PM on 29 December, is a BJP and RSS member according to his Twitter bio.

PM Modi is one of the most-followed world leaders on Twitter, amassing over 52 million followers since he joined the micro-blogging platform in January 2009. Though he has an active account, Modi isn’t known for engaging in Twitter banter, responding to followers, or trolls. He broke some of that ice on 26 December when he replied to a post about a ‘meme’-worthy photo of his.

He has also faced flak from time to time for following troll accounts.

Modi often uses Twitter to push his government’s message and talk about its initiatives, as well the BJP’s. He recently also launched a Twitter campaign in support of the controversial citizenship law that has faced stiff opposition and triggered nationwide protests.

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