Mohammad Mohsin | Twitter
Mohammad Mohsin | Twitter
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New Delhi: Karnataka cadre IAS officer Mohammad Mohsin, who was suspended last year by the Election Commission for checking PM Narendra Modi’s helicopter, has now been issued a show cause notice by the Karnataka government for a tweet on the Tablighi Jamaat members.

According to official sources in Karnataka, the state government issued a show cause notice to the 1996-batch officer for a tweet on 27 April, which said “More than 300 Tablighi heroes are donating their plasma to serve the country in New Delhi only. What about it? Godi Media? They will not show you the works of humanity done by these heroes.”

The tweet has since been deleted.

An official told ThePrint that Mohsin, posted as a secretary in the Backward Classes Welfare Department, has been given five days to respond to the notice.

Mohsin told ThePrint he had received the notice and he will give his reply “shortly”.

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Not the first time the IAS officer has landed in trouble

This is, however, not the first time the IAS officer has landed in trouble with a BJP-led government.

Last year, during the Lok Sabha elections, the Election Commission had barred Mohsin from election duties for checking Modi’s helicopter in Odisha while the PM was campaigning. He was deployed in Odisha as a general observer and suspended for checking Modi’s helicopter in Odisha’s Sambalpur in ‘violation’ of norms for dealing with SPG protectees.

While Mohsin may have deleted this tweet for which he has landed in trouble with the state government, he frequently tweets and retweets articles and views critical of the government, especially at the Centre.

On Monday, for example, Mohsin retweeted a tweet that criticised the Centre’s decision to revoke the permission granted to e-Commerce companies to commence business activities. “In the midst of a full blown health crisis, should there be any room for erratic decision making guided by extraneous factors?” the tweet by a journalist said.

On the same day Mohsin retweeted another tweet, in which a Twitter user questioned why the Madhya Pradesh chief minister insisted on implementing the Bhilwara model to contain the spread of Covid-19 in the state, and not the “Gujarat model”.

Last week, Mohsin had retweeted an article on members of the Tablighi Jamaat donating blood plasma to severely ill patients in Delhi by a reporter, who tweeted “Noble cause by #TableeghiJamaat Of 1068 #COVID19 positive #Tablighis in Delhi Hospitals, around 300 have recovered. And ALL of them have agreed to donate blood plasma to the same people they are accused of infecting.”

Even in 2019, ThePrint had reported how if his Twitter handle is anything to go by, the officer appears to be a vocal critic of the Modi government.

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This report has been updated to include a comment from Mohammad Mohsin.

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  1. A rule is a rule even for a fool. He is an arrogant officer promoted from the State Cadre. A bureaucrat should keep his faith at home and as a pubic servant should conduct himself with dignity of office and should not be colored by his religion which is personal. The government should go by the rule book and take necessary action. No one should cry foul that this is victimization of minorities. It is time we call a spade a spade and if you find blood on the spade. you know what you should call it.

  2. Communal politics,hatred,biased opinions,Daggers drawn to comment and criticize each other.Is this my country what is dreamt by Rabindrsnath Tagore.Where the mind has not been broken into fragments by narrow domestic walls.Into the heaven of
    FREEDOM My Father let my country awake.


  3. Y people dont understand situation and we are facing what kind of issue to solve and save our lives.
    Only muslim bring this vivid-19 ?? This has been already proven tabling jamaat ppl are negative . So they are trying to save rest of the people who us suffering . Please come out from egg see the world .u haven’t seen any thing until nw atleast this the time to wake up and help each other .

  4. IAS officer is to toe line of Government. The will of the Government in Power. If he is towing line of opposition he should resign & do politics. Boss is always right in bureaucracy there is no scope for polarisation in bureaucracy or otherwise the policy of Government will go haywire if everyone in bureaucracy start to oppose the Government policy. Bureaucracy doesn’t have locus standii to challange Government policy. He can challenge it once he resign from it. You cannot shit in plate on which you have eaten. That’s the logic

  5. This comments is like even though the chinese are responsible for covid19 but if they supply other countries with PPE and medicine then china is a very good country.

  6. so all the rules are only for ias offiiceer,i agree the words used by him were unprofessional but he did had a point.if u had showed the bad side u should also show the right things,mark my words they are gong to blame the whole thing on muslims. just remember these things next time u vote

  7. Tablighi Jamaties, before donating the plasma, first got the infection, with their own reckless behaviour. They got the infection themselves, and also caused infection and deaths in others. They ignored and opposed the instructions given by the experts and the government. Good that they recovered, and have come forward now to donate plasma. The change of heart is welcome, but the fact remains that first they caused a spread of infection and also many deaths.

  8. Mr Mohsin could have done his job as prescribed in his job protocol given to him at his joining of duty. He has erred here to get a cheap publicity and applause by muslims! Which he achieved instantly!!! He jumped his limits and enthusiastically decided to check the scooter of Modiji during elections and found nothing and duely got suspended. Now donating plasma by 300 RECOVERED COVID PATIENTS FROM JAMAIT GROUP is being publicised beyond limits there are many NON JAMAIT PATIENTS who donated plasma and went unnoticed or made public. Jamait tabliq gathering is an annual gathering (?) Of muslims from east Asia and other muslim countries!!! After the meet they are supposed to leave the country but what happened is shocking. They travel all across the country to spread islam (and CORONA). This got exposed and a few HINDU organizations get upset and start questioning. No muslim organization or even Mr.Mohsin came forward condemning it, few rank Muslim officials made an appeal in their good earnest, which of course, went unheeded. The tabligi muslims from Malaysia Indonesia were shielded and hid in their houses or masjid by local muslim clerics and the local police was caught napping. When the authorities woke up and started taking action the muslims got united and great hue and cry was created. In this background where does the harrassment of muslims creeped in, I dont understand

  9. I wonder if Mr. Mohammad Mohsin tweeted his views on Tabligi event in ND. If not, it clearly makes him a partisan commentator. Not good for a Govt servant.

  10. In our country crime does pay and honesty does not.In our land A King can do no wrong . In our country you have to have a majority one not a minority.In our country 2 or 3 persons run the country , not following the Rajdharma at all !! This is called “RAM RAJJYA”.

  11. If this is what a educated person thinks than you imagine what most uneducated majority must be thinking. Stupid and absolutely ultra religious behaviour. Modern thinking and living is what this community needs to save INDIA.

  12. He tried to bring positivety to a gathering that had been an issue for sometime now. He should be supported for this attempt to turn the negativity around and stop pointing fingers

  13. What if a Jaffar Sharief like had been a CM and the Officer an Hindu Mohsin? Politics is contextual. Yes, senior bureaucrats, esp IAS ot IPS, need to conduct themselves as a new married bahu in a patriarchial Haryana village but with wisdom and knowledge of a efficient and effective babu in PMO. Self-trade-off is critical and crucial in the political- bureaucratic crucibles. Loyalty matters.

  14. This attitude is dangerous. It shows negative approach to the national security . Since loyalty to nation is lacking in such officer it must be looked into seriously. A close watch to his all activities must be scrutinized to catch his anti national propoganda to avoid any harm to the country.

    • What wrong did he say which can have negative impact on national security. He just tried to highlight the news which supposed to be broadcasted by the Media. But nobody has done except Ndtv, because such optimistic activities done by Muslims community doesn’t go down to some of the so called journalists.

      And anyone wants to pass any comments must have to analyze critically, because now most of us have become like robot, whatever anyone says we accept it immediately, that’s not a sign of an intellectual.

      And now it became a common practice for some of us. We start having negative thoughts which is irrelevant.

      And we cannot blame individually because the main culprit is media they are not projecting what it should be telecast at the same time we are to be blamed partially.
      So my friends plz rationalize yourself, we’re not gonna achieve anything based on criticism.

      • Hats off to you bro, you have elaborated it correctly, but Mr. Mohsin if had normally greeted the work done by tabligi jamat would, instead of adding masala to his tweet he could have said this “The work done by tabligi jamat is appreciated by donating plasma”, I think no action could have been taken on it

  15. First thing is the the organisers of the Tablighi congregation should be blamed for along with the government administration and law enforcement officials who allowed such thing happened… Second thing is 13 March, though prohibitory ordered issued but no panic and Lockdown was implemented during that time with life normally going on in the country without any restrictions. Thirdly the congregation could not have happened over night and the attendees could not have reached hurriedly, the attendees might have booked their reservation for trains and flights long before and attended the congregation as usually because of lack of information and express orders from neither state govts nor indian railways. Now what is the sin of poor attendees of the event when the wrong is done by the organiser and the local administration? Aome one accusing them that they have shielded attending the event which lead to spread of infections…. But before accusing them how the governments of central north indian state governments spread hatred and stigmatised the attendees and targeted whole community… See how bigoted and biased media played role in demonizing a community with so much impunity…. With so much of intimidation and stigmatisation what do expect a person to conceal attending the congregation? Even if you stigmatise a kumbh mela retunee if such mela caused spread of infection, he too will conceal, unfortunately in this tabligi jamat case the government itself is indulging in spreading communal hatred on the pretext of tablighi jamat. As per reports in reputed online media, in South Indian states Tablighi attendees came forward voluntarily to get them self tested and quarantined how ever in case of communally charged UP, MP the governments were indulging in intimidation tactics such invoking NSA, attempting murder case etc… Now coming to the tweet of IAS officer whta is the wrong in his tweet… When hoards of people with the backing of Govt. ruthlessly abused and insulted tablighi attendees and Muslims at large, if their good behaviour by donating plasma is appreciated what is the problem. Bigotry is deep rooted in the minds of sic people, such type of mindset is going to harm this country

  16. Khudos to officer with backbone! By raktaking such beurocratic action, Yeddiyurappa will lose his creadibility as a stead fast man!

  17. It’s ok to praise jamat or criticize some media house, but it’s unprofessional to use terms like Godi Media.

  18. What he said was true. People who attended the Jamaat in Delhi and recovered from the virus are to be congratulated . Istead the media does not applaud their actions. This is like the media of Indira Gandhi’s Emergency. When they were asked to bend they crawled. .. The action of the Karnataka Government is akin to using s sledge hammer to kill a fly. ..I am amused by those who think that he is not fit to be an IAS officer because he checked the PM’s helicopter.

  19. Shocking..he seems to have exceeded his limits, no one blamed any particular community for what Tablighis have done, no criminal cases are filed against all Tablighis, when the country is facing such an unprecedented health emergency, it’s expected from everyone, particularly a senior IAS officer holding a responsible position, to behave with responsibility, the contribution of Tablighis, knowingly or unknowingly, to spread Covid to nook and corner of the country is reflected in the spurt of positive cases all over… when will the persons like Mohsin wake up from their prejudiced views? Maybe he wants to provoke government to take action so that he can get some cheap publicity and become a martyr..

  20. It shows that educated and highly placed officers like mohsin are dangerous than illiterate Muslim folk.Imagine what would happen to the country
    if officers like mohsin are posted to the key and strategic posts. Being an IAS officer definitely he knows the consequences of these types of tweets and statements. However he is continuing in the post.A thorough investigation is required that who is behind him.
    Imagine what will the position of an ordinary govt
    official if such types of tweets are made by him

  21. This so called IAS Officer better work for the welfare of the State. Let him not indulge in cheap politics. Why is he not telling about the nuisance created by those tabligis or whoever when they were been quarantined?Or does he think he is an paid servant of his favourite Tabligis

  22. This so called IAS Officer better work for the welfare of this State. Let him not indulge in cheap politics. Why he is not telling about the nuisance created by those tabligis or whoever when they were been quarantined?Or does he think he is an paid servant of his favourite Tabligis

  23. Such officers should be banished from the country who kindle the fire of religious discrimination in the period of health crisis in the nation.

  24. Stop playing games in the name religion. If the coronavirus is spreading in india it’s not just because of muslims. You are dividing people in the name of religion and sets. At this we have to be unite to fight against the ongoing crisis rather than blaming the religion.
    Where were your comments when the celebrities were doing parties when they were found to positive with coronavirus.
    This is a totally a point of losers who are trying outburst there frustration.
    Do you really feel coronavirus spread all over india is because of muslims. Then please prove it. Then later we can discuss on this topic.

  25. As an Indian national if members of Tablighi Jamat has donated plazma, the act was praised by all quarters of society. It’s irritating to point it out. When a person or groups are involved in good or bad activities their actions are suitably assessed and revarded by the society.

  26. Government spent crores of money to treat and save their lives from situation arising out of their stupidity. I doubt their claims of donating plasma. And this fanatic IAS has no moral right to continue as public servant.

  27. Tabligi are real heroes. Whole markaz Drama played by media to cover up the failure of Lockdown .
    What he said absolutely correct .

  28. Everyone should be given the right to put his views let the people decide who is right and who is wrong?

  29. A point to note is the rather immature mix up
    of religion into politics , and he falling prey to it. As an IAS Officer , his administrative skills cry to be improved upon. Personal grudges being aired on a public platform is hardly helpful . Does he have the necessary facts to support what seems to be just another opinion ?

  30. Shameless. He should educate people who are spitting on food items being sold by his community and to maintain social distance

  31. How such radicals are selected in IAS and other jobs. This is very dangerous for the safety of the nation and the people. There is serious fault in the selection system of UPSC. People who have links with extremist groups like Tablingi Jamaat, SFI etc should not be given government jobs.

  32. A muslim will always be Jihadi & blind fanatic whether u put him in heaven too…this Jihadi IAS Is finest example
    He needs to be sacked immediately.

  33. For a senior govt official impartiality should be topmost priority. he lost my respect which he earned by his daring ‘chopper act’. he sounds more like a opposition party member criticising govt.

  34. Witch hunt !!! What is important is the attitude of the high level boss and policy makers who , at the time of national disaster doing all this and shamefully following the dictates of some crooked politicians !!!

    • What witch hunt a central government employee is supposed to be politically impartial.All his tweets and retweets only shows how vindictive he has been against Modi government.Action has to be taken against him.

  35. I would have very much liked to see the tweet that is being referred to and has now been deleted. Theoretically speaking, NOT EVERYTHING about the Tablighi Jamaat can be bad. If that were the case, the organization should have been banned long ago. In fact then the objection would have been why it hadn’t been banned so far.
    So, if there is at least something about the Jammat that is positive, then why a mature, rational person cannot point it out?
    Is the karnataka government being justifiably strict in this matter, or unreasonably paranoid, that’s the million dollar question. If I have to go by my overall impressions about the Modi-Shah BJP, I would bet on the second possibility : unreasonably paranoid, suffocating good, upright citizens.

    • The thing is the Jamaat incident leader had not surrendered and he was the one who insisted the participants to donate plasma so as to COVER UP their mistake, exactly how he said it. Also, I don’t exactly get what you mean by not everything about it can be bad. It was a religious gathering, how does the matter of good and bad come in here?
      Moreover, them donating plasma to make up for their mistake isn’t something which makes them a hero. Many other recovered patients have donated their blood too and at the time of crisis this is their duty. To cover up their own mistake by donating plasma doesn’t necessarily make them “HEROES” as mentioned.

    • Sanjiv Bhatiya needs to be kissing Tabliki to get big Corona and then donate plasma, which is of no use.

    • Upright citizens, if jihadists are upright citizens then your place is a Ross the border. As well as use your Arabic names.

    • You are not an human being. You are playing games with citizens. At the moment if some is doing job and nothing more. If someone praise people for there good work you people consider them as revolt. I don’t think you are born to live. You are born to kill the humanity.

  36. This IAS officer was stopped sabotaging PM Modi’s chopper. He should be investigated by CBI for his links to fanatics. The plazma donation by Jamaatis is now proven fake.

    • I wasn’t aware of it. Day in day out I hear only this ‘jamaatis have donated plasma for Covid-29’. Please enlighten why is it fake? I am very keen on learning about it.


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