Students sitting in the campus lawns | Facebook
Students sitting in the campus lawns of IIM Ahmedabad | Facebook
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In first-ever policy meant to boost job prospect, the government also wants campus placements to be mandatory for all technical institutes.

New Delhi: Students of engineering, architecture and other technical disciplines will now be taught how to dress and talk well to boost their chances of bagging a fancy job.

This training will be a part of the new ‘Internship and Placement’ policy formulated by the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE), which was recently approved by the Union Ministry of Human Resource Development.

Technical graduates from India have often courted criticism for being unemployable.

“The policy has been formulated after a lot of deliberation with industry and academic experts,” said a senior AICTE official.

“According to the feedback we received from companies… students do not dress well or present themselves well, which is why we have decided to lay special emphasis on personality development and communication training of students,” the official added.

Various studies have pointed out that a large chunk of engineering and management graduates in India are unemployable or unfit for recruitment immediately out of college.

For example, one such study, conducted in 2016 by New Delhi-based employment solutions company Aspiring Minds, flagged the lack of soft skills, including effective communication, as a major detriment to an otherwise brilliant IT student’s job prospects.

Especially in management and engineering, the proliferation of multiple colleges of sub-par quality has produced a deluge of graduates ineligible for jobs in the fields.

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A first

The Internship & Placement policy is the first devised by the government to improve job prospects.

Under it, the Centre wants to make sure that graduates of premier colleges like the Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs) and the Indian Institutes of Management (IIMs) are not the only ones who ace recruitment exercises.

It is intended to ensure that engineering and management students of all institutes, as well as those pursuing other technical courses like pharmacy and architecture, are equally equipped to master job interviews conducted by corporate and international firms right after college.

Among other things, the policy will make it mandatory for institutes to provide internship and placement opportunities for students, obligating colleges and universities to earmark one per cent of their budget for this.

Institutions will also need to have a dedicated placement cell with student and faculty representatives who will be tasked with getting in touch with different companies and convincing them to conduct campus placements.

While the IITs, IIMs and National Institutes of Technology (NITs) have dedicated placement cells, many government and private colleges have allowed theirs to fall inactive.

In the second semester of their respective course, students will have to mandatorily take up an internship of four to six weeks during their summer break, for which they will get credit points. They will also be expected to maintain a diary to record their experience during the internship, and note down whatever they learn.

The AICTE is also looking to lay down some rules for the hiring companies, the official quoted above said.

Companies that take in students for internships will have to give them an appointment letter and offer them similar health and other benefits as regular employees.

An inspection cell from the AICTE will conduct periodical inspections at the companies to ensure as much, and submit reports on each visit to the council.

With the new policy, the AICTE also hopes to help highlight and generate jobs by scouring villages, towns and metros for potential work opportunities, for example, whether a company is looking for employees or if there is a project that needs to be taken up.

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  1. How stupid can the government civil servant become? Dress well to be like IITian? Sheesh. They also wanted IIT curriculum to include Veda…….. Education Ministry must be limited to high school level only.

  2. It’s a great move. Before applying that we should improve quality of engineering college. Without any laboratory, well education system AICTE approving colleges due to that so many engineers don’t have any practical and theoretical knowledge but they have degree.
    So it’s a humble request,. AICTE should check the college laboratory , education system, library, etc..

  3. It will not work. IITian do not believe in well dressed show up. It is the talent which give jobs, not anything else. Students from IITs and some top ranking colleges are recruited due to talents only.

    However, it is also true that most private companies are managed by big shot privates engg colleges for campus placement.

    It was also wrong on the part of Govt to provide higher scholarship to IIT and NIT only. It should have been based on Gate exam and open to all with a condition that these students will be appointed in good engineering colleges directly after Ph.D.

  4. Efforts to improve skills in Engineering students is we come steps. But AICTE need to prepare and study the present situation of placement and the number of students graduated from different universities. IITs, NITs get major portion of budget from MHRD with less no.of seats. At the same time , allowed private colleges to run with little budget more number of seats. This hampered the quality of students coming out of the institutions. In colleges, it is not possible to train the students as per requirement of all the companies. It can only provide basic foundation courses. it is necessary for each company to give training as per their requirements. AICTE must control the colleges regarding total seats offered in each course to minimum, so that quality of student can improve.

  5. Why now what aicte was doing since 4 years

    Oh so sad now it’s election time

    Aicte pls don’t make fool to people of india they r well developed mind

    Which can easily detect such stupid things

    You all r dooing just for vote.

    When we inform over email to many flaws to aicte

    They don’t even look on it.

    Just for money you all are making students career in risk

    If a 25 year old student can understand and point out flaws in aicte education system handling , they why u can’t having 30+ years of experience , u all doing just for money and vote bank
    We r not stupid.

  6. This is like packaging shit.
    Dressing up like IITs really.. have they seen the IITians during their college days?
    This is beating Tump in his own game… Really a shame.

  7. Nothing will be happen to change the dress and facilities as like a IIT university. Change the teacher’s who teaches student because they not able to teach. Hire a good teacher’s. Internship is must be in every college. And close that college’s where playing with student’s future.

  8. 1. Industries have to be encouraged to take interns. There is no use having a policy only for the college, any decent college in India today reaches out for getting students for internships.
    2. This took 4 years what was the HRD Ministry doing since 2015 other than appointing incompetent people like Smriti Irani and inviting the RSS for suggestions on education.
    3. Many students in government institutions are engraged with the political appointments made to senior positions.
    4. This circus being played about in JNU has to stop. Go check the university rankings and see the alumini it has produced before dragging it down to the dirt.
    5. Insist for a common disciplinary code of conduct for students for all universities. Given a free hand female students will be subjected to ridiculous rules regarding dress and hostel and the university can impose any draconian rule and threaten students with expulsion who will then have to fight it in court.
    6. It is not enough for uncle’s, aunties, netas and babus to sit in some conference around a table in an AC room and make policies. Go out and take feedback from students on mass scale. This has to be a 2 way exchange.
    7. Put qualified people in the HRD Ministry not people whose qualifications vary with every affidavit they file before an election. And for God’s sake if the Prime Minister doesn’t have a degree come clean and allow scrutiny. It is an insult to people who work to get a degree if this drama further continues.

  9. Well I was going to give these non happening people some good reply but there so many so I’ll just support your thought… the government is focussing on very important issue of presenting yourself which cannot be improved even with good education system. It’s not the government but the companies which reported for such issue of presentation due to several reasons international relations to be one of them so if government is trying to initiate such a thing we should rather support it because a perfect blend of both education and personality differs a individual from the rest….people respond to how we dress and speak and present ourselves in the first look(call it judging but that what we all do) no body knows you are good at something until you convince them to! It’s well far for the student to learn such a thing so rather than blaming the government give a thought that it will benefit the student in a good way.

  10. Absolutely ridiculous ruling…talent shall always stand out no matter how well one dresses up, flaws show up if the basics are not right…let the contents n fundaas be taught properly in colleges n you will see the results.. automatically…iit_iim or any college… For that matter…

  11. Instead, close the stupid Colleges, which function merely on the paper and have faculties who don’t know nothing about the course and also change the oldest ever curriculum which doesn’t have anything related to the practical world and leave the students with just four years of time pass.

  12. This is sheer stupidity. if the govt had even a speckle of understanding into the matter they would have focused more on producing quality institutions, faculty, research environment and reducing the number of private seats and colleges that reduce the entire college environment into a business for churning money from insecure parents and students. Shame on everybody involved and like all govt schemes this one is bound to fail.

  13. Firstly their are two factors which need to be consider, the very first factor is the “Educational System” and “Number of Jobs”,

    Do our Educational System teaches all the present technology ?

    The answer is NO, then why would the Companies hire such an Engineer to whom the company needs to invest his time and money to train him, but still to fill the vacancies and get their work done, they hire the top creame of the college’s.

    Number of Jobs

    Due to low Country development rate( finicial development) in past few years the vacancies count in all companies have come down, and now for a work which required two man power has been given to single person and that person is not in a condition to deny that work as his is afraid of losing the job.

    So Government should blame the students for his dressing, English speaking or should work on development and try to increase the number of vacancies and also update the content of the educational system so that he is ready for the present technology,

  14. This govt is shitting everywhere…y dont they use their toilets? Instead of upgrading the education level in colleges by providing good teachers and facilities they are just diverting people from main problem because its solution requires a good financial support and if they direct tax payers money this side then how will they be able to fillup their pockets? So they will come out with those problems ( which actually might not be) and whose solution does not need much financial support. What if a students just due to his getup gets a job( though its not possible but since govt. says …lets accept it for a minute) …how will he survive? What will help to maintain his position in any firm or industry? His dressing style or his knowledge? Definitely his knowledge because hiss boss will be fed up seeing him daily?…so he will kick him out and hier somwone else whose looks better than him / her?…so at the end …he /she again gets unemployed. So what was the use of what he was taught?

  15. I think this is preposterous, how a person dresses and talks is a huge part of their personality and no-one should be told whether or not they should be that way. A job placement is a matter of educational skills and mind cooperation not suits, ties and greetings. We aren’t blank robots to be coded.

  16. I am curious to know how they come up with such policies? Aren’t they suppose to do some research?

    And this is not the first time, previously a Rs 70,000 pm scholarship to pursue research in India was started because the creamy student prefer going abroad. The root cause of that problem was bad quality of research facilities and a pathetic system, instead of solving that govt started the scholarship thing, which to a sensible & intelligent student is rubbish, knowing that how much impact a good quality research has on one’s career.

    And now this! •_•

  17. Dear Engg/MBA students, there is no point in criticizing a person/govt. If you can talk well and dress well your job prospect increases…ask any of your corporate friends/family/HR. But talking well take 2-3 years of time and so is grooming/dressing. Also these things are achievable and will give you lot of confidence. Real engineering skills/management skill you learn once you hit a job. So my suggestion is not to get into debate or comparision with anyone but to start early and get your soft-skills/grooming right. Your fellow engineering and MBA friend with mediocre skillset.

  18. Dear everybody,

    The point is at least this govermnet is trying. Your views are very appalling from the point of view that earlier these issues were not being dealt with and when they are trying to do something you still do not encourage them. It’s not diff to u derstand that IIT is IIT Because of students there, not because it is IIT. Similarly you have to raise the standard of students not the college. You people should talk to some good personalities(the one who aare criticizing). I think you ignorant people hardly talk to any brainy person. This is just the starting point, moreover the compulsory internship in second semester will help a student a lot. Even if tou want to criticize then criticize constructively. Think what if this policy is successful the number of people getting job will definitely increase. Don’t go by headline only. That was just a bait. Go deeper into the news. I hope you understand something.

    • Completely agree Tushar.. change start from 1.. I like ur positive attitude. Keep developing.. keep growing..

      Dear all. At least something is changing.. let us assist the change, soon our dream become inevitable..

  19. Unemployed engineers are too much in India. Every year 10 to 15 lakh engineers complete their courses spending Rs. 10 to 12 lakh. But the job opportunity is very less. Job opportunity is for IT field only. Poor mechanical, electrical and other branch students wasting their time searching jobs. Hope the government will create more employment opportunities in its various technical departments. It will surely helpful to our talented engineers.

  20. I just do not understand this and seriously this problem persists in our Education system, colleges and everywhere else in the same field. Dressing up well, being able to express your views, etc. is important. It is in fact very important. But what is more important than that is the quality of education. First focus should be on improvement of quality of education of Non-IIT/IIM institutes. Scrutinize the conditions in IITs and IIMs. Students in other colleges are not given that education. There’s only constant mugging up of things~ theory, numericals, concepts everything. These people focus just on marks and infact students too are interested in getting good grades only. There’s no guarantee that a topper of such colleges is actually intelligent. Coming on to the syllabus, subjects which should be based more on practical are theoretical and those that should be theory, are practical. A topper student of III year, CS/IT branch cannot even write a simple factorial program. That’s the quality here. Not just in CS/IT but in other branches too.
    Focus on dressing and oration but before that, please improve the quality of education because only few people in such colleges are interested in learning things, understanding things rather than mugging up.

  21. Most of the engineering colleges don’t have the proper infrastructure to train their students…so if they are not trained in the correct manner how can they become employable? Improve the education system, everything will change automatically.

  22. Lot of corruption in selection and promotion of faculty and support staff is the main reason for poor performance. Large number of overlapping and contradictory governing bodies and organizations like AICTE, UGC, NBA, state boards etc are frequently changing the rules creating unstability. So show businesses only will not working. Grass route changes are required.

  23. If a poorly trained doctor dresses well , will he become a good doctor? This govt is a bunch of sales men who wants to sell a comb to a bald man. An engineer who is not fit to work in a place of work , will not be hired , no matter how well he dresses.

    • Is it necessary? if someone studied from a non- IIT/IIM college is not fit to work & will not get hired
      It’s like only hallmarked gold is valuable rest is not valuable

      • Instead on working on the skills that are actually important for the job does the govt thinks that dressing and speaking nicely is good enough?

        Basically it’s a training to produce charlatans, unfortunately there is no dearth of them here.

  24. Barring the basic differences in intelligence, many students specifically from North can not handle English, both written and spoken. Modi wants all engg and mba s to be like IIT ians ????. Modi himself is a Hindi fanatic.

  25. Dear Rahul, not every company too is apple or google. This is true many eligible candidates remain unemployed because they are not trained to face the interview.
    There are many small companies willing to take candidates in but can’t find because many candidates fail to express their views or just not look presentable enough for the job.

  26. This looks like the Louis Kahn Plaza, where the convocation ceremony is held. Our son passed out in 2010, with Dr Rangarajan placing a gold medal around his neck, proudest of all being his fiancée.

  27. What a bunch of Idiots this Govt is? The difference between an average MBA/Engineering college and IIT/IIM is huge as a baseball ground. Dress plays minimum part in that. IITians and IIMs must be laughing and rolling on floors. Although the irony is 90% of IITians and IIMs are BJP supporters.


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