IAS, IPS, IRS create CARUNA to shadow and aid Modi govt’s Covid-19 efforts

IAS, IPS, IRS create CARUNA to shadow and aid Modi govt’s Covid-19 efforts

Civil servants across services are using their network, that extend to district levels, to supplement Modi govt's 11 empowered groups tackling Covid-19.

Representational image of IAS officers being addressed by PM Narendra Modi | Photo: narendramodi.in

Representational image | IAS officers being addressed by PM Narendra Modi | Photo: narendramodi.in

New Delhi: Civil servants across services have created a platform called the Civil Services Association Reach to Support National Disasters, or simply CARUNA, to assist the government in its Covid-19 efforts.

The platform — which includes officers from the Indian Administrative Service (IAS), Indian Police Service (IPS), Indian Foreign Service (IFS), Indian Revenue Service (IRS), state services and so on — was launched by the IAS Association vice-president Sanjeev Chopra Friday.

“We are here to assist, support and supplement the government efforts with regard to coronavirus using our networks, skills, resources, etc.,” Chopra told ThePrint. “Since civil servants are spread out across the country, this network can be used to create a database of information on migration, essential supplies and medical equipment like masks, ventilators, PPE, etc,” he added.

“Obviously, this is no alternative to what the government is doing, but if officers across the country can collaborate their efforts, then why not?” said another official who did not want to be named.

The official added that this is especially important since, at the district level, shortages of supplies are being felt. “… So it was felt that officers should use their network and resources to assist the government,” the official said.

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Multi-pronged effort

The officers have set up teams in sync with the 11 empowered groups created by the Narendra Modi government to tackle all issues related to the Covid-19 outbreak.

“We have assigned different officers depending on their domain expertise for each area and they will be responsible for preparing the platform’s response to the outbreak,” the official said.

The teams will assist the government in specific areas like medical emergency management plan, availability of hospitals, isolations and quarantine facilities, disease surveillance and testing and critical care training.

These teams are also working on supporting availability of essential medical equipment such as masks, gloves and ventilators, augmenting human resources, facilitating supply chain and logistics for necessary items such as food and medicine, and also working on economic and welfare measures, information dissemination, public awareness, technology and data management issues relating to the lockdown.

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