Congress leader Rahul Gandhi addresses the 'Yuva Akrosh Rally' at Jaipur | PTI
Congress leader Rahul Gandhi addresses the 'Yuva Akrosh Rally' in Jaipur | PTI
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New Delhi: Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on Monday targeted the government over the issue of unemployment, saying it has “failed miserably” to generate jobs for the youth of the country.

He said Union Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman should not be afraid of answering questions raised by him on behalf of the youth, to whom the government is answerable.

“Finance Minister, don’t be scared of my questions. I am asking these questions on behalf of the youth of the country, to answer whom is your responsibility,” Gandhi said in a tweet in Hindi.

“The youth of the country want employment and your government has failed miserably to provide them the same,” he said.

The Congress leader used the hashtag “JawaabDoMantriJi” to put across his point.

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  1. For RAGA jobs are like commodities that can be sold and bought from market. First RAGA should work a 9 to 5 job otherwise he wont be even knowing what a real job means.

  2. Nobody is scared of this moron….even moron is better suited than for him…nutcase..shameless …no words to describe this monumental catastrophe called RG…lost amethi right under his nose…led his party into monumental defeats in 2 elections..and talks big…and we still ve to listen to his filth..


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