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Srinagar: An Army officer died while trying to save his dog during a fire incident in Gulmarg area of Baramulla district of Jammu and Kashmir, police said on Sunday.

A fire had broken out in an officers’ hut Saturday night and Major Ankit Budhraja of Corps Signals, attached with SSTC Gulmarg, rescued his wife and one of his dogs. However, while rescuing another dog, the major received burn injuries up to 90 per cent and died on the spot, a police official said.

The fire was brought under control by firefighters with the assistance of local police.

The body of the Army officer has been shifted to sub-district hospital Tangmarg for further medico-legal formalities.

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  2. Great Lady, you had a very brave husband who saved you from the fire. He will be in our hearts for ever. May God give this brave man a rebirth. We’ll never forget this great person. Jaihind.

  3. I love my pets so much but i wouldn’t actually do this. I don’t have any dogs, just birds but I’ve been around enough dogs to know they would rather you live and they die than you dying trying to save them. I’m not trying to diss him, he made his choices. This is just overall a sad thing. Now his other dog and his wife are going to miss him and have to learn to live without him.

    • You won’t understand the heart of a soldier.. many hero sacrificed themselves to save this nation.. they are the reason that you are sleeping peacefully.. it doesn’t matter whether it’s a dog or country.. they will do their duty..

  4. My comment is from the side of Indian. I hope GOD should take the soul and Rest the soul in peace.
    Yet Indian army should find out how the fire burnt the hut. As in army lot of things are happening such as high alcholic behaviour, Wife swapping, no mutual trust among husband and wife or Jealousy among officers This should be investigated properly and stopped. Two years before we heard a Naval officer wife shot herself. No one knows the cause and neither truth. Truth is pricky. Kindly investigate and find. GOD should give Major or his wife’s family lot of strength.

    • Thousands of opinions on any action taken by anyone in Army.. In our States i think this much bravery and commitment to protect as well as save a living soul be it any animal would surely be shown by Dog squad NCO.. As an officer its is expected that he will be dutiful always..

    • PL don’t make opinions by media TRP news. In order to get more viewing just link things to army is norm of day. CRPF or even private security guards are reported as army jawan. NCOs of army are reported as officers. Many things you mentioned are happening much more in the society but when army is added to these it becomes a glorious news. A person indulged in some wrong activity is no news but if added with army man it becomes sensuous and army officer it become much more sensuous. PL try to introspect and understand this. Deed by army major in saving his dog is not that small . Nowadays ppl even don’t put their life in trouble even in saving their near and dear ones.and look at the sacrifice by officer. May God rest his soul in peace and give str to his family

  5. Real Human show his Humanity whenever it required. Because “Humanity” is only the religion due to which Human beings are still here.
    To save Humanity our Ancestor make Religions. But some Evil thought people make it their weapons and misguide to their followers. ….

  6. Sir Allah will give him a place heaven ,as it shows what India Army has love very one,He is not major bt Allah send angel to look after very one ,RPI, this teaching of our great India Army.

  7. Nice guy! What a bravery ? Masha allah ! , Deep condolences to his family …😢 anyhow Raw courage is to be avoided …

  8. He is true human and true Hindus. Hindus Sanatan, respect each life. This is an example. God live long Hindus

    • I won’t be surprised if he had selective compassion in that animals and birds he ate were bereft of his compassion. Would be typical Hindu hyprococy.

  9. Salute to Major Ankit and pray for the beautiful soul ,poor dogs will miss there master.We stand in grief with Family.

  10. One can imagine the audocaity and humanity that major was filled with . Did not care for his life to save the life of his dog . Salute to the fearless Soldier

  11. Extremely sad incident but it shows how careless army are in winter living in wooden house & using fire without care & without fire fighting safety

  12. Aap chronology samajhiye –
    One muslim guy (rafaqat bara) commented and abused the honorable major. Some hindu people started making it a hindu-muslim thing. Then other muslims joined but surprisingly not even one of them applauded the major of took on shafaqat bara for his statement. Every single one of them was interested in asking to Hindus “why are you making it a hindu-muslim thing? Height of entitlement.

  13. Jai Hind… Sir you deserve a salute from whole nation… But here still with fake IDs of muslims names spreading hatered by using non sence comments and some non sence people are believing on such comments… Think once before saying anything….

  14. It was great to serve with u,but now am shocked that u r no more. May ur soul RIP. I miss u soooooo much.

  15. The Indian Army is full of such great, courageous and selfless individuals who put the one in need before them. Rest In Peace and heartfelt condolences to the ones he has left behind. He showed us Love sees no difference, compassion is not specific

  16. A great soldier and a noble human being. My condolences for the family. Your supreme sacrifice will always remain in my heart.

  17. Salute most loveing major,this is what Indias soldiers doing it continuously to save lives of human beings and animals beings, hats to ur bravery n dedicate ur life by saving dogs, god may bless u to rest in peace.

  18. Jai Hind… Sir you deserve a salute from whole nation… But here still with fake IDs of muslims names spreading hatered by using non sence comments and some non sence people are believing on such comments… Think once before saying anything.

  19. A great virtous soul who sacrificed his life while saving an innocent animal, we salute on such hero, we pray God to rest Major Ankit’s virtuous soul in heaven with absolute peace

  20. May his soul rest in peace, His act is full of valour and kindness. Loving humans on the same footings loving animals is rare in now a days world.
    I admire his life after and before.

  21. What abrave soul ,become martyrto save a dog khujliwal should announce compensation.and gov.of India some gallantry award .

  22. When God blesses a human with a dog , it’s one of life biggest joys.
    Even I a mere civilian would do my best to get my dog out.
    He was an Indian Army major with no FEAR
    RIP …….Respect

    • Yes mam… respect to our ARMY MAJOR…a brave heart who has so much humanity in them,that they lost Thier life for a pet DOG…LOVE AND RESPECT…

    • He didn’t even think once about his life…
      This show how the Indian Army tendency to save Anything…
      Profound Respect to Ankit Sir and their Valour.

    • Mam heartfelt condolences to you & your family members. Animals are much more loyal than human beings. Ankit sir bravery is remarkable. For Indian Army & our country, it’s irrecoverable loss. May his soul rest in peace. May God give you the inner strength to bear the loss. I & my wife assure our prayers.

  23. This is how they propagate hatred among people. I can totally vouch for it that it is a fake comment with a Muslim name and you all just took it for granted that this could be a scam to create difference between 2 religions. Being a Muslim I know what morals and value quran impart and such non sense comment cannot come from a muslim. Please start asking questions before it’s too late. Hindu Muslims lived with love in this country for centuries and no one is in danger, neither Hindus nor Muslims. It’s only dirty politics and nothing else. And my best friend serves in Army and I know what they have to go through everyday.

    • How do you KNOW that that comment is only placed by politicians aiming to create hatred?
      Have Muslims not caused problems including but not limited to terrorist attacks, suicide bombings and anti-national protests?
      Rafaqat Bara is just one more of those hate mongering anti national humans.

    • Sir, aap galat hai, musalaman kisi dusare dharm vale ko bardast nahi karata.. Lahor, Karachi, peshavar, afaganistan, kashmir, kitane example chahiye? Duniya ka ek bhee muslim country bataiye, jisme minority ko equal rakhha gayaa ho… Kahaan gai pakistanki 47 kee 23 % hindu aabaadee? Aap tab tak bhaai chaaraa rakhenge jab tak aap minority me hai.. Usake baad to aap kyaa karenge vo sab ko patta hai.. Hindustan kee kamnasrebee hai yahaan congress jaisi, satta ke liye desh ko barabad karanevali party ne rule Kiya.

    • Muslims never lived with peace in India you all Muslims were Hindus forced conversion took place all across India nadir shah Timur Babar aurangzeb all Muslims were very cruel in nalanda thousands of monks were brunt by Muslim Invaders all Hindus were driven out if Muslim majority Kashmir Muslims & peaceful quite absurd

      • Nonsense. Do you think Muslims were the only invaders? Are you going to fight Christians too? Are you sure your ancestry does not have the Aryan race in it that invaded India long before that? Are you too short of brain cells to process the rhetoric of yours is absolute BS?

    • You are right bro with no doubt we are both(religion) living together with (100 or1000 thousand ) years, every religion is superior and that have is own supremacy.
      Jai hind jai bharat.
      “Doesn’t matter what ‘s our religion .the matter is what type of human being we are.

    • Although the current situation is fabricated for political reasons and I do not support any government that discriminates against anyone based on caste creed, or religion, I still find myself questioning if the apprehension towards Muslims is a warranted by the action their religion propagates across the world. Muslim countries discriminate against everyone who is not Islam. They force it on people in the name of law of the land. In the UK, the climate of extreme conservative government was propelled by many reasons. One of them being the Muslims who abused the system, but who could not integrate into the society and created havoc. In many parts of the world, there exists an unspoken rule of brotherhood amongst the people of the religion that defies any law or logic and is ruled by the religion alone. How can one defend a religion that is opposed to the common law and logic? That refuses to progress or integrate. The more insidious crimes are the utter callousness towards anything that is not of their religion. I am of another religion, I do not want to be at a place where I know I will not be supported by the people who I try to defend.
      Now, there are many that don’t fall in this category, but there are more that are purely selfish in their endeavours in the name of religion.

    • Mr.Zaid as long as we’re human beings we must preserve and promote humanity worldwide, no doubt about it !! Would you please clarify me the meaning of jiziya in Islam ,the meaning of Dhimmi in Islam ,the quranic quotes which direct its FOLLOWERS to kill the polytheistic people wherever they’re gonna be found by the MUSLIMS !!! I can even share those quotes from your Quran if you wish !! Don’t you see what the Muslim people are doing ,all over the world !! But I staunchly believe that there are handful of Muslims who Nowadays are standing against their own religion & are boldly preaching the truth about the concocted Islamic ideologies!! In case of Tarek Fateh , he clearly suggests to discard the MULLAHWALI ISLAM but to follow the ALLAH’S ISLAM !!! I’d love to hear from you on the same but with a strong logic only !!

  24. Rafat bara you are simply a pathetic person
    Big salute to Major Ankit Budhiraja
    You will always remain in the heart of nation

  25. Salute to Maj. Ankit,
    No words for his bravery. He is true soldier.

  26. Any soldier would have done that. Salute Maj Ankit for his exemplary courage. Though he probably could not analyse the situation before going into the fire the 2nd time. If you leave them free, dogs are capable of rescuing themselves.But in this case, one does not know the exact situation. The spirit and raw coursge of the officer are commendable.

  27. When v keep dogs v love them like our own children. Even stray dogs for that matter. I always ensure that our dogs lead better life than us. I m sure for d gentleman d dog was like his child. One needs to b humane to understand d bond.

  28. When the flood were in rampage It was the Soldiers who saved our. It’s a selfless service by them. Saviours must be given due respect. Khuda kar kare nasamajh bando ki.

  29. Always our soldiers and family are unselfish.We enjoying by their sacrifice, shamelessly don’t have the right to comment.Even for this they need proof.SHAME.

  30. From your comment it is apparent saving & valuing life aapke syllabus ke bahar tha. You were only taught to take life.

  31. Salute Major Ankit. He has left behind a message of the value of every life all creatures great and small and a soldier’s valour. People who believe everything on this planet is only for consumption will not understand his sacrifice. Unfortunately in society we are surrounded less by great soils like major Ankit but lots of heartless idiots. Peace to his soul and peace to his family.

  32. Mr Bara, people like you give the community a bad name, alongwith the silence maintained by the rest in your community. And then all of you have the cheek to question why others have the sentiments they do for you guys. I suppose you can only appreciate terrorism and beheadings.

  33. The soldiers guard your motherland which includes your parents , wives ,children and indeed every one in this with the highest standards of duty , dedication and devotion in their heart . May God instill good sense in the heart of those who make cruel comments on our brave soldiers

  34. People from other nations cannot recognise the heroes and their sacrifices of this country or may be they are feeling sick ….haters Get well soon

  35. Yeh mullah mullanna sab kasai hai, dimag mein acchi baat kabhi nahi aayegi, paanch time namaz padhke bhi inmein khoon kharab ki bhoot sawar hain, inlog ke itihaas mein apno ko bhi nahi bakhsha. yeh sab inko jumma ke din inko sikhaya jata hai.

  36. For all you know @Rafaqat bara is a fake account, trying to annoy you into making blanket statements about a community! Please refrain from generalization.

  37. Commendable feat that displays only value of life. No partiality towards humans and dogs. Something that most of them find it very difficult to manage. Easy to laugh at this but tough to actually implement in person.

  38. Mr. Dharma Yodha. Don’t try to turn this discussion into a religious hatred based on a foolish commenters faith, unless you too want to join that club of idiots.

  39. Hey Bara… Sing the national anthem 100 times. Stop taking the Zamzam pani, for even your Prophet will send you to hell for insulting armymen. You are not a true musalmaan for you have no iman. You are definitely anti national, you sick sod.

  40. The day a person becomes soldier,the person knows that the safety welfare and honour of the nation, the men they command and their family comes first and their own comfort and welfare comes last always nd every time Salute to Major Ankit and those who are commenting ‘bakwaas hai and etc ‘ well they would never understand this ’cause they are coward and fools

    • Read in reverse…that’s the whole story…it’s daily day affair for us …we know the reality…why fooling innocent common man … still in colonial era….mark my words…

    • Well said and only those people can understand the pain of others ( may be a domestic animal or a human being) who atleast had gone through that channel once. Remaining people think that it is bakawas.
      Kisika Jaan bachane ke liye fouzi ka dil hona chahiye.
      Jai Hind……..

    • People living a low life will never ever understand the cause that soldiers live for.

      We are so proud to have such brave souls in our country.

    • धन्यवाद मैं आपकी बात से बिल्कुल संतुष्ट हूँ। मैं आपकी टिप्पणी का समर्थन करता हूँ।
      जय हिंद। जय हिंद की सेना।।

    • Arey o Saurabh, Ek baat dhan se Sun ley, tumko itni bakwas bolne keliye aur karne keliye yeh jo aazaadi naam ki cheez jo hai naan, woh sirf aur sirf yeh bahadur officer jaise raksha balon ki wajeh se hi hai, nahi to tumhari mundi kisi gandi naali mein hoti aur tumhari biwi ki naam bhi badal gai hoti..Shukr karo gaddha kahin ke. Aur ek baat, tum jaise gandi nali ki keedon ki wajeh see hi hamari desh ki arth vhyawstha par bahut gehra asar padh raha hai kyunki tum log bahar ki nahi balki andar ki aatanki ho.Yaad rakhna samjhe.

    • Arey o Saurabh, Ek baat dhan se Sun ley, tumko itni bakwas bolne keliye aur karne keliye yeh jo aazaadi naam ki cheez jo hai naan, woh sirf aur sirf yeh bahadur officer jaise raksha balon ki wajeh se hi hai, nahi to tumhari mundi kisi gandi naali mein hoti aur tumhari biwi ki naam bhi badal gai hoti..Shukr karo gaddha kahin ke. Aur ek baat, tum jaise gandi nali ki keedon ki wajeh see hi hamari desh ki arth vhywastha par bahut gehra asar padh raha hai kyunki tum log bahar ki nahi balki andar ki aatanki ho. Yaad rakhna samjhe.


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