Tuesday, May 30, 2023
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Among Delhi riot victims, a 22-year-old auto driver, Bihar labourer, and father of six

The death toll climbed to 11 Tuesday. Some families of the victims held BJP leader Kapil Mishra’s ‘incendiary’ speech responsible for the violence.

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New Delhi: It was just four months ago that 20-year-old Shazia came to Delhi to marry her “doting husband” Shahid.

Now, two-month pregnant Shazia waits for her husband’s body, which will be taken to their native town, Bulandshahr in Uttar Pradesh.

Shahid was one of the 11 killed in the communal riots that have erupted in Northeast Delhi.

The 22-year-old auto-rickshaw driver was shot in his stomach around 3.30 pm Monday.

“He always used to come home for lunch to make sure I have eaten… He used to tell me, ‘Kha le Shazia, babu bhookha hai (Eat Shazia, the baby is hungry)…’,” she said as she struggled to speak. “Yesterday, he didn’t come, and instead news came that he has been shot.”

She continues to stare at the green bangles Shahid brought for her Sunday, a day before he was killed, and bursts into loud cries every few minutes. “What will I do now? What will I do with this child?”

20-year-old Shazia at her relative’s house in Seemapur | Photo: Sanya Dhingra | ThePrint

Shazia has refused to eat anything ever since she got the news of her husband’s death. “I won’t eat until I see his body… These doctors are not letting me see his body… Do I not have the right to see his body?”

Shazia was brought back from Guru Teg Bahadur (GTB) Hospital, which has received the maximum number of injured people since Monday, to her relative’s house in Seemapur Tuesday. Shahid was brought dead to this hospital.

While coming back, her brother-in-law, Irfan, asked her to remove her burqa so that they could not be recognised as Muslim, Shazia’s sister Nasreen said.

“At our home, we don’t even look at our jeth (brother-in-law)… But today he had to do this because we cannot be seen as Muslims in Delhi,” she added.

According to Shahid’s family, he was driving his auto-rickshaw around 3.30 pm around the Bhajan Pura Dargah when he was shot in his stomach.

“It is the ordinary people who are going about their day or are simply stocking up ration, who are being killed,” said Irfan.

People in many of the affected areas in Northeast Delhi were frantically stocking up ration until Monday, fearing escalation of the situation.

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100 phone calls, but no one to take body to hospital

Mubarak Hussain’s blood-smeared body was lying on the streets of Babarpur’s Vijay Park colony for at least three hours after he was shot dead in the violence.

Hussain, 28, was shot at on his chest at 1.40 pm Tuesday and he died on the spot, said eyewitnesses. 

“We made at least 100 calls to the police, but no one has come yet with even an ambulance,” Mubarak’s 18-year-old brother Sadakat told ThePrint.

Body of a man being taken to GTB hospital Tuesday | Photo: Sanya Dhingra | ThePrint

Until 3.30 pm Tuesday, when ThePrint visited the spot, no police officer or ambulance had arrived to take Hussain’s body to the hospital.

Originally from Bihar’s Darbhanga, Mubarak was a labourer who had been living in Delhi for the last 10 years.

“He was a very hard working boy who was earning for our family back in Bihar as well. But Delhi is what he considered home,” said Sadakat, who was visiting his elder brother. 

An eyewitness, Naeem Khan, told ThePrint that a man in a black jacket came from across the street and opened fire, killing Hussain. “The police stood there and watched,” he said. 

An injured being taken to GTB hospital Tuesday | Photo: Sanya Dhingra | ThePrint

‘No clarity on autopsy’ 

Of the 10 civilians who died in the violence, ThePrint met with the families of four, and all of them said that doctors at the GTB hospital have been non-committal about when the autopsy will be conducted.

“All of today and yesterday (Monday and Tuesday), they kept saying the post-mortem will happen in a few hours… Now they are saying come tomorrow,” Irfan said.

While some families are waiting hopelessly in front of the hospital’s mortuary, many have left after waiting endlessly.

“Policemen tell us dismissively ‘Jab milni hogi body, mil jayegi (The body will be handed over when it is supposed to)‘,said Mudassir Khan, brother of Nazeem Khan, who too was shot Monday.

Nazeem, a 35-year-old, has left behind six children and a wife.

Asked if Nazeem had ever participated in anti-CAA protests in the last two months, Mudassir said, “Uska kabadi ka kaam tha… Kabhi itne paise hi nahi the ki pradarshan mein hissa lene ka waqt milta (He used to pick up garbage… He didn’t have enough money to take part in any protests),” he said. “Woh toh ration lene gaya tha (He had gone to fetch ration).

While ThePrint could not meet families of any Hindu victims at GTP Hospital, but victims — both Hindus and Muslims — who have been injured with bullet injuries or due to stone-pelting kept coming in throughout the afternoon.

Ten civilians and a policeman have been killed in the violence so far, said the Delhi Police.

While the dead policeman has been identified as head constable Ratan Lal, the civilians have been identified as Mohammad Furquan, Sahid, Rahul Solanki, Nazeem and Vinod Kumar. Five others are yet to be identified.

At this time, you cannot tell who is being killed and who is killing… Neta log bhashan deke chale gaye, ab Hindu-Musalman dono mar raha hai (Politicians came and went after giving speeches and now Hindus and Muslims are being killed,” said Sunny Singh, a bystander who rushed a Hindu man to the hospital on his bike, who was shot at in his waist. 

‘Blame on Kapil Mishra’

The families of the victims, both injured and killed, held former Delhi MLA and BJP leader Kapil Mishra’s ‘incendiary’ speech responsible for the violence. 

In a video tweeted Sunday, Mishra gave a three-day ultimatum to Delhi Police to clear roads in Jaffrabad and Chand Bagh where anti-CAA protests were going on. He had said if the police failed to do it, “we would not even listen to you if the roads are not vacated”.

Faqeel Ahmed, brother-in-law of Mohammad Furquan, another deceased, who was shot Monday said, “We never went to Shaheen Bagh or anything, but it was a peaceful protest… Ever since Kapil Mishra made that speech, things went out of hand.”

“If Modi or Kejriwal owe anything to the people of this country, they will make sure Kapil Mishra pays for the loss of lives of Indians,” he added.

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  1. go on with anti hindu anti natinalist reporting. good job doning bbc and alzagira
    …..virju kisnaut

  2. Do you guys even think before writing….6 Bache already and wife is pregnant wo bhi itni garibi main shows what these people want to make this country ….shame on you guys …..

  3. These Muslims are accountable for this riots… Every Muslim countries are in support of Muslims only… You can go through the news channel like alzazira, bbc… They’re showing Hindu as accused in this riot.. Even Turkey and American President candidate Barnie sanders openly said about only Muslim mascaree only… And i m seeing even The Hindu News is Highlighting the loss of Muslims… Not Hindus who lost their life… Kuchh to karna hoga in Islamic radicals ka… Sarkar ko

  4. Roots were planned to grab the international media attention, as US President is in India, as Shaheen bagh is not enough, another sit in protest.. for what? Against CAA is not at all a reason. It is obvious that the Muslim clergy, left parties nd the secular media is fuming on Modi decisions over triple talak bill, abrogation of article 370 and now the CAA… It is evident from the communal speeches at the sit in protests.. Their intention was to stop modi and they know the next step would be Uniform Civil Code…. And then the shops of all these mullahs, siculars and the left will be shut for ever…. Let’s wake up and see these ppl are defeated in the best interests of the nation.

  5. Where is the list of policemen shot dead, hindus slaughtered.. IB officer slaughtered with sword, numerous hindus killed including hindu journalists, hindu temples burnt… Why is it so selective reporting? Why is it only happening in muslim majority areas? Why is it not happening in areas where hindus are in majority if really hindus wanted to harm…. Poor biased opinion making.. World know who is peaceful.. Doesn’t matter what and how many lies you say here with drafted videos

    • It’s not Hindus but it’s a handy work of a mob that belong to few politicians and parties, people’s like Kapil mishra who incited violence and the mob was supported by police, people’s like Kapil mishra must be arrested and punished, this is exactly repeat of Gujarat riots, surprisingly the same Amit Shah was Home minister Gujarat state and for India,

    • I agree with you. Al Jazeera and bbc channel both are showing anti Hindu and anti Modi face. Truth is Hindus are victims. All these terrorist funded channel should be burned.

  6. Secularists and Liberals wont utter a word when radicalised muslim youths create havoc on roads and streets, however if a hindu does they wud be the first to jump their guns. Moslim youths take it auto drivers, taxi drivers are full of hatred against hindus….in mumbai as night falls, the moslim youths smoke ganja and drive their two wheelers in such a way that they endanger the life of others…they move in herds and one can never confront them…police also ignores them….but the Psuedo secularists and so called liberals are the worst people….six kids of an auto wala…what was his mission…bacha paid a karne ka kaark hana kho l ke bait ha hai…no sympathy with these people…

  7. This was pure politics.
    Anti-CAA protestors were well aware that once they will go violent, all their struggles so far will round up to zero and they will loose the building sympathy.

    This is something to benefit the CAA agenda.
    It is just some innocent … Even if there was a death of only one inoccent person – still no one should do this.

    Some people turned so sadistically impossible they don’t want to open their eyes.

    All communities of those areas are with affected, supporting each other, then from where did those outsider mobs came in..

    And how can one even think it was not organized …

    Not with any individual but my basic common sense is telling me this.
    I have seen some videos it side mainstream media and they represent the different story.
    I am expecting counter made up videos soon..

    Videos in delay would always be a part of bigger conspiracy…

    ” Still Anti CAA has some sympathy left after all those unfortunate tragedies”.

    I appreciate and thank to those journalist who risked their lives to get the truth out. There are only few left who are holding the strongest pillar of democracy…

  8. Very biased reporting. Why it doesn’t mention that the anti Caa protestors wanted to gain attention during trump visit and internationalise the protest. Humiliating India and modi. They blocked metros and road from Sunday. As trump landed. Who advised them to do so

    • May be may be not! But muslim community don’t believe in US 😹😁😂… human violence if any jews or Christ died.. there z no violence if muslim kills hindu or hindu kills muslim… it’s not they support jews and so it’s wrong they just concern about there religion… and truth our international concern gand me daleee… tuje zaroorath padee gi jisko rubpe baroosa hee oo insaan pe dyaan nahee they thaa..

  9. Modi saab ab thori sakhti karo bahut dekh liya ye Muslim desh ko todne ki baat Kar rahe he ye saale den hi Congress ki hai modi Saab desh ko saaf Karne ka time aa Gaya hai

    Jai Hind Jai bharath

  10. India/Hindu is fed up of these doggies, and there is need to throw them out, may be to Islamic countries, as these are consistently notorious and would be so not only for India but for the entire world.
    Muslims and terrorism shall be seen as a global issue and world must do something about this well in time.
    We are paying for secularism, but they wont change. Throw them out is the only way to peaceful HINDUSTAN, and all Hindu now need to be united and passionate to do this.

  11. Not surprised on the article knowing your planting Hi du partisan view. Not worth relying but then thought shit needs to be called out. Poor Shazia husband died and she is pregnant. Sad. But no mention of others and policeman who got killed or acid thrown at them. Deplorable partisan article. But not surprised and it is people and papers like you, which makes people Flovent away from live let live approach .

    • The Current Generation Hindus, Buddhists, Jains, Sikhs, Parsis, Christians are producing way less children, so talk about current generation

  12. You reporters and bloody politician like Mamata Begum , Pinayari vijayan is solely responsible for the murders . Now go surrender yourself .

  13. We know that your media is biased but don’t expose yourself so blatantly. You people are always against Hindus. Hindus have been tortured for 800 years by Islamic invaders and now when Hindus are free , pseudo intellectuals like you are having pain in your stomach.

  14. We know that your media is biased but don’t expose yourself so blatantly. You people are always against Hindus. Hindus have been tortured for 800 years by Islamic invaders and now when Hindus are free , pseudo intellectuals like you are having pain in your stomach.

  15. An unbalanced article. Why was it that you were able to contact families of Muslim migrants but not of Hindu locals? Why publish such an article when information is incomplete? This leaves a question mark on your integrity and I will never believe your news ever.

  16. What a biased article, why blame Kapil Mishra? What has he said? This communist Islamist collaboration is on its way to destroy the Nation. They are fighting jointly on various fronts spreading cast bases hatred among Hindus, Uniting Muslims+Dalits +Foreign powers, their nexus is very strong, it’s high time for Hindus to understand the conspiracy.

    • The Dalits are the Hindus, so don’t say that they are united with the Islamist Foreign Powers against the Hindus, you are doing a disservice, the Dalit Hindus can fight the Casteists and I will support them but they will never side with the Islamist Foreign Powers as they know about what happened with Shri Jogendra Nath Mandal

  17. Very Biased a d selective reporting . Have you met the family of policeman a d Other Hindu who was killed by peace loving people. Shame on you theprint.


  18. Very selective reporting why don’t you have explained the deaths of Hindus . A Hindu boy is killed as Muslims drilled machine into his head. Hai himmat tv pe dikhane ki . We are facing it and we know the reality about it.

  19. It’s evident both groups are at loss. This government is not efficient. They talk about “swachh bharat” but have made it “rakth bharat”.

  20. There’s evident loss on both sides. Wake up people, this government is fascist. They talk about “Swacch bharat” but have made it “Rakth bharat”.

  21. You will report each and every bloody jihadit muslim who will be killed in riots and when will vanish from india

  22. That is called stupid reporting Fatima.
    You say BJP made riots on the eve of Trump visit.
    Evaru single idiot knows this could only be intent of Muslim terrorist. And it’s now part of terrorist SOP to blame Hindu.
    Media is sold out, nothing nw.
    So carry on Fatima Bi.
    Follow terrorist Kuran, you will find Zannat, as Kasab got. Read Rakesh Maria book.

  23. No matter who made who made provocative speech which led to killing of innocent should be punished. While anti CAA Protesrors have a concern and are protesting. Why the so called pro CAA as it is passed with their support. Yes anti CAA should have chosen a place which avoids Road blockade. It was this mistake exploited by people like Kapil Mishra. One more question comes to mind some where or other public throfare are blocked for marriage, family function. I have many days roads are blocked for Ten days Ganesh and many other festivals. And what about netas who organise road shows. Why people are keeping quite. We have stand together against all forms of road block.

  24. It’s good u accepted u dosnt meet any Hindu family at hospital. But don’t u think it’s better if u use tag line like “ News of Muslim n for Muslim only” so we hindu will not expect journalism from you.

  25. Such a rubbish piece of article. I am disappointed to a level after reading this piece that now I cant even trust a M journalist.

    Fatima Khan and DhingraJi “SHAME ON YOU”

  26. Such a rubbish piece of article. I am disappointed to a level after reading this piece that now I cant even trust a muslim journalist.

    Fatima Khan and DhingraJi “SHAME ON YOU”

  27. Such a rubbish piece of article. I am disappointed to a level after reading this piece that now I cant even trust a muslim journalist.

    Fatima Khan and DhingraJi “SHAME ON YOU”

  28. Nothing but state sponsored terrorism bhakts gather in large numbers they get free daru & chakna plan accordingly with police & their political masters sponsoring them with weapons money & assurances gutless eunuchs attack minority people in huge groups to kill 10 people 1000 people are going & police is watching shamelessly & comes in between to support bhakts if they are overpowered somewhere & no cases are registered & they are free one gunman from minority community is so much highlighted that whole world knows he is shahrukh what about the people whose gunshots killed so many muslims I have been watching all riots where muslims are killed brutally & same pattern is used police+ lukhas mob+political masters all together plan & attack few minorities in large groups & some shameless people here comment with pride that peaceful community is getting reply by Hindus & they have been patient for long time & watching what was wrong if they were protesting peacefully why this bhakt bastards created violence & started attacking them when they were protesting against some against some acts by Gov’t which are biased discrimination for particular community shame on some people from majority community for giving biased statements & shame on political party’s for supporting attacks on muslims shame on police & shame on system if this rioters are born man then fight with ethics dont plan mob attacks & they will then understand the peaceful

  29. The print you are acting like all Muslims​ are very peaceful and only Hindu are doing all the roits. I must say there is no difference b/w you and ndtv ( anti national and anti Hindu).

  30. Dear useless reporter.pls put valid news .all problem n against society raised by few people of Muslim community.those having zero contribution towards nation progress and innocent peace life.ban this channel such as terrified news channel……

  31. Every body in india has right to protest but that should not create problems for others.Shaheen bagh protest is something which is debatable.
    1 .how can u block a road for days or months causing inconvenience to others.
    2.Why outsider muslims wants indian Citizenship. There r many muslim countries around India like Bangladesh. Indonesia Pakistan..y these countries r not offering Citizenships to rohengeas or to other muslims refugees.
    3. Check the history and present also wherever Muslims r in majority they force minorities to leave that place.
    There are many other issues which should be discussed openly. Last if u want to enjoy ur Rights first do ur DUTIES.

  32. Biased reporting by the print. One side said Nazeem was innocent and poor who died had never protested against CAA. Why he gave birth of 6 child if he is so poor? And in protest mostly poor Muslims are participating due to free available foods all day.

  33. Don’t see in angle of hindu Muslim, be Indian. Everyone has rights to give their opinions on certain issues but without violence

  34. 22 years old and six children ???? seriously … did he really plan anything for his children’s future or family?

  35. Very selective reporting . Have you met the family of policeman who was killed by peace loving people. Shame on you theprint.

    • Yes u r right, we as a muslim instigated by jihadis funding now situation may became worse. Allah gie wisdom to muslims.

    • The peace loving hindu people who doesnot kill animals most of them are vegetarian killed so many muslims these hindutavs followers killed so many muslims yet they called themselves peace loving
      How do u know that police man was killed by muslims?Why you are sure about it?As many muslims were killled same way the police man could have been killed by hindutavs who have blood of humans on their hands yet they are peace loving people

  36. 1. 1. I say that violent protests against CAA are a definite and planned conspiracy against the State and, therefore, these protesters deserve no sympathy. 2. Both the Central government and State government of National Capital Region (NCR) have to take all necessary steps to protect public property and human life. 3. Chief Minister of NCR should use all his political acumen to put down the planned violence and one wishes that he succeeds. 4. Grand old party called Indian National Congress has lost mass support. It is making a feeble attempt to win it by opposing Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA). That is why (meaningless) resolutions are being passed in State Assemblies against CAA. 5. As I see it, principles of secularism cannot be interpreted to say that the majority should make all sacrifices and minorities (a term which some politicians use to describe people of Islamic faith) be allowed to maintain a separate identity. Secularism will survive in our country only if it serves interests of the majority community and also of all minorities.

  37. Aaaaand the victimization begins. No logic no balance no fact check whatever these ‘victims’. Say is the gospel of truth. Good going print. Keep it up NDTV is proud of you

  38. Police has to act according to law not according to political masters.
    Standing against an unjust government needs huge courage and most police personnal are lacking it.

    But i am the most helpless person of society a muslim women would keep opposing this unjust government till this government goes off.
    And i dont hate hindus. We will keep fighting this government without hating hindus brotheren.
    Jai hind.

  39. Bullshit article…by Fatima and Santa. These r the people responsible for manipulating Muslims mindset in addition to the maulbies.
    Fatima you can only see tears in Muslims, can only give reference of the and pretending as victim. Stop playing victim card. It’s not going to work. In the name of protest and blocking the main road is peaceful protest in your point of view. You support to get one more road blocked and the freedom of others hardly matters right. Stop being hypocrit. Stop shedding crocodile tears. People like you are more dengerous to the society.

    • Ambulance services come under state – health. So does Fire department. Also the local MLA should have been at hand to help victims. 2.5 months of senselessness- hope that some sense creeps in.

  40. Kindly stop reporting this one sided version. Print is loosing credibility.
    Blocking a public road for months together didn’t seem to you inflaming the sentimo

  41. It’s important that you are not seen as tilted to one side. Just ask yourselves who set the ball rolling in Delhi. Who started it all!!? Did they think that story will continue to be one sided because it was supported by media houses like you!?

    In a way you are as responsible as anyone who created this mayhem. Introspect.

  42. Please modi ji come with population bill see a mulla is having six children. Hindhus population is decreasing day by day and Muslims population is increasing day by day. These jahil zihadi will not allow us to live peacefully if there number will reach more than 25%. eone can see when there number outreach the hindhus number then hindhus has to leave that place. While hindhus always allowed to live mullas although hindhus dominate the population number. See there is nothing against Muslims in C. A. A still they are damaging us and killing us.

    • Sahi pakda👌👌😂😂
      Hindu ko unite hona hi padega, desh me 15% hote hur bhi ye log hum ko marne ki dhamki dete h, kyu ki hum bhot sidhe h na, ghar me bachav karne ke liye ek danda tak nhi rakte h hum. In logo ke liye talware to aam baat h
      Theprint ka naam badal kar thejhoot rakhna chahiye, sirf muslims hi mare kya riots me, lekin nhi inko to bas talwe chatne h😡😡 librandus

    • I have seen many married Hindu Men both literate and illiterate but never seen anyone having more than 2 Children thinking about the economy of their families and the health of their wives and and many of them took children only after they were well settled to take care the Children education at the age of 34 – 35 and this guy had 6 children at the age of 35, I wonder how these people take so many children without even thinking about their education, health etc almost as if their sole purpose is not to provide better education, health to their kids rather to outnumber other and 6 children means 6 years and 1 year gap in between make it 11 year which means they started producing kids as soon as they got married, this needs to be stopped

  43. Riot ka start tum Muslim & secular logo ne Kiya , Monday ko police constable ko stone se mar dala. Kitane inosent logo ke stone chalaya. To reaction to aayega na.

  44. In the name of humanity, people of Gujarat, and Gujaratis all over the world should condemn the UNNECESSARY DECISIONS of Modi-Shah. These two love their folks so much, maybe they will listen to them. We Indians are poor, we have paramount problems of rozi-roti, we don’t even have permanent roof over our heads, and Modi-Shah want us to search for 50-year old papers, otherwise we’ll be thrown into concentration camps?!

  45. Kapil Mishra gives an “incendiary bhashan”. OK. Amanatullah Khan? Pathan? Many more? And just because someone says something, gives the right to others to indulge in violence? I say something to you, and you go on a spree of violence, and blame it on me? WOW!

    Can these things be spontaneous? Just because someone gave a speech? How innocent, Shekhar Gupta. Just as innocent as you are!! A tulasi leaf washed in Ganga water, a hundred times.

    The Print is being VERY DISINGENUOUS on how it is spinning its reporting, like Nandita Das in “Firaaq”. WOW, again.

  46. Fatima Khan ..reporting only for Muslims.. what about Hindus who were killed… THE PRINT seems to have its own hidden agenda.

  47. Dange vo shuru karte hai aur jab hindu jawab dene lag jate hai to rone lagte hai
    Desh ko barbad karne ke nare aur 100 crore hindu ko marne ki baat karna incendiary nahi kya ?

  48. No story about Rahul Solanki and Mr. Kumar , why you are publishing name of victims in the middle of riot , shame on you Mr. Coupta , So at last you also got your hafta from Congress and ISI

  49. Tell me one thing Amantullah Khan addressed a similar speech late last year after which spate of violence occured. Then The Print’s stand was that he was exercising his freedom of expression and he did not actually go and did violence hence he should not be booked.
    Now Kapil Mishra also gave a speech which was to get the roads open. He too did not do any violence himself. How come Kapil Mishra is reaponsible but Amantullah Khan is not.

    Atleast try to use better subterfuge for your blatant bias.

    Who would gain maximum if during Trump visit something was mentioned by him and then International media will pick that up. Kapil Mishra or Amantullah Khans of this country. If you have a logical arguement explaining why this violence was timed for Trump’s visit I would love to hear that.

    Shekhar Gupta should do a cut the clutter on this logical arguement I would like to see him justify that it benefits BJP to incite violence during Trump’s visit.

  50. La illah illalah is not incendiary
    Tera mera rishta kya is not incendiary
    Hinduon see azaadi is not incendiary
    Hindutav ki kabar khudegi amu ki dharti par is not incendiary
    Hinduon ki kabar 2 feet gehri khodni hai yah 20 feet is not incendiary
    Upper portion of hijab in tricolor with green color on top is not incendiary
    Maan Kali depicted in burqa is not incendiary
    Will you please s*ut *p.

    • They didnt even bother to meet Hindu victim’s families. Only Muslim families have been interviewed. What else can we expect.

      Well if you can be blind to one side’s offenses then there would be people who would turn a blind eye on other side’s offenses.

    • None of the above is murder. What is happening in Delhi right now IS. And denying medical attention to injured is war crime.

    • Even I was looking at that part of the news. Do tax payers has to fund their education or he had a plan to become millionaire ?

      Coming to the issue, blocking the road costing even additional Rs 30 on petrol or commute charges make a common man angry. This joke was continuing for 70 days and they were planning for more blockage. An elected govt make law and court deliver the justice. Court in this country trying to govern instead of following law. What was the need to sending interlocutors than giving a verdict on road block. Supre court should take the blame. Justice delayed is justice denied

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