The controversial photo posted by Rihanna | Twitter | @Rihanna
The controversial photo posted by Rihanna | Twitter | @Rihanna
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New Delhi: Barbadian pop star Rihanna, already in news in India for her tweet backing the farmer protests, came under fresh fire on social media Tuesday as she took to Twitter and Facebook to post a topless image where she is seen wearing a Lord Ganesha pendant.

Those who criticised the singer included members of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and the Vishva Hindu Parishad (VHP), with the latter also filing police complaints against the two social media giants in Delhi and Mumbai and alleging that the photo had “hurt the religious sentiments of Hindus”.

This is the second time within days that Rihanna has stoked a controversy in India. 

Earlier this month, she became one of the first international celebrities to tweet about the farmers’ protest and the internet restrictions imposed near agitation sites in the wake of the 26 January violence in Delhi. 

Her tweet in this regard, as also those by other prominent personalities like climate activist Greta Thunberg, Hollywood star Susan Sarandon, and former adult movie actor Mia Khalifa, elicited an official statement from the Ministry of External Affairs.

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‘To insult Hindu deities’

In a tweet, Maharashtra BJP MLA Ram Kadam said it is “appalling to see how @Rihanna shamefully mocks our beloved Hindu God #Ganesha”. 

He added that “the singer has conspired to insult Hindu deities by going topless and sporting a Lord Ganesha pendant”. 

The VHP has called for Rihanna’s social media accounts to be deleted permanently. VHP national spokesperson Vinod Bansal tweeted that he “along with many Hindus” has already “reported” the tweet. Those tagged in the tweet included Twitter, IT Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad, and the Ministry of Culture.

In its complaint to police, which Bansal shared on Twitter, the VHP said Rihanna’s image had hurt Hindus “across the globe”.

“… Ms Rihanna has posted images of Hindu God – Lord Ganesha in unacceptable manner which did hurt Hindus across the globe,” reads the complaint. The image posted on Twitter was cropped in a way that the name of the undersigned wasn’t visible. 

“In the past also I have written several mails to Twitter and Facebook with no reply till now whereby they allowed account holders to publish derogatory/objectionable clips on their platforms against Hindus,” it adds, saying “these clips could also disturb the social harmony on the ground”. 

“On the face of the current shared clips, it looks like that the officers of Facebook and Twitter have allowed these clips getting published to hurt the Hindu sentiments and is a clear indication to incite and provoke Hindus, break peace-harmony and create unrest in the society,” it states. 

“The images/clips which Rihanna has posted on Twitter and Facebook/Instagram are extremely disturbing, and hence the concerned officer(s) of Twitter and Facebook are to be punished with rigorous Indian laws as there is also a clear breach of constitutional freedom.”

Speaking to ThePrint, Bansal said “an advocate has filed this complaint on behalf of the VHP”. 

“We will not tolerate such insult to our Hindu gods. In a normal scenario such handles would have been suspended, but nothing has happened so far,” said Bansal. 

The photo came under criticism from others too, with social media users accusing Rihanna of “disrespecting a religion” and “misusing” Lord Ganesha’s image. 



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  1. This wicked and most evil act by Rihanna against Indian gods is highly objectionable and totally unacceptable. It should be fought in every possible way and at every available platform by the Indian government as suggested by one “Kili Jolsiyar” in this column. This is also an occasion for all of us and for the government to have a uniform view about such acts, no matter which religion it is that has been wronged.

  2. The Modi government has not handled this international crisis well. There is evidence of gross dereliction of duties by the government and my checklist below lists a few.

    – Has an FIR been launched against this terrible woman with the sagging tits?

    -Has an Interpol red corner notice been issued?

    – Have troops been pulled out of Siachen glacier and the Indo-Chinese borders to deal with this dangerous, double-breasted threat to the Vishwa Guru?

    – Has PM Modi called his counterpart in Barbados and threatened him with dire consequences?

    – Have diplomatic ties with Barbados been cut?

    – Has the High Commissioner of Barbados been declared persona non grata and kicked out of non-Akhand Bharat?

    – Have cricketers from Barbados been expelled from the IPL ?

    – Have the lathiwalas of the RSS staged a protest march and thrashed up Muslims who surely are behind the Barbadian bimbo?

    – Have the CAA regulations that target Muslims now been expanded to include Christians as well ?

    – Have the assets of Barbados in India been seized and frozen?

    I am totally shocked at the lackadaisical attitude of the Modi government to this threat on Hindu religion and culture posed by this Barbadian bimbo. No measures seem to have been taken by the Indian government despite the fact that the government calls itself a protector of Hinduism and the rights of Hindus.

    I exhort all bhakths, Modi worshippers, Ayothollah Adithyanath bhakths, members of Ram Sene, Bajrang Dal, Vishwa Hindu Parishad, RSS, Hindu Yuva Vahini and so on to press the Modi government to declare war on Barbados for having hurt the sentiments of many Hindus. Such a war will also give India a chance to test its newly acquired Rafal fighters. So what are you waiting for Modiji ?

  3. Did The Print check Rihanna sent this ? I am convinced this is a IT cell job – to discredit Rihanna, enrage Indians, so that they agree with the govt.. and forget about the farmers and the Indian govt.’s assault on citizens and even young women like Disha Ravi.

    The kind of reply messages from Indians are so obviously fake – like the one above.

    ‘I am a Muslim but as an Indian and Maharashtrian I love Lord Ganesha ji – sorry this misuse of Ganesha ji image hurts my feelings & sentiments – will Rihanna Backers in India accept this also? #GaneshaInsulted’

    But this is how dumb they are. Make a mock picture and say they are mocking our gods. Next Greta will be shown wearing some other god on her sandals, and that will lead to more fury. The phenomenon of Indians in a permanent rage only sends an ugly image of India.

    • @Surd: I am a Hindu!! Let these leftists, Islamist’s & Vatican slaves make fun of Ganesha!! But let them start being tolerant & honest when we make Mohammad’s cartoons or make fun of Jesus!!

      Hindu sanatan is not just tolerant but also loving & liberal towards others!! Let these Abrahmic religions which are more like hateful political ideologies, first espouse Hindu values and start saying our god is NOT the only god!! If not, let India be a nation for Hindus like Israel for Jews, Pakistan for Muslims or Germany/France for Christians!!

      • “.. Hindu sanatan is not just tolerant but also loving & liberal towards others..”

        You many not find many Sikhs or Muslims or even Dalits who will buy that rubbish Forgotten the 1984 pogroms where innocent Sikhs were slaughtered, burnt to death and women raped by Hindus? Forgotten the 2002 Godhra pogroms were innocent Muslims were butchered by none other than Hindus, instigated by none other than then CM Modi ?

        Hinduism is surely a tolerant religion. But Hindutva, the rotten, fascist ideology that people like you and the BJP espouse is anything but tolerant. Not surprising – after all, it was founded on Nazi ideology wasn’t it ?

        • Ha!! Ha!! WHY Abrahamics like Muslims haven’t learnt liberal values or love from Hindus??

          These real fascists created Pakistan & shamelessly stayed in India with the help of idiots like you & anti nationals!! The Christians were no better!! They killed all Muslims in Spain & natives in America, Canada or Australia!!

          So before pointing fingers at Hindus or Hindutva, learn history people like you ignore!!

        • Ha!! Ha!! Islam killing & converting Hindus in Pakistan/Bangladesh or even in India is not fascism of course!

          • Islamic fascism exists and is for sure a scourge. But does that justy Hindu fascism? I thought itchy-testicles saffronistas like you had greater ambitions than copying the mullahs and Ayothollahs ! Clearly, that is not the case !

        • @Kili Jolsiyar: Give lessons of tolerance to fascist Islam in places like Pakistan/Bangladesh instead of giving lessons to Hindus suffering from the death cult in India since eons!

      • Hypocrite Abrahmics: You rant:

        “.. let India be a nation for Hindus like Israel for Jews, Pakistan for Muslims or Germany/France for Christians!! ..”

        What about Sikhs, Parsis, atheists, tribals and Buddhists ? Should they be kicked out of India too ?

        • I am talking of Hindu culture & civilization!! This culture assimilates everyone except fascists which kill & convert in the name of their evil ideologies!!

          Islam in Pakistan/Bangladesh is killing & converting Hindus since the last several decades as they did in Indian Kashmir with Hindus (Dalits, Pandits..) or Sikhs!!

          Let Muslims taste Islamic fascism medicine in India they don’t tire giving to Hindus/Sikhs in the above Muslim nations!!

  4. She knew Excatly Wat she was doing!! Shes a Witch and practices black magic at night on innocent children and women on the disney channel!! Shes wicked she did that on purpose because that India Lady told her to Shut Up and she does this next!! Shes tryflan and a disgrace to society I meam look at her she looks pathetic! Dang How many nudes you need to post in a week before you feel accepted sheesh take a break rih rih!! Sit Down!

  5. I am not saying that showing Rihanna’s topless photo with Ganesha is wrong on the part of ThePrint but but but **ThePrint blurred and didn’t show it all the cartoon of Prophet by Charlie Hebdo**. Maybe ThePrint is also afraid that reposting that photo will create certain conditions which may lead to beheading of ThePrint employees.

    Darr ka Mahaul hai – ThePrint headquaters ( during Charlie Hebdo incident)

    • Bhasha Premi: What an ignorant or hypocrite attitude leftists & people like you have!! Pakistan terrorist-an was created by Islamist’s and so is terrorism!! Widespread poverty & colonization was done by Christians, NOT Hindus!! Charlie Hebdo Christians & police officers were masscacred by the followers of Quran, NOT Gita!!

      • Hypocrite Abrahmics: You bray:

        “.. Charlie Hebdo Christians & police officers were masscacred by the followers of Quran, NOT Gita!! ..”

        But, care to tell us whether the followers of the Qu’ran or the Gita were behind the Sikh pogroms of 1984?

        • The pograms of 1984 were carried out by communist/congress!! This is the same congress which gave away Hindu lands to evil Islamist’s and even arranged Hindu genocide not just in Pakistan & Bangladesh but also in divided India!! This goes on to this day!!

          • The murders of innocent Sikhs were done by Hindus, instigated no doubt by the Congress. Just as the murders of 2002 in Gujarat were also carried out by Hindus, instigated by then CM Narendra Modi, the BJP and its fascist father the RSS.

            CONCLUSION: Some Hindus, can be instigated to commit violent crimes such as rapes, murders, arson etc. regardless of political party in power.

  6. Right now it is not worth reacting to Rihanna. That will give her celebrity status everywhere. Action can be considered if such displays are consistently repeated.

    • Hindus & indeed Sikhs are indeed very tolerant but also stupid & spineless!! They even gave away epic Hindu & Sikh civilization-al lands to Islamic Pakistan & even accepted Islamist’s to settle in India!!

      India, meanwhile is a headless & spineless political machine to create & sustain traitors against the their own nation & civilization!!

  7. It does not bother me, so I don’t care. But I would like to see this bimbo do that with the prophet’s face and live to tell the story.

  8. She wants publicity and you give it to her.
    Wake up folks.
    She’s a fading international pop star. Ignore her and she’ll go away.

    • @Vagga: Lol!! Ye!! Ignore everyone because Hindu & Sikh civilization is a spineless entity!! If they can give epic civilization-al lands to Islamist’s & even let them settle in India, they can do anything!!

      India, meanwhile is an incredible machine to create & sustain traitors against the nation & it’s splendid civilization!!

    • You don’t know ? Ask the Indian government. Rihanna is behind the farmer’s protest. The government is taking her very seriously. The govt. coordinated Tendulkar, Saina Newal to tweet against her the same message ‘don’t interfere in India’s affairs’. I am very thankful to our govt. for standing up for Indians. Did they not contact you to do the same ?

      • Brilliant comment Raj ! Loved the irony !

        Yes, I think Modiji should contact the Colonel saab and together, they should hatch a plan to thwart this sagging titted twat who stands in the way of India’s rapid march to a Trillion dollar economy. Of course, under the guidance of the Great Gujarati Prophet ably aided by his apostles like Ambani, Adani, Baba Ramdev, Naresh Goyal and so on.

        I think sedition charges must be brought against Rihanna. India should consider issuing a Red corner Interpol alert to bring this bimbo who has gotten too big for her boobs to face charges in India’s free and fair courts. And then why not break diplomatic relations with Barbados for having insulted the Vishwa Guru ? And perhaps Colonel Saab can tell us whether India should now be on a war footing with Barbados…

        Welcome to Modistan 2021 AD !

      • @Raj: WHY won’t Indians tweet or talk against any foreigner or Indian who wants to hurt it’s Hindus or other Indians?? Only leftist idiots & Jihadis think that working & tweeting against India or Hindus is a sign of a vibrant democracy!! Every Indian must tweet and talk against anyone who wants to harm India & the national interest!! Period!!

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