Monday, 28 November, 2022


Why Ukraine crisis is an opportunity for India to become more attractive to investors

Democracy, foreign policy, internal stability, steps to reduce cost of doing business & commitment to cutting carbon emissions could all help India attract foreign investment.
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How should RBI tackle inflation? Give clear signal, revisit projections, adjust policy stance

Geopolitical tensions, supply side bottlenecks and post-Covid rise in demand are likely to disrupt inflation calculations. Lack of a clear RBI signal could even affect the rupee.
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Why RBI may intervene to curb rupee volatility but not prevent depreciation in the long run

The Russia-Ukraine crisis has led to a rush towards safe haven assets such as gold and the US dollar. Investors are selling riskier assets such as Indian equities.
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Rajasthan’s pension system reversal is anti-reform, it will reintroduce inequality

The decision to move away from the defined benefit old pension scheme for civil servants was based on the fact that the old pension system was inherently inequitable.
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Indian economy was recovering after Omicron but Russia-Ukraine crisis can spoil the party

Some of the typically sluggish indicators such as consumer sentiment, bank credit have seen a pick up. But escalating geopolitical tensions and higher oil prices pose risks.
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Will RBI’s digital rupee be a hit? Well, there are so many ifs and buts

The currency is likely to have stable value, limiting appeal as an asset. It may be safer than holding cash, but tech, connectivity will pose issues, if meant for wide use by households.
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RBI’s double-edged decision — not hiking rates helps govt borrow, but runs inflationary risk

Lack of dedicated debt agency leads to conflict between managing govt debt and inflation. RBI chose former, but rate hike would have helped normalisation, attracted foreign funds.
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Why Modi govt is betting on the construction sector to rebuild economy & create jobs

The big capex push will not only create productive assets, but also more jobs. This, in turn, will create sustainable demand as well as crowd in private investment and push growth.

FM Sitharaman has made a prudent choice in pushing capex instead of demand stimulus

The Modi government has given a boost to capital expenditure and announced several infra projects to pump-prime private investment and economic recovery.

Jobs in formal sector, bond market reforms — how Budget 2022 should respond to K-shaped recovery

Budget should offer immediate relief to people worst hit during pandemic, focus on public investment in infrastructure, continue disinvestment plans for PSUs.
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Cut taxes & simplify them. That’s the best option for Budget to spur demand, boost recovery

Budget could also look at tax rebates to stimulate housing demand, raising standard deduction, getting rid of redundant stock market taxes to encourage households to invest.
Ila Patnaik
Ila Patnaik is an economist and a professor at the National Institute of Public Finance and Policy.