A graphic video used in social media attacks on Narendra Modi’s “failed Gujarat model” in fact comes from Rajasthan, an analysis from SM Hoax Slayer has confirmed.

While social media users have said the footage of a violent mob parading around a naked couple depicts a public shaming in Gujarat, the crime occurred in Rajasthan’s Banswara district. The ANI, along with other outlets, first reported the incident on April 19 earlier this year.

Gujarat Samachar reported Tuesday that the incident took place in a tribal village in Gujarat without specifying its name or district.

The video depicts a mob leading a couple around an otherwise empty field in the village of Shambhupura, while drummers beat loudly in the backdrop. In the beginning of the video the woman sits atop the man’s shoulders though later the mob forces them to switch positions. She collapses from the beating.

Police have registered an FIR based on the couple’s statements and arrested eighteen people, the Quint reported.

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