Sonia Gandhi’s speech at the Congress plenary session has been getting attention because of her alleged use of the word ‘balatkar’. 

New Delhi: Contrary to reports, Sonia Gandhi did not say that Indira Gandhi’s politics “raped” India.

A word from her speech at the 84th plenary session of the All India Congress Committee is being misheard as “balatkar” (rape) and is being shared widely. Gandhi said “Indira ji ki shaandaar jeet ne desh ki raajneeti ko palat kar rakh diya” — that Indira Gandhi’s win turned the country’s politics around.

The context of her comment on her mother-in-law’s politics was how Indira Gandhi’s return to the Lok Sabha in a 1978 by-election from Chikmagalur in Karnataka signalled the return of a stronger Congress party.

However, her pronunciation of the words “palat kar” were misheard as “balatkar”, sparking speculation on social media platforms.

Madhu Kishwar retweeted a video of the moment, which went viral with over 1,700 retweets and 2,000 likes.

Tajinder Bagga, spokesperson for the Delhi BJP, tweeted that he “appreciates Shrimati Sonia Gandhi Ji for accepting the truth”.

The alleged use of the word “balatkar” was immediately linked to the popular film 3 Idiots. The film features a scene in which a character who isn’t fluent in Hindi simply memorises a speech word-to-word and delivers it, not realising that the work “chamatkar” (miracle) has been replaced with the word “balatkar”, ultimately making a fool of himself.

The UPA chairperson’s full speech was met with a standing ovation at the plenary session Saturday. She called upon the party to work with her son and new party president, Rahul Gandhi, so that the Congress can begin a “new chapter” during these “challenging times”.

She also attacked Prime Minister Narendra Modi, and called his government “arrogant” and prone to “dramebaazi” (theatrics).

Likening the current political climate to that of Indira Gandhi’s time in the 1970s, she said that the Congress party can still turn things around and return to power.

The full speech can be heard here:

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  1. I listened to the clip five times. It is absolutely clear she said “balatkar”. She clearly starts the word with a “b” and not a “p”. Also, it just doesn’t sound like a”palat kar”. Don’t be an apologist. Let people decide. Do not challenge their intelligence, because then, your own credentials are in question.

  2. I am curious to know why this Nehru family having origins of different countrt & different Religions want rule this Hindu nation ?

    Kindly goback to Italy and try to rule your country. Please spare this nation.


    • Not sure why these RSS brahmins of proven European origins want to call themselves Hindus. Oh yes, before you mindlessly strike back, do Google for the NCBI genetic research for the same.

    • absolutely agree… give us the new leader we might think of congress again… When actually needed during manipur (north east ) election results , nawabjade was in Italy why to celebrate holi with Grani … When did Italy started celebrating holi… ha ha haaa….

  3. Hey Bhagvan, save us from Italian pasta aunty and the brainless wonder Pappu who dream to conquer Hindustan. I pray because most of us in public is brain dead to think, knows nothing but servitude, and go ga ga around raskal politicians who does nothing but to loot the country. Now we have a PM who is selfless , love the country, trying hard to make India shine with all odds he has to face. Let him have one more term and India will be a successful nation.

      • righto, he even walked around like an idiot when the national anthem was played. he loves our people and that is why he tries the british tactic of divide and rule and destroys the economy with DEMO and GST. what a lovely PM. he is so educated that he is afraid of allowing us to see his certificates too. What an apt man to lead our great country.

  4. If people read written statement like in 3 idiots it happens this also gave u how much madam understand what she tells people of India when she her self does not know what she is saying
    It is sad such people want to be our leaders in NDTV conclave she learnt good Hindi

  5. I am curious to know as to why ‘The Print’ is more interested in defending her with this stupid clarification. Nobody is deaf here and we can hear it loud and clear what she said. She actually said ‘balatkar’. It would have been a better news if you guys clarified the fact that she mispronounced the word unknowingly.

  6. Atleast she speaks better hindi than most of the Indians who were born & brought up in India. Though she was an Italian but she loves India as much as we do . She could have left the grand old party & lived a peaceful life after her husbands death but she stayed & led the party to a grand victory. I respect her for her sheer strength & no nonsense attitude. But you guys won’t understand bcoz you get impressed by mere speeches & false promises.


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