The Pakistani politician’s now-deleted tweet claimed to show Jayalalithaa’s hidden ‘stash’ of gold, jewellery and money. 

Imran Khan Tuesday tweeted about corruption with a bizarre reference to Tamil Nadu politician Sasikala. The tweet, which had over 799 retweets and 1,140 likes, was subsequently deleted.

The cricketer-turned-politician tweeted pictures of Indian currency, bars of gold and jewellery, claiming they were pictures of an “illegal stash” found beneath the home of a South Indian actress-turned-politician, who had recently passed away.

The tweet by Imran Khan | Twitter

The tweet was obviously alluding to Jayalalithaa, but Khan wrote the wrong name and mentioned Jayalalithaa’s close confidante instead.

He issued a message to “all corrupt leaders”, writing that the billions stolen from impoverished masses would be left behind.

Khan is currently chairman of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf party. His recent tweets do not make any mention of Indian politics, making his tweet on Sasikala even more baffling.

This article was done in collaboration with SMHoaxslayer.

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