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Hindu Mahasabha plans gaumutra party with cow-dung cakes to fight coronavirus in India

Chakrapani Maharaj, head of the Hindu Mahasabha, says coronavirus came to India because Telangana ministers angered it by publicly consuming chicken.

Chakrapani Maharaj, president of the Hindu Mahasabha | Image: ThePrint Team
Chakrapani Maharaj, president of the Hindu Mahasabha | Image: ThePrint Team

New Delhi: To ensure the coronavirus doesn’t spread in Delhi, the Hindu Mahasabha has decided to organise a ‘gaumutra party’ on the lines of tea parties, according to its president, Chakrapani Maharaj.

The sixth case of coronavirus was confirmed in India Tuesday, and Prime Minister Narendra Modi said he held an extensive review on the country’s preparedness.

“Had an extensive review regarding preparedness on the COVID-19 Novel Coronavirus. Different ministries and states are working together, from screening people arriving in India to providing prompt medical attention,” he said in a tweet.

On the same day, Maharaj told ThePrint that there is a need to create greater awareness among the people on how gaumutra (cow urine), gobar (cow-dung) and consuming cow products can help eliminate the coronavirus.

“Just like we organise tea parties, we have decided to organise a gaumutra party, wherein we will inform people about what is coronavirus and how, by consuming cow-related products, people can be saved from it,” Maharaj, who heads one of the two factions of the Mahasabha, said.

“The event will have counters that will provide gaumutra for people to consume. At the same time, we will also put cow products like cow-dung cakes and agarbatti made from that. Upon using these, the virus will die immediately.”

The event will be first organised at Hindu Mahasabha Bhawan in Delhi, following which such ‘parties’ will be held across the country. “We are in touch with gaushalas (cow shelters) across the country, who can collaborate and work with us in our mission to eliminate corona,” he added.

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‘Virus heard animals’ cry for help’

Maharaj added that a big event will be organised in Delhi soon after Holi to raise awareness about the cause of coronavirus, which he claimed was the killing of animals.

“We want to create awareness about jeev hatya (killing of beings), which is the main cause of coronavirus. I know people will not believe me, but it would not have spread in India as we are mostly vegetarians,” he said.

Maharaj said after Telangana ministers organised a “publicity stunt” of consuming non-vegetarian food publicly, “the virus came to India after listening to the animals cry for help”, he claimed.

Corona Bharat mein yagya anushthan ke kaaran shaant tha. Lekin Telangana ke in naadaan, ahankari mantriyon ne jeev hatya kar jis prakaar se sarvajanik chicken kha kar corona ko lalkaara hai, isse Bharat mein bhi ab corona ke vikraal roop dekhne ki aanshanka ban gayi hai. Atah, in mantriyo ko samay rehte corona se tatkal maafi maang leni chahiye, anyatha anarth hoga, jise koi nahin rok sakta,” he said.

Translation: Corona was quiet in India due to traditional practices like yagyas. But Telangana’s ignorant, egotistical ministers killed animals to consume chicken publicly and challenged ‘corona’, because of which the worst form of ‘corona’ is now looming over India. That’s why these ministers should, in the nick of time, apologise to ‘corona’, otherwise there will be a catastrophe that no one can stop.

Maharaj added that there was “no need to panic”, and if people start consuming gaumutra and turn vegetarian, the virus would be contained.

He had a word of advice for vegetarians too. “Vegetarians need not worry; it will not impact them. But still, as a precautionary measure, they can also start consuming gaumutra.”

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(This article has been updated to mention that Chakrapani Maharaj heads one of the two factions of the Hindu Mahasabha)