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Bill Gates invests in mass production of Covid vaccine so poor countries will get a shot

Gates is focusing on the most promising vaccine candidates, committing funds to help ensure production capacity is ready even before any have proven to work.

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London: Billionaire philanthropist Bill Gates sees a way to ensure that poorer regions won’t be left behind in the rush for Covid-19 vaccines: invest in factories all over the world to produce billions of doses.

Gates is focusing on the most promising vaccine candidates, committing funds to help ensure production capacity is ready even before any have proven to work. The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is also helping purchase potential shots for low-income countries with $100 million for an effort led by nonprofit Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance.

The Microsoft Corp. co-founder stressed the significance of ramping up manufacturing as health officials and world leaders including U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson and German Chancellor Angela Merkel meet virtually Thursday in an international vaccine summit. At the top of the agenda is broadening access to potential Covid-19 vaccines, seen as the key to halting the pandemic and restarting seized-up economies.

“There’s a plan to have multiple factories in Asia, multiple factories in the Americas, multiple factories in Europe, and if we can make over 1 to 2 billion doses a year, then the allocation problem is not super-acute,” Gates said Wednesday on a call with reporters. “If you are only able to make, say, 100 million doses a year then you have an almost impossible problem.”

Access to life-saving vaccines of all kinds is a perennial issue in poor countries, and the pandemic is disrupting routine immunizations globally, putting millions of children at risk of diseases such as diphtheria, measles and polio. Gates’s Seattle-based foundation also committed $1.6 billion to Gavi’s broader work to deliver these standard vaccines.

The pandemic’s economic turmoil has raised the stakes for Covid shots. The worry is that countries will compete for scarce supplies, seeking to protect their own populations at the expense of others, said Richard Hatchett, head of the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations, the Oslo-based group working to accelerate experimental inoculations. That scenario would actually result in a worse outcome for everyone, allowing the virus to continue to spread, he said.

“You can’t end a pandemic in a single country,” he said in an interview. “Ending the pandemic as quickly as possible can be achieved only through cooperative behavior and careful allocation.”

Investing in manufacturing and overcoming potential bottlenecks is also a significant focus for Hatchett.

“One of the ways out of the cul-de-sac of vaccine nationalism is having copious supply,” he said. A priority “is making sure our partners have access to manufacturing capacity that, if their vaccines are successful, will allow them to scale as quickly as they possibly can.”

Groups such as CEPI, Gavi and the World Health Organization are leading a push to try to secure and deploy Covid vaccines equitably around the world. AstraZeneca Plc, the U.K. drugmaker working with the University of Oxford on its experimental coronavirus vaccine, has said it’s talking with those groups about allocation and distribution. Moderna Inc., Johnson & Johnson, Merck & Co. and Sanofi are among others developing experimental pandemic shots.

Purchasing Agreement

One part of the plan to boost access is a purchasing agreement led by Gavi called an advance market commitment. It’s aimed at giving companies an incentive to invest in manufacturing while making doses available at fair prices. The group estimated it will cost about $2 billion to vaccinate the first target — 20 million health workers — and create a stockpile for the neediest regions.

Gates said that spending would eventually need to climb to at least $10 billion. Immunizing the world could cost tens of billions of dollars, Gavi CEO Seth Berkley said in an interview last month.

While Gavi’s proposed fund aims to raise billions of dollars to pay for increased production capacity, there’s no guarantee that pharmaceutical companies will charge affordable prices, according to Doctors Without Borders.

The costs of some Covid-19 vaccines could end up ranging from about $4 a dose to potentially $15 a dose, Gates said in the briefing. He said he sees about eight experimental vaccine approaches “we think are promising and scalable if they work.”

While the effort will involve making financial commitments to several vaccine programs, “it’s worth it,” Gates said. – Bloomberg

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  1. Please visit my blog where I’ve written two articles exposing this Covid-19 hoax and how its being used to usher in the very dystopian nightmare society that George Orwell portrayed in his book “1984”.

  2. There are so few comments here, because this media outlet are deliberately not showing the weight of opinion against Bill Gates and his dubious questionable vaccine programme for his fake pandemic. You removed my first comment where I made it clear that Bill Gates will be held accountable for his crimes against humanity. You also removed a comment by someone called Ani, They said thank god that India is waking up to what Bill Gates really is. You are suppressing valuable information not disseminating it. All who support Bill Gates misinformation campaign will answer and be accountable.

    • I agree what you say that “….All who support Bill Gates’ misinformation campaign” and, that the majority of the “pandemic” is a hoax, in order to take control of the world. However, as for these people “will answer and be accountable,” that may not occur (for example in Bill Eugenecist Gates’ case) until the ungodly cucks involved feel the heat of the Lake of Fire “….which burns for ever and for ever” around their ankles.

  3. Make no mistakes Bill Gates is a criminal. He buys out governments this is how he gets them to go along with his inhuman agendas, it’s about money. But Bill Gates miscalculated, people may accept his money, but when it comes to carrying out the actual agenda it is not as simple as anyone may have initially thought. Bought out governments cannot save or protect Bill Gates. When people start questioning (and they already are) his overall agenda and see that it is not just about money and maybe something more sinister he is after. People WILL rise up. And when that happens he will answer to the people he thought he could overlook and ignore their basic human rights. Any government that supports Bill Gates will ultimately lose legitimacy with their own people and risk their governments being terminated or worse prosecution for crimes against humanity.

    Evidence that Bill Gates is up to no good is all over the planet. Look no further than his work of the WHO in the developing world. Health authorities in several developing nations exposed that thousands of women had been sterilised without their permission. In India they only report deaths his vaccines caused, they don’t mention the thousands of paralysis his vaccinations caused. There are also no clear records of how many children this man and his wife killed in Africa.

    Count on it, Bill Gates will eventually be arrested it is only a matter of time. When that day comes I want the world to make sure that his wife Melinda and Anthony Fauci are arrested with him. People need to stop pretending this man is some kind of saviour, or doctor, or virologist. He is a college dropout without so much as even a college degree. He comes from a long line of Eunecists who use philanthropy as a codeword or cover for his depopulation agendas. Saying this is just about money is shortsighted. This is about mass murder, the loss of our human rights and much more. The man wants to orchestrate further crimes against humanity. COVID-19 was a cover. COVID-19 is no more dangerous than the common flu.

    Do not fall for Gates tricks, lies and deceit. Modi has been bought out by this criminal, so he is already an accessory to the crimes of Bill Gates.

  4. He clearly mentions poor country will get a shot here one o is missing they need to shoot poor countries first and reduce the population be prepared Mr Gates the Gates of Hell is awaiting you soon

  5. This Vaccine Fanaticism with ID 2020 , Quantum Dot Tattoo ,Digital Vaccine Certificate is good ONLY for Big Pharma,Software Cos and Big Brother.

  6. The Print has sold it’s soul to Bill Gates, along with the safety of Indian citizen. Come judgement day, be ready to answer.

  7. While China is in quest to become richest country has destroyed world economy,Bill gates doing everything possible for the poorest of poor.God bless him.

    • Are there still delusional misguided lunatics like you that think Bill Gates is trying to help poor people!!!!!!!!? What exactly is wrong with people like you? Or did you somehow by a weird miracle miss all the exposes of what Bill is really up to? Or maybe you are just conceited and think to hell with everyone else you know what is really going on? Dude! And you’re a doctor? Heaven help your patients. I think some people genuinely have some marbles missing.

  8. Many experts in the USA opine that Vaccines are quite UNNECESSARY in MOST cases.In fact they say Vaccines are dangerous!SARS and H1N1 were treated with Blood Plasma Therapy and NO Vaccine was used,in India!Many cheap medications are found useful and quite effective against COVID-19..Me Robert Kennedy is reported to have accused him of ambitions of Global Population Control and ULTIMATE Global Control.Recently an articled quoted Bill Gates of strongly recommending the NEW World Order or One World Government.

  9. As regards COVID-19 please google:-
    1.ID 2020
    2. Quantum Dot Tattoo
    3.Digital Vaccination Certificates

  10. There are thousands of articles on the net regarding :-
    1.His Vaccine Fanaticism
    2.His Penchant to sign agreements with Sovereign Governments
    3.His Using his groups to offer services to Nations,like the BCG to the GOI regarding how to counter COVID-19
    4.Big Pharma Profits in which he is heavily invested
    5.His Control of the WHO and making many of “HIS” favorite groups “consultants” etc for the WHO.
    6.He always talks about DEPOPULATION and how “VACCINES” would help achieve the same!

  11. It is to be noted that he is also investor in many cos,thus benefiting by the rise in stock prices due to increased sales,aggravated by his so-called Foundations.It is to be noted that a case was filed against him in India for bringing back the ERADICATED Polio and killing and paralyzing many young etc with “vaccines” for HPV!.
    Articles about his profits and Global Control via WHO.India’s Government [is a member of CEPI and has a MoC with Bill Gates Foundation]All told things are not so simple..It is surprising that GOI signed this knowing his mischief in bringing back POLIO in India and paralyzing many young girls killing some of them with Vaccines against Cervical Cancer,Unaffected and HEALTHY Girls died and many were paralyzed.
    Huge Big Pharma profits is one of the aims of Vaccines and he is reported to be heavily invested in Big Pharma.
    His Event 201 Pandemic Simulation and Fanaticism to use Vaccines anywhere and everywhere,makes a huge suspect in’THE” COVID-19 spreading ACROSS HE GLOBE.
    Please google:-
    1.Suit filed against Bill Gates in India.
    2.Bill Gates controls the WHO
    3. Rockefeller Eugenics WHO Doomsday Seed Vault and Bill Gates
    4.Bill Gates brought back ERADICATED Polio in India with his Vaccines
    5.Bill Gates Bilederberg WEF
    6.Many young girls were killed and paralyzed by Bill gates’ vaccines against HPV
    7.Bill Gates Big Pharma and huge profits for both

    • Thank you for speaking up. I was beginning to lose hope. I hope Indians will wake up and stand up to protect it’s people from this eugenicist agenda.

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