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Rare images show Pakistan’s tactical nuclear weapons that may be used against Indian troops

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Pakistan has decided to deploy its tactical nuclear weapons in specially prepared garrisons just about 60-80 km from the international boundary.

New Delhi: Pakistan thinks it has compelled India to abandon the ‘Cold Start’ doctrine, i.e. the sudden and swift launch of large scale military action, and has foreclosed all options for a conventional war by operationalising tactical nuclear weapons – nuclear bombs with limited yield that may be used against advancing Indian military columns.

But its calculations may just be flawed.

India has a very clearly drawn out nuclear policy of “No First Use” or NFU. However, details of that policy have been left ambiguous — such as what would be construed as first use. This could be something like Pakistani preparation to launch nuclear weapons, an actual launch of nuclear weapons, or even a crossing over into Indian air space.

Pakistan does not have any written policy on nuclear weapons use, although its leaders have often threatened to use nuclear weapons on the Indian Army’s advancing IABGs (integrated armoured battle groups), either in concentration areas or after crossing the border.

Pakistan’s TNW garrisons

Pakistan has thus decided to deploy its TNWs or tactical nuclear weapons in specially prepared garrisons just about 60-80 km from the international boundary. The present range of Pakistan’s mobile TNW inventory – the Nasr missile – is 60 km. It is designed to be fired from the garrison itself within the shortest possible preparation time.

Pakistan’s two TNW garrisons are located in Gujranwala and Pano Aqil.


The Gujranwala TNW garrison was constructed between 2011 and 2014. It has two hardened highbay garages (100 m x 20 m) with automated blast doors on the eastern side and a 5 m wide entrance on the west. Both highbay garages are connected with a covered pathway to defence electronics systems storage igloos (15 m x 16 m).

Vinayak Bhat/ThePrint

There are eight garages (32 m x 17 m) with five parks each. Six of these garages are connected with AC plants in the rear, suggesting a storage space for 24 tractor erector launchers or TELs with support vehicles.

Five new blast-proof ammunition bunkers (25 m x 18 m) have been constructed with revetments in between during the same period, suggesting a support role for the facility. There are two large support areas with highbay garages for possible repair and maintenance of the weapons, TELs and support vehicles.

Vinayak Bhat/ThePrint

There are command and control, administrative and other support buildings observed at this facility.

A four-layered security has been provided, with the innermost being a solid fence with raised watch towers.

Pano Aqil

The Pano Aqil TNW garrison was constructed at a very slow pace between 2010-2015. This garrison has a single hardened highbay garage with exactly similar size shape and make. It has similar automated blast doors on one side and a 5 m wide entrance on the other. It is connected with a pathway to the DES igloo.

Vinayak Bhat/ThePrint

There are nine garages at this facility, slightly larger (40 m x 18 m) than Gujranwala. It also has a support area with a highbay garage, command and control, and other administrative buildings. It also has five additional ammunition bunkers with exactly the same configuration.

The facility has a large open area, suggesting that some expansion has been planned for this facility in the future. The size of the garages indicate the possible expansion will be larger TELs, possibly that of Abdali or Ghaznavi.

Vinayak Bhat/ThePrint

A similar four-layered security has been provided, with the innermost being a solid fence with raised watch towers within visual contact of each other.

‘Cold Start’ is still tenable

Pakistan believes that since the gap at the tactical level has been plugged by the Nasr missile systems, all avenues of conventional war are blocked by denying operational space. Thus, India’s ‘Cold Start’ doctrine becomes untenable.

Pakistan perceives that ‘Cold Start’ will entail 8-9 IABGs capturing either large territory, something that would cross Pakistan’s nuclear threshold and invite “one odd” tactical nuclear weapon use. And, that India will not be able to use “massive retaliation” to counter one such strike due to international pressure.

Pakistan seems to have deployed at least 24-36 launchers with Nasr missiles. Although Nasr missiles are dual use, there is a need to count 36×4 warheads (each launcher with four missiles), instead of merely 36 warheads. This deployment indicates Pakistan’s perception of ‘Indian Cold Start’ targets priority as Shakargarh Bulge and Thar Desert.

This concept for stategic deterrence is, however, flawed. Indian formations can easily reach the strike distance of 80 km that includes Nasr garrisons. Pakistan could be underestimating the resilience of the Indian leadership.

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  1. In case of Pak using TNW, entire Pakistan should be destroyed completely.Not even a single inch of pakistan should be sparred. And if China supports Pakistan wipe out Shanghai,Beining,Chengudu,xian etc from chinese map

  2. The above article is just to highlight and defame the very image of Pakistan. The Indian paranoid nature with respect to Pakistan is getting deepening with the passage of time. International community is not that much fool enough to believe in the self created images of Pakistan’s TNWs placed in different destinations. The very history of Tactical nuclera weapons is very much known and is no more hidden then why the Indian officials and their journalist show anxiety in their statements and writings. India Cold Start doctrine actually made the Pakistani authorities to seek for the options which can better serve the interests of the country and deter India from experimenting these sort of doctrines.

  3. Porki Mullahs here defecating their half-torn underpants at the sight of news article. Can imagine their frustrations after repeated defeats & insults back to back for the last 70 years. There’s even a brigadier who dropped his pants to the Indian Army in ‘71. We’ve called their bluff time and again. These two-ended circumcised idiots can’t even detect a 20-odd men strike team across their borders; let alone launch TNWs on India. They were dismembered in ‘71 & will be torn apart & flushed down the toilet as always. Jai Hind!

  4. India developed CSD to threaten Pakistan. But, in response Pakistan’s strategy to counter CSD is much mature and having capability to crush CSD in other words due to Pakistan’s strategy CSD become useless. India is screaming because with one blow Pakistan has destroyed the CSD and all the efforts and budget, which India has used in developing CSD just gone in vain.

  5. Why is India so afraid of Pakistan when they are more concern about China? And this news explains that they are playing bluff by saying that there all concern is China not Pakistan. Pakistan is a nuclear weapons state and we will do whatever is possible to secure our interests in the region.

  6. First of all Pakistan Zindabad. Pakistan is a nuclear power state, don’t mess up with Pak . If India want to attack or cross border then see the horrific film after that. I promise India will be fucked up in seconds or minutes. I challenge India let’s start the game and Pakistan will finish it. Past is past it’s a game of nuclear button now. Doesn’t matter big country or big army. Hope understand Modi and shut ur bloody mouth.

  7. Only the Print knows about Pakistan’s Tactical nuclear installations, that pretty strange. But what really appears from the story is that Indian propaganda against Pakistan’s nukes is getting new momentum. The only purpose is to highlight TNWs and nothing else. Can you share Indian nuclear installations too?

  8. The piece tells clearly that we Indian have still not come out of Pakistan phobia .. Although we talk of becoming a great world power but our vision is still restricted to the length of our nose. Do you believe that Pakistan has thrown their arsenals this way that any body can claim to have witnessed? If so then think again .. Out so-called leaders need an immediate psychological therapy to get over their fear of Pakistan. Believe me or not we are still not able to come out of it and this article is a recent example of it. The way the author has started from Cold Start and then about Tactical weapons of pakistan has been discussed any child can understand the credibility of the story. Please make fool of anyone else.

  9. Good intelligence on Pakistan’s NASR, but not on Indian capability.

    “Cold Start” has been foreclosed by UPA1, UPA2 and the on going Modi-Jaitley UPA 3. Now, the main concern is. how can India defend itself against the Sino-Pak Axis. Chinese and Islamic expansionism and proxy wars against India. All the reservations, all the corruption and all the Quad can’t put India’s security together again. Not even UPA 4 (will Modi head it or Raoul?)

  10. @HariSud You do realise that Pakistan has more nuclear bombs than India and a greater, more accurate number of delivery systems? If the use of TNW by Pakistan elicits a response from India, we not only have second strike capability from the air, beneath the sea, on the sea, but also from a neighbouring country you can’t reach. Best of luck.

    • @Saifullah Yes we do realize it, but do you realize that the cup cake size of you terrorist haven won’t even need more than 10 nukes from India to remove every bits and pieces of it? And probably the same mistake that porkidiots do is that they forget that India has nuclear triad and more than double the power to go for second strike be it on terrorist haven or their Masters in Beijing. If not, probably you would like to search for the range of K-4 SLBM. Good luck in daydreaming.

  11. This is a pointless article disguised as a work of serious journalism. As a recently retired officer associated with Pakistan Army’s SPD, I can tell you we derive great joy in creating decoys that RAW can waste it’s energies on. I’m amused to see nothing’s changed in the last decades. Do you really think we’d create such facilities that you can so easily decipher?

    Cold Start is a fantastic idea… For perhaps Bangladesh or Nepal Army. When you deal with the big kids in the neighbourhood, keep dreaming. We know the numerous problems with your supply and logistics lines. You simply don’t have the capability to launch any sort of credible concerted attack.

    We respect you as a fighting force but know that whether it’s first strike or second, we have lots of surprises ready for you. Come get us.

    • We are more than eager to see those “surprises”. How about try and come an inch across LOC to “liberate” your Kahsmiri brothers taking advantages of all the “pressure points” you know? Or you are too coward to do so?

  12. One tiny nuclear weapon used on advancing Indian troops and consider nuclear war has started. Pakistan will be annhilated and China afraid of its own fate will refuse to intervene.

  13. Pakistan never ever in possession to use any tactical nuke if ever they have. .. India must declare that India already tiped nuke and already pointed all Pakistani city s ..if ever Pakistan use any of tactical nuke then within mini Pakistan will be wiped out .let them know we are coming if u HV butt then use it …India should move with its plan and get back POK without any fear ..its time for Pakistan2 re thinks how much big cost Pakistan will pay

    • these are not the only locations, and may be just decoys, Pakistani missile launchers are always on the move, just cross border, any thing, air craft, army or naval forces, and then india will turn into ashes, its guarenteed dear, thats why you rundians will always bark and abuse but wont ever be able to do anythings, those days have passed and lost in the past, any doubt? do something, let the whole world see what will happen then, but alas, you dont have guts and capacity, so nothing is going to happen…….. but reality and facts stated act like red chillies on your ass sphincters, hollow threats and barking will start now, thats only option left with rundians now…..

  14. The two countries are practically not on speaking terms. However, they need to communicate very clearly on what their doctrines on use of nuclear weapons are. There should be no misunderstanding or ambiguity on this score. A nuclear weapon has not been used anywhere in the world after Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The subcontinent should not be the location where that taboo is broken.

  15. A beautiful piece of reading,proper in depth analysis,no ambiguous rumblings,was a pleasure going through

  16. Your fear of pakistan stems from the very fact the crimes of terrorism you hv perpetuated in pakistan. Its heertning to know that india lives in constant fear of its own t worry we will not be the ones to start a war…your shenanigans will see to that

    • Just like you didn’t start the war in 1947, 1965, 1971 and 1999? Similarly? When a good for noting country day in and day out uses “nuclear” word to potentially threaten the giant neighbor, it is called constant fear. You don’t believe me? Take a look:

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