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Doval using insurgents to distract Islamabad from Kashmir — retd Pakistan Air Force officer

In an article titled ‘Doval’s dirty war’, retired Pakistan Air Vice Marshal Shahzad Chaudhary alleges that the scrapping J&K's special status was the handiwork of India's NSA.

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New Delhi: Faced with rising resentment from political parties in his country, a Pakistani military veteran has alleged that India’s National Security Advisor (NSA) Ajit Doval is using elements in the insurgent groups in Pashtun tribal areas and Balochistan to force the Pakistan Army away from the Kashmir issue and focus on handling internal security issues.

In an article titled ‘Doval’s dirty war’, senior Pakistani columnist and retired Pakistan Air Force officer Air Vice Marshal Shahzad Chaudhary in an editorial published on tribune.com.pk on November 22 said: “Reports of RAW teaming up splintered TTP elements under one control against Pakistan and synching them with Allah Nazar and the BLA in Balochistan, as indeed with some nationalists in the former tribal regions of Pakistan, is how Doval plans his next phase of war.” “It is in play already and has gone on unremittingly, relentlessly and incessantly as Doval attempts at forcing Pakistan away from Kashmir and more within its own borders,” it read.

The remarks of the Pakistani officer have come at a time when politicians like Nawaz Shareef have been openly accusing the top brass of the Pakistan Army of rigging elections in the country and meddling with democracy.

Alleging that Doval has proposed reversing the “paradigm of terror” on Pakistan after becoming the NSA in 2014, the retired Pakistan Air Force office said under this plan, “If India found pain in Kashmir, she will inflict the same on Pakistan in Balochistan — to many, Pakistan’s soft underbelly and pretty expansive where space for the inimical is aplenty and unrestricted.”

In the editorial, Chaudhary also alleged that “the revocation of Article 370 and 35A are both handiworks of the Doval’s plan. His kind of war and politics merged in what India thought was the right moment after engaging Pakistan on both the eastern and her western borders and an aggravated internal front.”

Chaudhary claimed that Doval, who had spent six years in Pakistan on official assignment, is also handling India’s Pakistan policy as the National Security Advisor working under Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

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  1. If, Pakistan’s squawks be true, then India’s recognition of Pakistan’s irregular war on India and meeting Pakistan in the same dimension of war was long over due:

  2. +considering the below average IQ of Pakistani citizens and lower than below average IQ of its generals I am not surprised at this TAQYIYA spewed by a loud mouth empty headed “general”. I dont have any change to give this general can some one throw a few coins at his face

  3. When will Pak become free of this permanent sense of victimhood and move on? Believe me, we don’t want Pak to collapse. You will be a bigger nuisance. Nor we wish to undo 1947. Let us both stew in our own juices. But be careful of Chinese. They are bad medicine.

  4. About time this happened….30 years of crying hoarse about ‘terrorism from across the border’ and breast-beating at various international forums was as fruitless as it was always meant to be….the Pakistani establishment only understands the language of war, either overt or covert, and should only be engaged on those terms.

    Foment greater trouble for them, and do a Bangladesh in Balochistan and Pakhtunistan. The joke that is Pakistan, is limited to West Punjab and Northern Sindh, that is the be-all and end-all of what is ‘pakistani’ culture. Its time that such a definition finds crystallization even on the political front.

    Any talks of peace and that laughable ‘aman ki asha’ tomfoolery is a mere distraction for the artsy-fartsy types to snuffle from troughs on the cultural ‘gravy-train’ and perhaps dance a kumbaya…great optics, but zero substance, and far from being sustainable diplomacy.

  5. Masterly stroke by Doval. The Pakistan have been happy to organize and send terrorists to India. Now it is be their turn to receive it. The difference is that Pakistan is sending terrorists which is the wrong way. If it is true then India is organizing their own dissidents into a military cum terror force. That is the right way.

  6. Is India really doing this? I am glad that Ajith Dhoval has taken a leaf out of Pakistan’s book. Difficult for Pakistan to be in the receiving end of its own dirty tricks, ain’t it?

  7. Following comments in the article are very telling, amounting to a confession as to Pakistan has been up to in Kashmir and the perceived Indian response.:
    1. Ajit Doval is using elements in the insurgent groups in Pashtun tribal areas and Balochistan to force the Pakistan Army away from the Kashmir
    2. It is in play already and has gone on unremittingly, relentlessly and incessantly as Doval attempts at forcing Pakistan away from Kashmir and more within its own borders.
    3. Doval has proposed reversing the “paradigm of terror”
    4. If India found pain in Kashmir, she will inflict the same on Pakistan in Balochistan

  8. Problem with Pakistan appears to be that they assume they are all very powerful and extra intelligent when compared to their neighbors. There is lot of evidence to the fact that Pakistan’s deep state carries out their agenda of radicalization across various countries in South Asia and they believe this will weaken their so called enemies in the region. But if you think in a normal way any such actions would surely be responded equally by others and especially a country like India which is 10 times richer would surely respond back at least 10 times stronger. Therefore there is no point for Pakistan to cry about this, rather accept the reality. This 10 times response who presumably be in many ways eg FATF, UN, other political ways and a 5th generation response. It is bit naive for Pakistan to assume that their neighbors would not respond in kind. It is high time they come out of these fairy tales.

  9. There is no dbt as on many occasions Indian authorities assert of funding terrorists from Fata and balochistan. As India openly celebrates helping of bangali separatists and training of mukti bahini. World knows about dirty games India playing in Asia for decades. Pakistan knows world institutions are useless when it comes to take action against oppressor. Pakistan just inform world community about evidence it gets of Indian involvement in terrorism knowing it make no difference only stronger use UN for how it benefits them so Pakistan made herself strong enough to fight enemies. Now Americans want to get out of Afghanistan Pakistan is not letting them go so they can see how Pakistan will liberate kashmir from India. Because America stood with oppressor India. That’s the whole reason Pakistan made America and nato suffer humiliation in Afghanistan and today America and her allies begging Pakistan to secure a respectable withdrawal from Afghanistan. But Americans and European committed grave crimes against Muslims and Pakistan,Pakistan not going to let them go so easy. And as India was and is their partner in the crimes against Muslims Pakistan want them to be together when Pakistan is going to give India last punch in face, but Americans understand and saw capacity of Pakistanis power so they are running away and don’t care what will happen to to India. Nagorno karabakh is liberated by force. Now is turn of kashmir and its up to India how she will hand over kashmir to Pakistan, by force or peacefully, but Pakistan will prefer to take it by force as crimes of India against Muslims are very grave, India will be grilled and cooked nicely. Now days India is running around the world to get help and arms but time has passed and nothing will help India against Pakistan.

    • Pakistan is the most self deluded country in the world. While committing gravest assault on own Muslim brethren in Eastern Pakistan (now Bangladesh) on the basis of racial superiority, they somehow think they are champions of Islam. You lost all wars against India. Even when you cannot protect the captured territory in Kashmir while sitting at advantageous positions (say Kargil). After years of planning and operation to legitimize Siachen as a part of Pakistan, Indian Army took it with preemptive strike when we got the whiff. Still people from Pakistan like you come here to comment and show how superior you are. India is sending unmanned missions to Mars and Moon and you are still stuck with Kashmir. While we have democratic debates about abrogation of article 370 among other things, a sign of a healthy democracy, Pakistan army is busy in keeping another puppet on the throne. Pakistan has always been blatant hypocrites. The most important international backer (China) that you have, commits inhumane crimes against Muslims in Uighur. But you are a blatant hypocrite, you will never talk about that. The sectarian violence in your country claims thousands of lives every year, but you are a hypocrite and won’t talk about that. Also America did not use you for advantage, it was the other way round and US now realizes that it only benefitted Pakistan. Check from the birth of your nation you have successfully coaxed US for weapons and money. But you are an ungrateful nation. Yes we are dependent on heavily for military purchases to the West, but it has come down and will come down in the future. But in that regard, we have multiple squadrons of indigenously produced fighter aircrafts, tanks and many more. How many does Pakistan have? Don’t even mention J10 which was handed over to you and you just painted the body. Not just military, India is producing significant research in every scientific field which is being appreciated more internationally every passing year. Our ambitions are not limited to just keeping Kashmir or fighting Pakistan. You can try all the asymmetric warfare techniques you can apply, and take reference from other places, but remember this India is not Armenia. Finally contrary to popular saying, you are just a Sheep in Wolf’s clothing.

      • Wow!! What a well articulated reply!! Hats off to you for being objective, it was a brutally honest reply. Your final words that Pakistan is a “Sheep in Wolf’s clothing” is an observation with deep insight

    • Good. India should pay Pakistan in it’s own coin. India missed the bus in 1947 with monkeys ruling India. Otherwise Pakistan would not have been able to go Scott-free expelling it’s non-Muslim minorities. India should have been paying back Pakistan in it’s own coin then.

    • If you repeat a lie a thousand times, you may fool yourself into believing it but not the world! Pakistan is once again making a laughing stock of itself by this so called ‘irrefutable proof’?? A supposed Self incriminating Letter, i.e. covert operations by snail mail?..funding by bank transfer?..ambassador holding meetings at embassy?..and a voice recording.!?..really?? All this proves is that Pakistan spends very little on education!

    • @abcedf. Such an childish analysis. Pakistan is nearly broke and beige propped up by China. China is going to break up sooner or later and then Pakistan will be left high & dry. Forget about Kashmir!

    • I think the same thing was said during kargil and 1971 war and nothing changed, better spend more on your people than on your army and regarding Muslim they are proud to be an Indian

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