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Investor, ‘snake oil salesman’, brown brother: Amazing story of Sri Lankan Chamath Palihapitiya

The billionaire is dubbed the ‘king of SPACs’ (special-purpose acquisition companies), but the crown seems to be slipping. It’s not the first time his obituary has been written.

How ‘Great Wall of China’ Gostha Pal redefined Indian football

Cricket-crazy India has forgotten first football captain Gostha Pal. But fans remember, in the form of postage stamps, life sized statues.

‘You can’t suppress us’—how Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib fought for Bangladesh’s identity, dignity

As battered as Bangladesh was after the 1971 liberation war, Sheikh Mujibur Rehman was not one to give up. He put his nation on the global map.

Bhikaji Cama—Parsi revolutionary who plotted Savarkar’s escape, raised 1st Indian flag abroad

Born in luxury, Madam Cama could have led a comfortable existence. Instead, she chose to establish the Paris Indian Society to support revolutionaries in exile.

Guru Arjan’s friend Mian Mir laid Golden Temple’s foundation stone and offered namaz

Jahangir called Mian Mir 'rich in poverty and independent of mind' in his autobiography. But the Mughal earned the pir's ire by torturing Guru Arjan.

Aurobindo inspired Bengali patriot Khudiram Bose to shake British Raj foundations

When taken to the police station for hurling a bomb at Judge Kingsford’s carriage,Khudiram Bose wilfully surrendered, and fearlessly shouted “Bandemataram.”

Keshto Mukherjee, the comical drunkard of Hindi cinema who was a teetotaller in real life

Keshto Mukherjee started his cinematic journey with Ritwik Ghatak’s Nagarik in 1952 but neither lived to see the success as the film was released more than two decades later.

Thackerays’ voice, Saamana’s wit, staunch BJP critic — how Sanjay Raut rose to Sena top rung

The former Marathi journalist came to be associated with Sena in 1980s, and was once close to Raj Thackeray. Owing to his meteoric rise, he made many enemies, even within the party.

‘Scapegoat’ or mastermind of 1992 scam? Harshad Mehta’s fall from grace still haunts family

Harshad Mehta’s wife Jyoti has launched a website in her late husband’s name, to publicly share the ‘harassment’ their family is being subjected to.

Two Kesari texts, Jinnah’s defence, Marathi sympathy—when Tilak took stand against sedition

Bal Gangadhar Tilak was on trial for sedition thrice in his life. India must take another look at the nuance in his arguments against the law.

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Tribes of India | wikimedia commons

British didn’t just introduce criminal tribes, they also had a police...

The British administration marked out entire communities as ‘criminal’ through Criminal Tribes Act. And the policemen helped form guidelines to identify those communities.
Female labour force participation in India is among the lowest in the world, according to World Bank | ANI 

‘Remarkably resilient, better prepared’: World Bank revises India’s economic growth to...

Strong macroeconomic fundamentals have placed India in good stead compared to other emerging market economies, says World Bank. Lowers next year’s growth estimate from 7% to 6.6%.


Illustration by Soham Sen, ThePrint

How Arunachal is front & centre in Modi govt’s massive border...

Of total highway projects worth Rs 1.6 lakh cr announced for Northeast last month, Arunachal got the lion’s share. Meanwhile, BRO’s outlay also saw a significant jump this year.
Illustration: Soham Sen | ThePrint

Gujarat election is anything but dull. BJP’s political neurosis about AAP...

Gujarat is the only state where Modi is directly in contention. Even if he wins, the team that runs him closest has much to gain.