Friday, 20 April, 2018

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Ranveer Singh

How Ranveer Singh conquered the nepotistic world of Bollywood

From being an outsider in the film industry to being excited to see who his on-screen bisexual lover will be, actor Ranveer Singh talks about it all.
Brussels blasts survivor Nidhi Chapekhar

Ranveer Singh wowed by Brussels blasts survivor Nidhi Chaphekar’s inspirational story

The survivor of the twin blasts at the Brussels Airport in 2016 spoke of how she had recovered from the incident. 
Ranveer Singh on stage with Mahrukh Inayat and Shekhar Gupta

Violence over ‘Padmaavat’ was infuriating, but I was asked not to react: Ranveer Singh

The actor says he chose to channel his anger towards preparing to play the dark, negative role of Alauddin Khilji; makes case for incentivising writers.
Vikram Seth (left) with ThePrint's editor-in-chief Shekhar Gupta (rght) at the Off The Cuff

I only wish homosexuals across India would be able to come out: Vikram Seth

Author hails SC judgment on the right to privacy, especially the part that says sexual orientation is an essential attribute of privacy.
Husain Haqqani at OTC

Pak must get out of Uncle Sam & Aunty China’s arms, shake hands with India: Husain Haqqani

India & Pakistan need to change their narratives of each other, only then can they begin to solve disputes, says former Pakistani ambassador to the US.
Rahul Dravid with the Editor-in-Chief of ThePrint Shekhar Gupta

For Dravid, coaching was a ‘natural progression’ after retiring from the game

As the legend turns 45, ThePrint recalls his conversation with Shekhar Gupta, where he talked about the highs and lows of his career.
On stage with A.S. Kiran Kumar at Off the Cuff

India has 42 satellites, but needs double that number to meet its basic needs

India plans to bridge this gap with more launches and sending 60 rockets in the next 5 years, ISRO chief A.S. Kiran Kumar said.
Surjit Bhalla, Nandan Nilekani and Shekhar Gupta on stage at OTC

Unlike China, India has made some of the biggest policy blunders: Surjit Bhalla

A huge mistake India made post-Independence was the lack of emphasis on primary and secondary education, says member of PM’s Economic Advisory Council. New Delhi: Surjit Bhalla, economist and member of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s...
Surjit Bhalla, Nandan Nilekani and Shekhar Gupta on stage

Interest rates only instrument for enhancing growth, says economist Surjit Bhalla

RBI to announce monetary policy today; interest rates tripled from 1.25 per cent to 3.2 in past 14 months, says Bhalla, a member of PM’s eco advisory panel.
Shekhar Gupta, Manu Pubby, and ISRO chairman A.S. Kiran Kumar

India can eye global space projects if it can deliver on its potential: ISRO chief

Kiran Kumar says the era of just the government doing space business is over and that industry partnerships are necessary to handle competition.
journalist protest

Indian journalists face a brutal equation: Fight together for press freedoms or perish

The media can disagree, fight and judge each other. But it can survive and thrive only by closing ranks when its first principles are under attack.

Dalit History Month