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14 years since launch, Google Maps will no more be free for certain advertisers

Google is increasing the ways advertisers reach Maps users while raising prices for businesses that use the underlying technology.
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YouTube tries out ‘responsibility’ as a metric of success apart from watch time

The changes are supposed to reward videos that are more palatable to advertisers and public, and help YouTube ward off criticism on content.

Before Facebook, Twitter removed 2,600 anti-India & anti-Modi accounts with ‘Iran links’

“Boycott India”, “Modi is a terrorist”, “Modi is a donkey” — that’s how some of the posts read on these now-removed Iranian accounts.
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Facebook ups its game as it struggles to curb spread of false and violent content

Facebook has said one of the measures will be to reduce the reach of Groups that repeatedly share misinformation and make their administrators more accountable. 

Here’s how technology can help us end the scourge of modern slavery

A disproportionate number of women and girls – who make up 71% of the 40 million in modern slavery - are impacted.

Latest Facebook data leak exposes dilemma cloud storage services like Amazon face

Amazon is in a sticky situation, for if it starts shutting down access to data breaches, it could open itself to lawsuits and risk broken trust with clients.
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Data of millions of Facebook users shows up on Amazon cloud servers

The discovery shows that a year after the Cambridge Analytica scandal, companies that control that information haven’t done enough to seal up private data.

WhatsApp’s new privacy feature lets users control being added to group chats

WhatsApp is tightening its policies ahead of the Lok Sabha elections in its efforts to stop spread of misinformation and fake news.
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Foxconn Technology comes closer to producing iPhones in India

Apple Inc’s higher prices have deterred customers in India — the world's fastest growing major market, and has made the company a minor player in the country with only 1% of shipments.
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WhatsApp launches ‘Checkpoint Tipline’ to tackle fake news

WhatsApp is looking to create a database of rumours to study the spread of misinformation ahead of the upcoming Lok Sabha elections.

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Pakistani generals want to restore their golden era & that’s why Musharraf’s team is back

Musharraf’s team was competent because it secured western assistance, pledging to fight terrorists while covertly assisting them at the same time.

IAS poll observer: With Modi breaking rules, should EC give him special security treatment?

The Election Commission has suspended an IAS officer who had inspected PM Narendra Modi’s chopper in Odisha’s Sambalpur Tuesday.


Satellite images suggest that China is testing and weaponising its naval platforms for space denial

China is now testing laser ASAT weapons from its naval ships

China has already tested missile & EMP anti-satellite weapons from the ground. Now it’s using icebreaker ships in the Yellow Sea/Bohai Sea area.
Graphic by Soham Sen | ThePrint

Modi & Shah have turned India into ‘Jingostan’ & are out to conquer the paranoid country

The Modi-Shah BJP has resurrected dangers & the enemy from the past, and built a scary jingoism. It’s a great diversionary tactic, but it never ends well.