Tuesday, 18 December, 2018

Talk Point

We asked Indian politicians for the best LOL moments of 2017

We asked some politicians to quote their most LOL moment the year. Here are some of the responses.
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Criminalising triple talaq is a demonisation of diversity

The NDA government’s self-appointed posture of legislating to criminalise triple talaq clearly shows less-than-honourable motives. It doesn’t behove a government to act in such a manner.
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Government has unrealistic expectations from the triple talaq bill

The primary purpose of criminal law is ‘prevention’ of an act; if non-criminal means can succeed in preventing this act, criminal law need not be used.
muslim women holding a babt, celebrating the triple talaq bill

Triple talaq others the ‘bad muslim’ and consolidates the nationalist Hindu vote

ThePrint asks: Is criminalising triple talaq a legal necessity or a political gambit? The debate over the legality of triple talaq is inextricably related to ...

Dowry, bigamy and domestic violence are punishable by law, then why not triple talaq?

ThePrint asks: Is criminalising triple talaq a legal necessity or a political gambit? An abolition of the practice of triple talaq was first called for in 201...
Kulbushan Jhadev with his family

The Indian media’s furious reaction on Kulbhushan Jadhav is completely uncalled for

There are two issues here: one is the media and the other is the official message. India and Pakistan need better communication at the official level.
Narendra Modi and Nawaz Sharif

India-Pakistan relations are as volatile as they are unpredictable

If I evaluate the India-Pakistan situation, at this stage, it looks difficult that we’ll see much progress between now and 2019.
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Indian and Pakistani electoral dynamics are now feeding off each other

India-Pakistan hasn’t had a negotiation in good faith. Pakistan’s objectives in Kashmir and the wider Indian context remain unaltered.
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Be calm, our Constitution has already been amended 101 times

The need for an overhaul of the Constitution has also been evidenced by the setting up of the National Commission to Review the Working of the Constitution (NCRWC) in 2000. Our Constitution has already been amended 101 times.
The apex court is set to hear the plea for termination of pregnancy | Getty Images

The Constitution is not the sum of its words, not reducible to any one or two of them

Our Constitution is not defined by individual words such as “socialism” or “secularism.” It is constituted by the text as a whole, by its structure, by the historical processes, movements, and debates that led to its framing. , writes Gautam Bhatia
madhya pradesh

MP push for 70% industry jobs to locals: Valid regionalism or is Congress the new Shiv Sena?

Kamal Nath, on his first day as Madhya Pradesh chief minister, announced incentives for industries that hire 70 per cent local workers. When questioned about th...

Modi’s BJP is not just Congress + cow, but it is Congress + cow + Indira Gandhi

Young Indians bought new hope & optimism of Brand Modi in 2014. Now they're confused & angry as BJP government turns out to be Indira-era Congress, plus a cow.