Friday, 22 June, 2018

Talk Point

Talk Point: Gujarat model is led by big corporates, benefits the wealthy at the cost of the poor

The Gujarat model is nothing but a harsher version of the development path that ruling classes of India chose for itself in the early 1990s.
PM Narendra Modi de-boarding a plane in Jamnagar, Gujarat.

Talk Point: The Gujarat model is a myth, particularly on the human development aspect

A sociological analysis of parameters like literacy and sex ratio reveals that Gujarat model is a myth.
Narendra Modi at event waving to crowd

Talk Point: You cannot miss the growth in Gujarat, unless blinded by voting preferences

You may attack Modi in Gujarat on a dozen things but not on economic, industrial, and infrastructural development and growth.
Narendra Modi

Talk Point: Rural Gujarat in 2002 was backward, bleak, and lacking in reliable electricity and water...

The Gujarat model cannot be a model for the whole of India, but it can work at the state government level.

Talk Point: Gujarat’s growth rate of income stayed the same before and after Modi

Gujarat is a classic case of a corporate-led development model which involves increasing prosperity for the rich, but very little benefit of growth trickles down to the poor.
A file photo of Prime Minister Narendra Modi | PIB

Talk Point: ‘Gujarat model’ an average product, ‘Gujarat marketing model’ in another orbit

If we cut through the marketing hype, Gujarat is not the trailblazer state it is made out to be.
Modi addressing from podium

Talk Point: To his credit, Modi accelerated the growth of the 1990s

Other economists may call it the ‘Gujarat model’, but keeping industrial growth high and improving agriculture are keeping the state’s development high.

Talk Point: Is Nitish Kumar’s proposal for caste-based quotas in the private sector feasible?

Bihar Chief Minister, Nitish Kumar spoke in favour of 50 per cent job reservation in the private sector on the basis of caste, experts weigh in on the feasibility of this suggestion.

Talk Point: Levels of impunity enjoyed by perpetrators are alarming

No matter how good the law is, it is doomed to remain on paper if unaccompanied by public education, behavioural change and enforement of rule of law.

Talk Point: We need a mechanism to root out false rape cases, without any compromise

Chargesheeting rate in rape cases is high. Conviction rate has, however, gone down post-Nirbhaya incident. If stricter laws were a solution, we should have had a better situation.
Illustration by Siddhant Gupta

Article 370: Can Modi revoke it before 2019 and will it heal or hit Kashmir’s ties with rest of Ind...

Barely 48 hours after the BJP pulled out of the alliance with the PDP in Kashmir, talks on revoking Article 370 have gained steam. BJP MP, Sabha Subramanian Swamy in a tweet claimed to have written to the PMO on “why Article 370 can be deleted without Parliament concurrence."
Illustration by Arindam Mukherjee | ThePrint

Thanks to Modi govt’s woolly-headedness, it’s 1993 in Kashmir again

Both countries treat Kashmir as a blood feud, and they will continue the fight till the last Kashmiri.