Monday, 19 March, 2018

Talk Point

Talk Point: ​Does ​​the Rajatarangini narrative of ​5000 years of Hindu history in...

Kashmir: Exposing the Myth Behind the Narrative (SAGE Publications, 2017​), a new book by a former Kashmiri state civil servant​,​ Khalid Bashir Ahmad, challenges​ what the author calls...

Talk Point: Are rhinos ‘overpopulated’ or is their habitat shrinking?

Is the 'overpopulation' of rhinos, lions and leopards a result of successful conservation or due to shrinking habitats and slow relocation drives? We ask  experts.

#TalkPoint: Should we relegate Partition to history books?

Should India consider Partition a history project or does its legacy continue to impact the country today? We ask the experts.

Talk Point: What reforms has the Muslim community initiated on triple...

Ahead of the SC's triple talaq judgement we ask experts the internal reforms the community has implemented.

Talk Point: Is the RSS now part of the political mainstream?

Three of the top constitutional posts in the nation will soon be occupied by RSS supporters.

Talk Point: What does Nawaz Sharif’s disqualification mean for democracy in...

Can democracy survive in Pakistan after this?

Talk Point: Did India wake up late to the idea of...

Most liberal democracies across the globe debated privacy at least half a century ago. Did India wake up late to the idea of privacy?

Talk Point: Is Nitish Kumar the smartest political opportunist in India?

What does Nitish Kumar stand to gain by resigning as Bihar Chief Minister.

Talk Point: Can Doklam be contained? Will the tensions go beyond...

Indian and Chinese soldiers are locked in their longest border face-off in decades in the Doklam tri-junction area.

Talk Point: Is the space for Dalit identity politics and Dalit-first...

The UP election results earlier this year signaled a growing support among the Dalits for the BJP. This was followed by NDA fielding Ram Nath Kovind as its presidential candidate, forcing the opposition to field another Dalit, Meira Kumar, as his rival. Then last week, Mayawati resigned from the Rajya Sabha, protesting against what she said was the attitude of the ruling party to suppress her voice raising Dalit issues. As parties from across the spectrum aggressively target and woo the Dalit community, what is the future of exclusive appeals by smaller parties? We ask experts.
Graphic showing Aam Aadmi Party and Arvind Kejriwal

An Apology of a Party: AAP, which set out to save India, is struggling to save itself...

The foundation on which AAP was built has all but crumbled. And its promise of changing the system and saving India is now a fading memory.

Gujarat Elections 2017