Thursday, 22 February, 2018


Judge swearing in

Dipak Misra’s impeachment isn’t happening — at least anytime soon

It’s almost been a month since CPM leader Sitaram Yechury announced that discussions for impeachment had begun, but the Congress hasn’t revealed its cards.
Dr. Harshvardhan

To settle turf war over green funds, environment ministry to seek CAG opinion

Environment and finance ministries are locked in a tussle over financial procedure, and the rules notified by the former are silent on the issue.
Mantralaya of the Mahrashtra government

Safety nets put up at Mumbai’s Mantralaya after farmers attempt suicide, govt under fire

The BJP govt has failed to effectively tackle the farm crisis. Putting up safety nets seems just another way to protect itself, rather than the farmers.
Ground breaking ceremony of the Navi Mumbai Airport

Modi says Mumbai’s new infrastructure will be up by 2022, but the past isn’t...

Bhoomi poojan and ground-breaking ceremonies are used as political platforms; construction often begins much later, and projects still take years to complete. Mumbai: Prime Minister Narendra Modi laid the foundation stone for the Navi Mumbai...
IIM Ahmedabad

After directors’ protest, IIM boards will now need two-thirds majority to remove them

Committee to frame the rules of the new IIM Act decides against granting the directors’ demand to give the govt a say in their removal.
A CPI(M) election rally in Tripura

Data shows India’s last red state Tripura is low on development, but high on...

Tripura fares well on multiple social and health indicators, but has the highest unemployment percentage in India.
Poverty in India

Politics can distort the intent and value of a universal basic income scheme

If practicalities dictate that India’s tenuous social protection framework be sacrificed at the altar of a basic income, then it can actively undermine the social contract.
Traditional Hindu marraige

Don’t be a rape apologist. Marital rape is rape

The definition of rape in India is still looked at through the lens of a woman’s marital status. If you oppose criminalising marital rape, you are a rape apologist.
Oath Ceremony of Judicial Officers

Only 28 per cent of judges in India’s lower courts are women, and there’s...

A new study says that there are few women judges in the lower judiciary, despite reservations in some states. 
Supreme Court of India

Cauvery verdict: Supreme Court gives Karnataka more

Supreme Court also made a special allocation for the city of Bengaluru, which will receive 4.75 TMC feet of Cauvery water. 
Chinese Premier Xi Jinping could be the most powerful leader in the world.

Maldives is just another front of China’s expansive policy

China is using non-interventionist methods to step in wherever it wants. Unless we beat them in their own game, it would be difficult to stop their ingress.
Illustration by Peali Dezine on bank privatisation

If Modi wants a real legacy, he must undo Indira Gandhi’s disastrous bank nationalisation

From Jimmy Nagarwala’s Rs 60 lakh from SBI to Nirav Modi’s Rs 11,000 crore-plus from PNB, India has a 47-year record of scams in govt banks. Why do all govts still love them?

Gujarat Elections 2017