Tuesday, 26 September, 2017


Modi government’s pet e-Sampark database hits privacy roadblock

Modi government’s pet e-Sampark database hits privacy roadblock

Days before Supreme Court judgement on privacy, health and railway ministries had raised concerns over sharing citizens’ details for the new database. Before the Supreme Court delivered its landmark judgement on privacy being a fundamental...
The Punjab and Haryana Court has granted bail to 3 students of a university accused of the gang rape of a fellow student and said that the victim was promiscuous.

Bail for rapists, shame for victim: HC order on gang rape sparks outrage

Judges refer to “promiscuity”, “adventurism”, and “experimentation in sexual encounters”, top lawyers say victim’s character cannot be the subject of gang rape trial.
The Common Review Mission found that MGNREGA had multiple issues including low wages and delayed payments in the implementation of MGNREGA

MGNREGA audit: Low wage rate & delayed payments among the biggest problems

The Common Review Mission on MGNREGA also found that people were unaware that the scheme is supposed to deliver work on demand.
Sudha Murthy as chairperson of IIIT-Dharwad had proposed a partnership with Infosys but the government has said no to it.

Centre shoots down IIIT-Dharwad, Infosys partnership proposal

Government cites conflict of interest as IIIT-Dharwad chairperson Sudha Murthy also chairs Infosys CSR arm Infosys Foundation.
No more foreign govt-funded courses for Indian military officers: Centre

No more foreign govt-funded courses for Indian military officers: Centre

Uncomfortable with other countries cultivating Indian military officers, government says it’ll pay for an international course if justified. The defence ministry has barred armed forces officers from pursuing training courses abroad that are sponsored by...
Picture of highway

South Korea set to invest in Rs 45,000-crore Mumbai-Nagpur expressway project

South Korea has shown interest in investing in big infrastructure projects in India.
Amid rising child abuse, Centre wants new guidelines on safety, activists say it's lip service

Tokenism and repackaging old provisions: Centre’s response to rise in child abuse

Union ministers Maneka Gandhi and Prakash Javadekar ask NCPCR to formulate guidelines on child abuse; activists say it’s pointless because they already exist.
The Centre has told the Supreme Court that Rohingya refugees pose a national security threat to India

Rohingyas are a ‘serious’ threat, Centre tells Supreme Court

The central government is going to state its final stand on deporting Rohingya refugees in the next hearing on 3 October in the Supreme Court.
PM Modi has changed the way the Prime Minister interacts with the bureaucracy

Red tape be damned, Modi is creating a new bureaucracy tailored to his vision

PM Narendra Modi has begun reaching out directly to officers, keeping tabs on their performance, and setting goals, for better implementation of his policies.
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‘India needs work on education and skilling to up its human capital rank’

World Economic Forum’s Saadia Zahidi says India can rise from its 103rd rank in the Global Human Capital Index, as it has a good base of skilled employees. The World Economic Forum’s Global Human Capital...


A picture of TN Ninan, chairman of Business Standard Private Limited

Failure in the good times

Since Mr Modi and his team expect to win the 2019 elections, the groundwork for improved performance in their second term should be done now.

National Interest

The notion that young Indians leading liberated lives are asking for trouble needs revisiting after the Punjab & Haryana HC bail order in a gangrape case.

Anyone here been raped and likes sex?

And smokes, drinks and has condoms in her room? Notion that young Indians leading liberated lives are asking for trouble needs revisiting.

Talk Point

Security agencies resort to internet shutdowns to control violent protests, but is this really a solution?

Talk Point: Are internet shutdowns the best way to restore peace during violent protests?

There were 42 times security agencies resorted to internet shutdowns this year to control volatile conditions in eleven states. Is this the only way to restore peace during violent protests?