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Nawaz Sharif during a recent public gathering in Pakistan

Sharif’s ouster shows Pakistani Establishment is a banyan tree keeping a viceregal control

Under Pakistan's viceregal system, the purpose of elections is merely to identify intermediaries between the people and a permanent state establishment.

‘Demonetisation was political stimulus for the ruling party’

ThePrint Editor-in-Chief Shekhar Gupta and Associate Editor Ruhi Tewari speak about the the first anniversary of demonetisation of high value currency notes, on what it achieved.
BJP workers display a banner during their Anti-black Money Day rally to mark the first anniversary of 'Demonetisation' announcement in New Delhi on Wednesday.

The WhatsApp Governance

After sharp shifts on strategic policies, demonetisation without data, debate, de-risking or war-gaming marks Modi’s governing style.

Pradyuman’s ‘new murderer’ at Ryan School: A story of crime and prejudice

CBI says it wasn’t the bus conductor who slit Pradyuman’s throat in Gurugram’s Ryan International murder case; it was a Class XI student of the school.
A representational image depicting interlocutor Dineshwar Sharma, Mehbooba Mufti and the Army

In the name of interlocution

Kashmir interlocutor Dineshwar Sharma has little political room for manoeuvre, but his appointment is a masterstroke in political management.
Cars in traffic in smog

Innovation needed to end stubble burning, but Delhi does little to stop pollution in NCR

There is an urgent need to encourage innovation and educate farmers rather than taking punitive action against already stressed farmers. It is that time of...
Trump and Jinping at a press conference table at the G20

Engaging and managing the dragon is a tough proposition

As President Trump prepares for his visit to China and East Asia, Jeffrey Bader, Kevin Rudd and Graham Allison offer different perspectives on China.
The Rs 1000 rupee note and Rs 2000 rupee note introduced before and after demonetisation respectively

A year of NaMo’s DeMo: All that we have achieved in the last 365 days

After the drama, we are now looking back not-so-fondly at demonetisation. We still have no answer to why there is a Rs 2,000 note and no Rs 1,000 note.
Representational image of digital payments

A year after demonetisation: Still a cash economy, but mobile payments heating up in India

The spike in digital payments settled down, but growth has continued across the board and that is even after the cash returned to the economy.
MGNREGA won’t make stubble burning go away, says govt panel

Only innovative solutions that don’t burden farmers can end stubble burning

From mixing the stubble into soil, to making manure and use in the packaging industry, there are a lot of ways in which the problem of paddy residue can be solved.

On Camera

Muslim women walk with their children in Iraq (Representational image) | Commons

Globalisation of revenge

Nobody looks more ridiculous in the whole Iraq situation than the Europeans. A bit of their hypocrisy was on show in New Delhi.
An Airbus Group SE A320neo passenger jet operated by IndiGo

IndiGo to trim fleet size over 2 years as Covid pandemic rages on

IndiGo CEO Ronojoy Dutta said the airline hasn’t engaged in any 'major renegotiation' with Airbus SE on new deliveries, but it will keep returning as many as 40 older planes a year.


File photo of ships during the Malabar naval exercise

First phase of Quad members’ Malabar exercise from 3-6 November in Bay of Bengal

Last week, India had announced Australia will take part in the exercise along with US and Japan, making it a drill by all 4 member nations of the Quad or Quadrilateral coalition.
Illustration: Soham Sen/ThePrint

Trump or Biden? Doesn’t matter to India-US ties as they’re in a full, strategic embrace

Pompeo & Esper’s visit to India for the 2+2 talks is proof that old hypocrisies are history, and supreme national interest has again driven a strategic choice.