Sunday, 25 February, 2018


Empire: A novel about the trials of a female warrior in the Chola Dynasty

A historical fiction about Aremis, a female warrior in the Chola dynasty
A government school in Delhi

Talk Point: What measures are needed to ensure that every Indian school has trained...

Poor learning levels at school and the absence of adequately qualified and trained teachers are clearly identified as the biggest of concerns in the Indian schooling system. That the issue still needs to be...
Pakistan PM Shahid Khaqan Abbasi has taken over as Pakistan PM since Nawaz Sharif had to resign

Pakistan’s PM wants to prove he is not merely a placeholder for Sharif family

Despite the temporary nature of his job, PM Shahid Khaqan Abbasi has said he isn't there just to keep the seat warm for the Sharif family
Trump's new strategy on Afganistan

No longer a strategic ally, even Pakistan’s transactional ties with US are under strain

Pakistan’s response to Trump’s speech has hardened. But there is too much at stake for both sides to call for a break.
Photo of a flooded area in Mumbai after heavy rains lashed the city

Talk Point: Why is flooding in Mumbai an annual feature & what’s the solution...

We asked experts why flooding in Mumbai is an annual feature and what's the solution to prevent it in future.

RBI data reveals demonetisation was the epitome of whimsical, illogical policymaking

The government wanted demonetisation to combat three problems. None of them seem to have been solved. 

Demonetisation data shows it failed on many counts, but had some long-term benefits

Since there were multiple objectives of demonetisation, one cannot completely say whether the experiment was a failure or a success.

Privacy verdict presents big data as a reality we need to work with, not...

It is difficult to say if the verdict places individual consent as a deal-breaker when used by private actors.

Talk Point: Will the reopening of 1984 riot cases help victims or is it...

In a bid to render ‘speedy’ justice to the victims of the 1984 riots, a Special Investigation Team (SIT) closed 199 out of a total of 293 cases. Questioning whether effective justice has been...

PM Modi’s outreach to Kashmiris needs to become a doctrine

At a time when the security forces have achieved impressive results in terrorist kills over the last three months, the statement surprised some observers in Kashmir.
Illustration by Peali Dezine

With ‘just two slaps’ at the CM’s home a huge blow dealt to politician-civil servant ties

Fights between politicians and civil servants aren’t new. Physical violence in a CM’s residence is a new low.

Gujarat Elections 2017