Friday, 23 February, 2018


Chinese Premier Xi Jinping could be the most powerful leader in the world.

Maldives is just another front of China’s expansive policy

China is using non-interventionist methods to step in wherever it wants. Unless we beat them in their own game, it would be difficult to stop their ingress.
Narendra Modi holding up the peace sign

Do your math. You will see that Modi increasingly looks like a one-term Prime...

The BJP has not shown any signs of improving its tally in its weak large states such as West Bengal, Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh and Telangana.

Under global pressure, Pakistan is scrambling to hide its terror group — but it’s...

Pakistan takes one step forward to get relief from international pressure, followed by two steps back once the pressure is off. When pressure resumes, another step forward.
Yogi Adityanath

Yogi says he will not let UP become ‘divyang’. He just reinforced a disability...

Has the re-christening of people with disability as ‘divyang’ helped people with disability and how they are treated and perceived in India?
Sardar Sarovar Dam | Commons

Thirsty Gujarat got its priorities wrong, needs better management of Narmada water

State govt mismanaged scarce water after a bad monsoon in MP last year, and now, Gujarat won’t have any water to spare for irrigation till July at least.

We have not seen the last of bank scams. Put the entire diamond industry...

Though Rs. 11,000 crores is a large number, it is not a single credit or operations risk event but a bubble built over years. 

We can’t do away with bank scams. But we can aim for an India...

Money is about accounting entries. Modern scams are all about stealing accounting entries, when the system has a “reconcilement” problem.
Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau arrives in New Delhi | PTI

Trudeau is doing a bad job of balancing business interests with India and electoral...

Diplomatic tensions between the countries began with the banning of Indian diplomats from a Gurudwara in Brampton, Ontario.
Mirage 2000 formation

Get IAF back to full strength before thinking about integrating the services

The IAF is not fundamentally opposed to theatre command or an empowered CDS. There needs to be better understanding between the three services. Having broadly laid out the template for a debate on integration, I...
Narendra Modi and Chinese President Xi Jinping

Reports of India’s demise as a regional power are greatly exaggerated

There is a tendency to exaggerate China’s footprint in India’s immediate neighbourhood.
Illustration by Peali Dezine on bank privatisation

If Modi wants a real legacy, he must undo Indira Gandhi’s disastrous bank nationalisation

From Jimmy Nagarwala’s Rs 60 lakh from SBI to Nirav Modi’s Rs 11,000 crore-plus from PNB, India has a 47-year record of scams in govt banks. Why do all govts still love them?

Gujarat Elections 2017