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7 reasons why Modi has an upper hand in Modi-versus-all

There’s the arithmetic of opposition unity, and then there’s the chemistry of Narendra Modi.
Bastariya Battalion of CRPF

CRPF’s new Bastariya battalion to tackle Naxals is more a military fix than political

In the 1990s, government raised the Rashtriya Rifles as a specialised counter-insurgency force in the Valley. Two-and-a-half decades later, the insurgency, fanned by support from Pakistan, still continues.
Lini Puthussery | @deepusebin Twitter

Nurse Lini’s death shows doctors are Gods but nurses mere mortals in India

The nurse is not just a victim of the Nipah virus, but also a horrifying loophole in India’s already crumbling medical system.
Priyanka Chopra

Priyanka Chopra meets Rohingya refugees, Hindu trolls start ‘but what about’ campaign

If Priyanka Chopra had met with Congolese refugees or Ukrainian refugees, the trolls would have cheered her. But Muslim refugees are another matter.
Prime Minister Narendra Modi

Modi’s rivals need to get their house in order before they think of defeating BJP

Though the chorus for unity is growing, one cannot ignore the fact that there are too many players aspiring to lead the non- BJP forces in 2019.
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Mayawati should give up her prime ministerial ambitions

Mayawati is best placed to be a sutradhar, and not the protagonist. If she were to declare she’s not in the race for the post of PM, her status as the tallest Dalit leader would make her the real power broker of opposition unity.

Malaysia of 2018 has learnt lessons from India of 1977. And, so should we

As an Indian and a democrat – and as an opposition politician also facing a seemingly unvanquishable foe in power, and looking to unity and popular support to bring about change – I can only wish the new coalition government in Malaysia well.
A woman in India (representational image) | Nicky Loh/Getty Images

Delhi maid’s murder is the tip of the iceberg. 4 children go missing in India every hour

There are many reasons why child labour is normalised in India, the primary being that it is often done with the aid of poor parents in desperate need of money.

In Tuticorin killings, all parties find their own favourite enemy

In any crisis or critical situation, public figures, who influence millions globally, get caught in a spiral of blame game, which often takes the focus away from showing solidarity with the victims.

Tamil Nadu on ‘dissent mode’ since 2009, but Tuticorin may not go away like other protests

Never has Tamil Nadu seen such violence unleashed upon its people. With Tuticorin, the Palaniswami government has destroyed its mandate to govern.
shahid aziz

From key Pakistani general to ISIS terrorist ‘killed’ in Jihad, the chilling saga of Shahid Aziz

An army cannot afford to allow so many ideologically motivated hardliners to rise to senior ranks and to freelance on behalf of their ideology after retirement.
Illustration by Siddhant Gupta

How should the Indian army ethos handle Major Gogoi’s case?

Indian Army Chief Bipin Rawat has said that 'exemplary punishment' will be given to Major Leetul Gogoi, if he is found guilty of violation of Army rules. Experts weigh in.
Illustration by Peali Dezine

The barely told stories of Indian and Pakistani spies making peace while waging war

Some untold or barely told stories of Indian and Pakistani spymasters making peace on the sidelines of war.