Monday, 24 January, 2022


‘मुंबई में मौत सचमुच जीवन की ‘कई शानदार’ सच्चाइयों में से एक है’

कमला मिल में आग जैसी दुखद घटनाएं अधिकारियों के खिलाफ गुस्सा भड़काती हैं. लेकिन कुछ ही समय बाद शहर अगली दुर्घटना होने तक व्यस्त और प्रशासन सुस्त हो जाता है.

The jihadist threat from Bangladesh is real and growing

When it comes to Islamist terrorism, Bangladesh hardly figures on the mental map of most Americans. The world needs to start taking the threat from the South Asian country more seriously.

For Donald Trump, Indian techies are just operating systems and not human beings

If Indians thought Trump would be different just because he showed up at a song-and-dance Hindu rally, they have only themselves to blame.

विजय गोखले की नियुक्ति का मतलब: नहीं झुकेगा भारत आक्रामक चीन के सामने

विजय गोखले भारत के विदेश मंत्रालय में चीन के जानकारों की नई पीढ़ी के हैं, जो बीजिंग में हो रहे बदलावों की समझ रखती...

From a soft-spoken socialite to a ruthless, authoritarian leader: Naveen Patnaik’s two decades in Odisha

Naveen Patnaik’s uninterrupted winning streak is due to his spartan image, TINA factor in Odisha and a combination of economic growth and populist measures.

Rohith Vemula’s mother says Koregaon coverage is pathetic, painted resistance as violence

If the government can provide police protection for occasions like the Amarnath Yatra, why was it unable to provide security for Dalits at Bhima Koregaon event.

The Brahmin Peshwas are trying to settle a 200-year-old score with the Mahars

Today’s conflict has little or nothing to do with the British, it’s between the Brahmin Peshwas and Mahars. At present, the Chief Minister of Maharashtra is a Brahmin.

Five major trends Shashi Tharoor sees emerging in Indian politics in 2018

Five major trends I see emerging in Indian politics in 2018: Shashi Tharoor

My dad Jaswant Singh at 80: Sad how Vajpayee’s ‘Hanuman’ can no longer fly

For the first time, son Manvendra Singh writes about Jaswant Singh on his 80th birthday in an exclusive to ThePrint.

India caught napping in South Asia by China, needs new strategy to slay the dragon

Beijing has invested in people, projects and more and it's paying big dividends. New Delhi has to work doubly hard to reclaim its clout.

On Camera


Demonstrators attempt to enter the US Capitol building during a protest in Washington, D.C., U.S., on 6 January 2021 | Eric Lee | Bloomberg

Texas attack shows a long, violent struggle for America’s soul is inevitable

The shock of Covid 19—both economic and cultural—has strengthened the maniacal conspiracy culture with which the American Right is suffused.
A visual representation of the digital Cryptocurrency, Bitcoin alongside US dollars | Photo: Dan Kitwood | Getty Images via Bloomberg

Joe Biden administration set to put itself at centre of US cryptocurrency policy

An executive order is being drafted which will soon set in place a govt strategy empowering US federal agencies to assess risks and opportunities posed by the digital assets.


Chinese army has found missing 17-year-old boy from Arunachal, Defence Ministry PRO says

Indian Army had sought assistance from China's People Liberation Army to locate and return Miram Taron, who had gone missing on 18 January and was reportedly captured by PLA.

Modi vs non-BJP CMs: When most popular isn’t all-powerful & why Centre-state ties will worsen

Modi’s inability to win many states, and the huge popularity his rivals enjoy there, is pushing Indian politics in a more robustly federal direction.