Wednesday, December 7, 2022
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What Modi govt does with Pakistan the coming week will define its next 5 years

Nobody can take Modi for granted. He is capable of upsetting the apple-cart, demolishing status quo and spoiling carefully laid-out plans.

Narendra Modi loves disruption, and the Amit Shah-Jaishankar portfolios prove that

The goal is to paint all of India in Hindutva colours and Amit Shah, now the home minister, must deliver.

Modi’s Kedarnath visit shows he is India’s PM & Hindu pilgrim at the same time

The BJP’s 2019 campaign made no attempt at hiding the fact that it is a Hindu party, seeking the votes of Hindus.

Before last phase polling, a determined Modi has rattled two key rivals – Mamata & Mayawati

Modi is throwing everything he has into this last phase. And Mamata and Mayawati’s responses show his barbs have hit home.

This is what has angered Narendra Modi this Lok Sabha election

In an election marked by coarse language, the PM’s unseemly comments about Rajiv Gandhi touched a new low.

This election season, Narendra Modi is going beyond Kautilya to make allies toe the line

All the allies have caved in, which is why we saw them sitting beside Narendra Modi as he filed his nomination in Varanasi.

This election, Modi has pitched himself as India’s real-life, terror-fighting Sunny Deol

Modi has made his stand: Vote me in if you want a safe and secure India, or for the opposition if you don’t.

As the world grieves over Notre Dame, Modi missing in action

PM Modi believes he has brought India to the world’s attention, and so he should have known better than staying silent on Notre Dame fire tragedy.

From Modi’s Eleven in 2014 to only NaMo in 2019, the Modi-fication of BJP is now complete

As BJP goes into 2019 polls, one man leads the army. Everyone else is a lieutenant, far diminished in stature in comparison to PM Modi.

Why Modi doesn’t mention the Dalai Lama anymore, while he rages against ‘enemy Pakistan’

China’s expanding presence inside India as well as on the borders has coincided with PM Modi giving way to what Beijing has wanted.

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File photo of AIIMS, New Delhi | Manisha Mondal | ThePrint

Taiwan learnt to deal with China’s cyberattacks. India can take tips

Gone are the days when China’s cyber espionage campaigns were targeted at Tibetans in Dharamsala. We now live in a world where Chinese threats target India’s critical infrastructure.
Female labour force participation in India is among the lowest in the world, according to World Bank | ANI 

‘Remarkably resilient, better prepared’: World Bank revises India’s economic growth to...

Strong macroeconomic fundamentals have placed India in good stead compared to other emerging market economies, says World Bank. Lowers next year’s growth estimate from 7% to 6.6%.


Illustration by Soham Sen, ThePrint

How Arunachal is front & centre in Modi govt’s massive border...

Of total highway projects worth Rs 1.6 lakh cr announced for Northeast last month, Arunachal got the lion’s share. Meanwhile, BRO’s outlay also saw a significant jump this year.
Illustration: Soham Sen | ThePrint

Gujarat election is anything but dull. BJP’s political neurosis about AAP...

Gujarat is the only state where Modi is directly in contention. Even if he wins, the team that runs him closest has much to gain.