Saturday, 4 December, 2021

Letter From Pakistan

Yasir Hussain and Iqra Aziz at Lux Awards | yasir.hussain131 | Instagram

In the Islamic state of Pakistan, you can piss in public but not kiss in public

Actor Yasir Hussain proposed to his girlfriend actress Iqra Aziz at an awards show and it brewed a storm in the moral teacup of Pakistanis.
Girls studying in a school in Pakistan

Pakistanis happily convert girls to Islam but love marriage faces honour killing axe

Three years on, justice in Qandeel Baloch’s honour killing case remains due despite her brother’s boastful confession of murder.
Pak PM Imran Khan

It’s not just people, in Imran Khan’s Naya Pakistan interviews go missing too

Creeping fascism is what defines Naya Pakistan. What doesn’t please the ear, won’t be heard.
Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan | File Photo: ImranKhanOfficial/Facebook

In Imran Khan’s Pakistan it’s not the economy, stupid. It is a dreaded word keeping PM awake

What was more or less an inside joke about Imran Khan being a 'selected prime minister' has now become a joke beyond borders.
Imran Khan | Asad Zaidi/Bloomberg

This is the one thing that Imran Khan, opposition & the religious clerics in Pakistan love

Pakistan’s dictator General Zia-ul-Haq started it. Imran Khan used it to target Nawaz Sharif to win election. Now the PM is under its spell.
File photo of Prime Minister Narendra Modi with Pakistan PM Imran Khan | YouTube

Narendra Modi is ghosting Imran Khan. Letters, calls, messages go unanswered

What should Imran Khan do to get Modi’s attention? A letter written in blood could be a start, but don’t get your hopes up even with that.
A Pakistani soldier stands guard on a street in Karachi (Representational image)

From Jinnah’s family to Nawaz Sharif: Pakistan thinks everyone is a foreign agent

Those who differ with the state in Pakistan aren’t people with opposing viewpoints but foreign agents.

On Camera


People paint an awareness poster about getting vaccinated as well using sanitiser and mask in view of the Covid-19 pandemic, in Bikaner, Rajasthan in April 2021 | ANI

World’s still stuck with a ‘Delta wave’ hangover. For Omicron, we need to stick to basics

Booster shots are like trying to stop a fire by pouring a mug of water repeatedly at one spot. Ensuring everyone is vaccinated is better in the long run.

Indian bankers risk losing business to Google, PhonePe, says Uday Kotak

Banks will need to scale up technology, hire more and focus on customer and not sales-centric approach to match competition from the 'deep-pocketed tech firms', the Kotak founder said.


Indian Navy ready to deal with any security challenge, says Admiral R Hari Kumar

Speaking on eve of Navy Day, the Navy chief said the situation along India's northern border has added to security complexities along with Covid & that the 'dual' scenario continues.

UPA may be dead but Congress still matters and even the Modi-Shah BJP acknowledges that

Even in its second successive annihilation by BJP, Congress retained a solid block of 20% votes. That’s why all of BJP’s victims want the Congress at the core of their challenge.