Sunday, 21 January, 2018


A graphic showing English being taught in schools

Hindi is not dead. Long live English!

About 46 per cent of Indian rural teens can now understand simple English, and this triumph of the language needs to be welcomed.
Top Military leaders from the Quad at Raisina dialogue, 2018 | Pushan Das

Three striking points about the quad, and what India needs to do to lead...

At the Raisina Dialogue, the four countries’ military leaders talked unabashed about the India-US-Japan-Australia grouping. It sends a message to China.

Kejriwal’s decision to install cameras in classrooms wasn’t knee-jerk, the reactions are

The Delhi government is not installing CCTVs in perfectly functional schools but in a school system that has suffered criminal neglect for several years.
Dhaba food | Commons

Ever wondered why only India serves ‘pure’ veg food?

Caste discrimination still occurs in our country through innocuous things like food, like workers eating separately and 'pure veg' restaurants.

Ambedkarism seeks to end casteism progressively, digital Ambedkarites are failing at that

It is necessary to understand why neither of the great leaders, Ambedkar and Kanshi Ram, were branded as extremists, writes Devashish Jarariya

Did Kejriwal do nothing naughty in school that he would’ve liked to hide from...

(Mis)adventures are an essential and most fun part of growing up. Remember, no matter how messy the times, tomorrow these will be our good old days.
Aziz Ansari

Barkha Dutt on why she thinks Aziz Ansari is gross but not an example...

Polarised responses to the Ansari story expose the generation divide of feminism. Women need to talk to each other before we talk to men.
A Chinese soldier on a mountain

China’s troop buildup in Doklam means India can’t protect Bhutan

The Chinese buildup at Doklam signifies that encroachment and road-building will accelerate, and India cannot protect Bhutan, because it doesn’t have a plan

Modi wants NRIs to work like the Jewish or Chinese lobby

For the BJP, the diaspora is a resource to be used to strength Brand India. By contrast, the Congress limits itself to assuring their protection of ‘exploitation’.

Zainab’s gruesome murder shows Pakistan needs much stronger laws to protect its children

Seven-year-old Zainab's body was found in the trash. She had been raped and murdered. The case highlights the need for greater awareness and stronger laws. 
A file photo of Manvendra Gohil

My family built a palace similar to Windsor Castle. I’m making it a safe house for LGBTQA

When I came out some years ago, my parents publicly disowned me and disinherited me from the ancestral property, writes Manvendra Gohil.

Gujarat Elections 2017

A graphic showing newspapers The Hindu, The Indian Express and President APJ Abdul Kalam

When one Indian newspaper handed over its big scoop to a rival

It was the only way to ensure the story wasn't killed. And Spielberg's latest, The Post, brings it back to me.
Former CAG Vinod Rai who A Raja has alleged was a vigilante

Talk Point: Was former CAG Vinod Rai a ‘vigilante’, or was he India’s ‘conscience keeper’?

Andimuthu Raja, the former telecom minister who was recently acquitted in the 2G scam trial, has alleged in a new book that the entire episode was the opposition’s attempt to bring down the UPA-II.