File photo of RBI Governor Shaktikanta Das | Kiyoshi Ota/Bloomberg

Shaktikanta Das’ RBI has a delicate task – balance govt’s fiscal targets & its autonomy

The RBI governor is likely to find a way to transfer the right amount of money to help the government meet its fiscal targets.
RBI Headquarters in Mumbai

Narendra Modi government now has a great opportunity to reform RBI

Long-term reform requires a vision and the willingness of the government and the new RBI Governor to risk political capital.
A customer holds Indian one hundred rupee banknote in India | Dhiraj Singh/Bloomberg

Modi govt & RBI should allow rupee to fall, not lose nerve by the fear-mongering

The rupee's current rout can be seen more as an overdue recalibration than a flash in the pan.
RBI in Delhi

By abandoning bill allowing bank sell-off, Centre has failed the ailing sector

India may soon come to regret not setting up a resolution regime after the 2008 crisis as many nations did.
Call Centre operators in New Dehli, India

Does the data show India is creating jobs or not?

The pessimist will argue that demonetisation and GST have caused waves of layoffs in the informal sector, but there are arguments by the optimistic, that complex structure of tax has created jobs in formal sector. 
A man walks past the Reserve Bank of India headquarters in Mumbai | Shashank Parade/ PTI

India’s banking system requires a stronger watchdog

RBI’s supervisory capacity needs strengthening — including better training, more specialization and longer tenures for officials, among other measures that the bank itself has recommended.

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