The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) logo is displayed inside the central bank building in Mumbai

RBI governor Shaktikanta Das’ first rate cut move is government-friendly, as expected

Experts say RBI's 25 basis points cut in lending rate is expansionary given as it comes shortly after an expansionary budget.
PM Narendra Modi cheers as Piyush Goyal presents the interim Budget 2019-20 in Lok Sabha | PTI

Modi danced the fine line – his budget wasn’t anti-rich & his govt didn’t defend past sins

It is a relief to see that the government did not run the risk of running a larger borrowing programme.
Rahul Gandhi | @INCIndia/Twitter

Basic income for poor demands subsidy cuts, a step govts in India are unlikely to take

If no effort is made to consider how a minimum income guarantee is financed, then the expenditure would lead to cuts in public investment & higher borrowing.
RBI Headquarters in Mumbai

Why RBI must cut interest rates in its next monetary policy panel meet

With no upswing in output growth and low consumer price inflation, the stage is set for cutting interest rates.
A branch of Gramin Bank of Aryavat in the village of Khurana, UP | Representational image | Prashanth Vishwanathan/Bloomberg

Inequality reports like Oxfam’s end up hurting India’s poor with their poor methodology

Oxfam considers it “obscene” that the poor now borrow more, and have seen an increase in their liabilities.
File photo of Narendra Modi at the launch of MUDRA Bank in New Delhi | Kuni Takahashi/Bloomberg

MUDRA scheme: What the Modi government failed to do for small businesses

The slowdown in credit to small businesses is yet another example of central planning gone wrong.

India is yet to recognise the soft power of making its rupee an international currency

We must look North—and see the rise of the renminbi.
RBI Headquarters in Mumbai | Punit Paranjpe/AFP/Getty Images

Modi govt is right: RBI’s idle, excess reserve can reduce public debt & improve India’s rating

Every government would benefit from a lower level of debt.
The bronze bull statue at the Bombay Stock Exchange | Dhiraj Singh/Bloomberg

Five major challenges that shook India’s economy in 2018

From GST to RBI to NPAs, both institutions and governance had a turbulent ride.
A farmer at work

Why higher MSPs don’t really help the Indian farmer in the long run

Production of pulses went up in response to the higher MSP, but mandi prices crashed.

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