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Scan of cancer cells (Representative image) | pixabay.com

In a single week, 3 giant strides made towards detecting and curing cancer

Teams from Glasgow & Belfast make progress in detecting brain & prostate cancers, while one from Queensland may have found a cure for all cancers.
Demonstrators hold signs during the U.S. Youth Climate Strike in New York, U.S. | Photographer: Jeenah Moon | Bloomberg

Anxiety, depression, PTSD — how climate change is affecting mental health

Multiple studies have shown how direct and indirect effects of climate change, exacerbated by inaction, are affecting mental health of people.
A devotee offers prayers to the rising Sun during Chhath Puja as toxic froth floats on the surface of polluted Yamuna river, at Kalindi Kunj, in New Delhi

AIIMS doctors find excessive toxicity in patients, say heavy metals are all around us

Study by AIIMS Clinical Ecotoxicology Facility, set up to study effects of pollution & climate change, finds iron, mercury, lead in excess amounts in patients' bodies.
Medicines (representative image) | pexels.com

Ministers’ group to regularise e-pharmacies after Modi govt fails to meet 100-day target

The second Modi govt wanted to introduce the e-pharmacy framework within 100 days, but couldn’t, owing to pressure from brick-and-mortar chemists.
Female anopheles mosquito | Commons

Panic over diseases can help prevent epidemics, but also create other health problems

Exaggerators in public health fields may think they can do no harm by issuing alarming warnings. But there are costs to such tunnel vision.
Customers shop for firecrackers and fireworks at a stall during Diwali | Dhiraj Singh/Bloomberg

New green crackers promise all the Diwali fun with 30% less toxic pollution

Science Minister Harsh Vardhan said Saturday, two weeks before Diwali, that the green crackers are already available in the market.
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India to revive penicillin, one of world’s oldest antibiotics, 5 yrs after production ended

Doctors across India had put in request to procure the antibiotic used to treat Strep A bacterial infection, which can lead to rheumatic fever & heart disease.
File photo of PM Narendra Modi | PIB

Ayushman Bharat faces 7 challenges, Modi govt looks at homegrown startups for help

The Modi govt will announce launch of Start-Up Grand Challenge on October 1, when the flagship health insurance scheme PM-JAY completes a year.
Cardiac treatment tops the list of treatments availed under Ayushman Bharat

No decision on cataract surgery as Ayushman Bharat adds 237 medical packages, drops 554

Modi govt had proposed to treat cataract under National Blindness Prevention Programme instead of PM-JAY. But NBPP has cited 'excessive burden'.
Schools in Delhi, Odisha, Telangana & West Bengal will not get the comics as they are yet to join the scheme | National Health Authority

Popular cartoon characters Motu, Patlu will now promote Modi govt’s Ayushman Bharat

The comic book featuring details about Ayushman Bharat has been published. Copies will soon be distributed in over 7 lakh govt schools across India.

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Tablighi Jamaat bigotry is a familiar pattern. All Muslims will be blamed for the acts of few

Heroic acts of Azim Premji or Shah Rukh Khan do not bring credit to the community. But the blame for the ignorance of Tablighi Jamaat members must be shared by all Muslims.
Illustration: Soham Sen | ThePrint

Is there a risk of Modi govt using Covid-19 to curb media and freedoms or is it necessary?

Surveillance is becoming a key concern during the Covid-19 crisis. The Supreme Court has also directed media to publish the official version of the developments.


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Coronavirus doesn’t stop Indian Army from carrying out its annual cyber security exercise

Army had earlier issued advisory claiming India's adversaries were launching coronavirus-themed campaigns to infect official or personal IT assets of defence personnel.  

Modi’s India isn’t Mao’s China. Silly forecasts assume we’ll let corona kill millions of us

There are many scary scenarios about how badly we Indians may be affected or how many killed by Covid-19. But they presume we will do nothing to influence our fates.