Sunday, 16 December, 2018


Abdus Salam

Pakistan’s first Nobel winner was shunned for being Ahmadi. A documentary brings him back

Dr Abdus Salam won the 1979 Nobel Prize for physics. But in his home country Pakistan, he is all but forgotten because of his religious affiliation.
File image of social activist Trupti Desai | Facebook

Wanting to storm Sabarimala was just another day in office for Trupti Desai

Trupti Desai insists her protests are not a ‘publicity stunt’, says her ‘honest’ work for rights is what’s getting her media recognition.
Bollywood film star Shah Rukh Khan

Fixer asked sheikh to pay $1.5 million to meet Bollywood stars, including Shah Rukh Khan

Now the Bahraini sheikh is accused of reneging on the agreement to pay.
Twitter CEO and co-founder Jack Dorsey in New Delhi | Vijay Verma/PTI

Jack Dorsey wants to ‘smash Brahminical patriarchy’, triggers Twitter outrage

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey appeared in a photograph with women journalists holding this placard, irking Right-wing ideologues who called it ‘hate speech’.
File image of Ashim Mitra |

Indian prof in US said to treat his Indian students like servants. College did nothing

An investigation by The Kansas City Star reveals that for two decades, Dr Ashim Mitra would make scholars carry heavy equipment, tend his lawn & sit his dog.
File image of Zeenat Aman | Facebook

Zeenat Aman, diva who dared Bollywood conventions on screen but believed in them off it

A movie star in the 1970s, Zeenat Aman introduced Bollywood viewers to a novel Western sensibility with her unconventional personality.
Picture for representational purposes only | Pexel

What to expect on an ultra-long-haul flight

Such technological advances are opening up new possibilities.

Indian women are getting assaulted on Tinder dates and no one knows how to stop it

Most women are reluctant to report matches from dating apps fearing retribution, which leaves the assaulters free to pursue others.
Alyque Padamsee dies at 90

Alyque Padamsee, the ad genius who kept advertisements simple and direct

Alyque Padamsee, who died Saturday, was also a theatre personality & played Jinnah to Ben Kingsley’s Gandhi in the 1982 Oscar winner
Netflix open on a laptop | Twitter

The meeting at which Netflix is said to have agreed to self-regulate in India

Netflix is said to have committed to look at global best practices and come up with a solution to self-regulate after meeting Modi govt officials.

Modi’s BJP is not just Congress + cow, but it is Congress + cow + Indira Gandhi

Young Indians bought new hope & optimism of Brand Modi in 2014. Now they're confused & angry as BJP government turns out to be Indira-era Congress, plus a cow.