Saturday, 19 January, 2019


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After uproar on violence due to rumours, Facebook says it will start removing fake news

Facebook has drawn criticism for 'failing' to curb violence caused by rumours in Myanmar, India and Sri Lanka.
Kush talks about his legal career and life as a drag queen | Image by Shahbaz Ansar

Human rights lawyer by day, Delhi’s beloved drag queen by night

For Kush, a full-time lawyer and part-time drag queen, the human body is a canvas. It can be painted beautifully with make-up. After his first drag show at Kitty Su, life has never been the same. 
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Netflix isn’t the world’s most valuable media company any more

With its current market cap of $153.8 billion, Netflix again provokes concerns that it has become an investment bubble.
Manabi Bandopadhyay (R) at a similar literary event |

Sahitya Akademi to host India’s first transgender literary meet next week

To be held in Kolkata, the event is aimed at giving a platform to transgender writers and introducing them to a larger audience.

Why physical fitness is the peacock’s tail in Grindr profile pictures

The dating app for gay, bi, trans and queer people wants a costly signal like an costly sports car to demonstrate that you ate best match.
As a child of the 'patri,' Gulab's survival, in part, depends on her ability to blend into her backgrounds

What the girl in the pink burkha taught me about life and loss in Old Delhi

As a child of the 'patri,' Gulab's survival, in part, depends on her ability to blend into her backgrounds.
A woman's hand with bangles

India maybe revolutionising, but when it comes to marriage, ‘middle-class morality’ wins...

Author Flock says Indian middle class wants to push boundaries while maintaining a certain status.

Indian parents are the most enthusiastic about doing their children’s homework

Indian parents spend an average of 12 hours a week helping with children's homework as compared to 3.6 hours in the UK and 2.6 hours in Japan.

What happened when Indira Gandhi met Hitler at rehab clinic for dictators

Arun Jaitley may think the former Indian PM belongs here but the Fuhrer has other ideas. It’s 2018 and Adolf Hitler is sitting in a circle with his friends. ...
Sapna Chaudhari

Haryana dancer Sapna Chaudhary viciously trolled for supporting Congress party

The comments ranged from Sapna Chaudhary bewafa hai to ‘Because she supports Congress, I hate her’. 
Illustration by Soham Sen |

Rahul Gandhi’s pitch that Modi is the worst doesn’t mean Congress is the best

Which constituency is Rahul Gandhi addressing? How exactly does he define his base? Or, does he even know what his base is?