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150 years since it was written, Louisa May Alcott’s book Little Women still strikes a chord

It is scheduled for yet another major Hollywood adaptation in 2019, starring Meryl Streep, Emma Watson and Saoirse Ronan.
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Meet the men who donate sperm on Facebook

Just as Uber transformed the taxi business and Airbnb shook up the hotel world, online sperm donation is the sperm bank, reinvented.
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Brash Delhi vs laidback Bengaluru: How India’s party scene changes with the zone

The nightlife culture of India has undergone a sea change in the last 10 years, and there is no one way the country kicks up its heels.
Kiran and Jyoti Matharoo | @jyotimatharoo Instagram handle

The Indian-Canadian ‘Kardashians’ whose desire for the glam life landed them in jail

Jyoti & Kiran Matharoo dated a slew of Nigerian billionaires, but despite a run-in with international law, The New York Times reports that the sisters continue to flaunt their extravagant lifestyles.
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Allama Iqbal: Pakistan’s national poet & the man who gave India ‘Saare jahan se achha’

Allama Iqbal is most famous in India for penning ‘Saare jahan se achha’, but it was also on the basis of his 1930 speech that the two-nation theory was formed.

Netflix announces nine new Indian shows, including a prequel to Baahubali

Some estimates say that India has emerged as Netflix’s biggest market in Asia,  leaving Japan, its first Asian foray, far behind. 
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Is the English language too powerful?

A systematic data-driven analysis showed that English is most powerful. It is the world’s lingua franca.
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Historian wants to change how school children are taught British empire

Black history is British history too, notes historian Jeremy Corbyn, and should be part of curriculum.
Bipin Chandra Pal

Bipin Chandra Pal: As much a revolutionary in politics, as in his private life

Bipin Chandra Pal, who was born on 7 November 1858, is best known as a part of the radical freedom-fighter trio Lal-Bal-Pal.
Devotees arrive at Sabarimala temple in Pathanamthitta District | PTI

52-year-old prevented from entering Sabarimala temple by frenzied devotees

The woman from Tirur was turned away by protesting devotees as they suspected her to be of menstrual age. 

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Kanshiram (centre) along with the other founding members of BAMCEF in the 1970s | Facebook

Kanshi Ram matters in 2019 polls and why some think he deserves a Bharat Ratna

Kanshi Ram promised the lower castes that if they can organise themselves into a grand voting bloc, they will become the ruler of this country.
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Anil Ambani pays up: Defaulting tycoons can no longer game the system or is it a one-off?

Anil Ambani Tuesday escaped a three-month prison term after his elder brother Mukesh Ambani agreed to repay money Reliance Communications owed to Ericsson’s local unit.


Mi-25 gunships | YouTube

Chopper delivery from India to Afghanistan delayed by a year, now likely in June

Questions are, however, being raised in Afghanistan on whether India will be able to deliver the Mi-25 gunship choppers as it heads into elections & amid tension with Pakistan.
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China humiliated India because of these 5 fatal follies of Modi Doctrine

India looks less equal to China than 5 years ago, US alliance is hobbled by trade, and Pakistan looks anything but chastened by Balakot. What’s gone wrong?