Monday, 24 September, 2018


Saratchandra Chattopadhyay

Saratchandra Chattopadhyay: The novelist who gave heartbreak a new name

This weekend marked the 142nd birth anniversary of a Chattopadhyay, a literary giant who passed away in 1938.    

The airport of the future is here. And it doesn’t need humans

Singapore's Changi has built an entire terminal to test airport bots of the future. London & Tokyo are also exploring automation.
Meat market

There’s no meat to the argument that India is a vegetarian nation

Vegetarianism in India has been gradually becoming less strict over the past 30 years.
Rihanna’s lingerie show

Rihanna’s lingerie show was not a typical one

The women were tall and short, big and small. They were of all colours and sported plenty of tattoos.
The exhibition at India International Center in New Delhi | By special arrangement

Vanishing ways: A photographer sets out to freeze northeast’s dying traditions

Shyamal Datta’s photographs depict the different daily rituals of different tribes, with fire emerging as a recurring theme.

More than husbands, educate moms-in-law if you want to change arranged marriages in India

A study by the Indian Statistical Institute finds that a husband's mother-in-law's education levels can predict inter-caste marriage. 
Representational image of Hyderabad | Pixabay

On business in Hyderabad? Where to eat, drink, and extend your stay

The tech capital has upped its game in terms of great hotels and restaurants.
Skeletons found at Rakhigarhi date back to around 2500 BC |

Archeologist who found 4,500-yr-old skeletons in Haryana doesn’t buy Aryan invasion theory

Vasant Shinde says skeletons found in Rakhigarhi date to around 2500 BC, and there’s only ‘stray evidence’ of contact with Central Asians at that time.
Image of Chandresh Singh and Dhara Mehta | Facebook

How an Army officer proposed to his air hostess girlfriend after grad ceremony in Chennai

Chandresh Singh and Dhara Mehta’s love story is breaking the internet, but the fairytale ending hasn’t come without hardship.
Representational image | ThePrint

One in every 3 women who commit suicide globally is an Indian

Indians also account for 1/4th of all men who commit suicide. The problem is especially high among the age group 16-39, and among the elderly.
Illustration by Arindam Mukherjee |

The Modi government is the most faceless, nameless & talent-averse India has seen

The Modi government has run out of intellectual capital and this explains its stall in key sectors and fading momentum.