Friday, 2 December, 2022

Ismail Dilawar


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File photo of Ukrainian servicemen fire a self-propelled howitzer toward Russian positions, amid Russia's attack on Ukraine, 2 November, 2022 | Reuters

Who will pay the bill for rebuilding Ukraine? The answer lies in unfreezing Russian assets

The rebuilding load will have to be shared among the western allies but the West is also keen on making Russia foot the bill for its destruction of Ukraine.
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These bugs are eating into Pakistan’s already fragile economy

Swarms of locusts are fanning out through Pakistan, gorging on wheat, cotton, mustard and other crops.


Pakistani security personnel stand outside the Chinese consulate after the attack | Asif Hassan/AFP/Getty Images

Pakistan PM Imran Khan says Karachi attack caused by Chinese trade deals

The attack was intended to scare Chinese investors, he said.

A Gujarat gamble: A likely reason Rahul is not giving Modi a fight this assembly election

I'd rather not buy idea that Rahul's holding his fire until 2024. More likely, Congress believes Karnataka offers best chance of winning a Gujarat-sized state if Gujarat is too challenging.