TOPPEQ joins hands with Marwari Catalysts: An initiative to promote one powerful platform from founding to IPO
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TOPPEQ joins hands with Marwari Catalysts: An initiative to promote one powerful platform from founding to IPO

New Delhi [India], June 8 (ANI/SRV Media): Continuing the pursuit to create, build and nurture our startup ecosystem and economic development in the untapped market of...


New Delhi [India], June 8 (ANI/SRV Media): Continuing the pursuit to create, build and nurture our startup ecosystem and economic development in the untapped market of India’s tier 2 and tier 3 cities, Marwari Catalysts Ventures, India’s fastest growing accelerator, has partnered with Mumbai based startup, Toppeq, which aims to take the pain out of equity investing.

With an existing portfolio of around 30 startups, of which 15 startups have already raised funds, ‘Marwari Catalysts’ latest move is a leap forward towards its larger mission to make start-up investments a viable and accessible asset class for investors and startups founders.

The world today is moving towards digital solutions but surprisingly key documents which determine ownership for private companies and startups, are not on digital systems. Share certificates are on paper and cap tables are on spreadsheets. Determined to change the practice and ease out the process, Toppeq’s AI-enabled tools help founders and equity investors manage their working capital and cap tables better.

Founded in November 2019 by Nandini Sankar, Toppeq is Asia’s first Cap Table and Working Capital Management platform. A Mumbai-based startup, Toppeq uses AI and ML to cut through the chaos of spreadsheets, PDFs, and other native systems, to enable investors to make informed decisions regarding their portfolio companies, and help founders to maintain clean cap tables and keep track of their money.

Toppeq currently provides services such as Cap Table Management, Scenario Modelling, Due Diligence and Valuation, Cashflow Management, and Shareholder Rights solutions to founders and investors, all done with the help of technology. With digital cap tables, a comprehensive employee stock option module, and extensive scenario modeling capabilities, Toppeq’s platform helps both start-ups and investors track their equity, ownership, dilution, and value.

“In a nutshell, Toppeq helps bring clarity to equity. Toppeq is company-first at every turn, supporting you to build an enduring business. Our mission is to enable the next generation of bold, visionary companies to thrive. Toppeq is a capital market infrastructure that prioritises ongoing innovation. We at Toppeq, are truly excited with Marwari Catalysts’ curated start-ups that enable systematic execution of diversified high-return investment strategies. As we engage with Marwari Catalysts, we are constantly impressed with the deal flow of exciting start-ups and the vibrant team of Marwari Catalysts that are enabling the same. We believe that Marwari Catalysts would be the right enabler for our clients, and look forward to selective investments, collaborative growth, and remunerative exits for our startup investors.” says Nandini Sankar, the Founder of Toppeq.

Nandini’s expertise in technology and finance, which she has honed over the last two decades, helped her define the company’s mission and vision. Chennai-born entrepreneur and former head of APAC for fund administrator SS&C GlobeOp, managing capital is something Nandini Sankar understands intimately. Sankar established GlobeOp India in 2003, grew it to over 2500 employees, and played a key role in its US$ 950mn sale to SS&C in 2012.

Sushil Sharma, MCats Founder, and CEO says, “At Marwari Catalysts, our goal is to create the maximum entrepreneurial value by providing end-to-end support to both start-ups and investors. Our association with Toppeq, one of the leading players in its domain in India, is in line with this vision. Digital equity, debt management, and liquidity solutions are clearly the future for the entrepreneurial ecosystem, and it’s great to have partners who think along similar lines. Through Toppeq’s cap table, ESOP, and Liquidity solutions, we want to enable founders to not only offer equity to more stakeholders but also provide faster liquidity.”

Devesh Rakhecha, Founder and Director at Marwari Catalysts, says, “I believe the most important factor which strengthens the startup ecosystem is ‘TRUST’, and I see Toppeq has all the characteristics of the building and strengthening the trust of an investor for the respective startups. The stronger the trust investor holds, the stronger player you’ll turn out to be in the startup ecosystem of India. We are very excited to partner with Toppeq and look forward to working with them as they build a category-leading company globally.”

In India, there is still a fair amount of resistance to digitisation of data. While online cap tables are extremely popular in the market of the western world, India is waking up to the benefits it delivers. Marwari Catalysts and Toppeq have therefore taken the challenge to change the current mindset amongst the Indian stakeholders.

Nandini Sankar aspires to capture at least 5 percent of the startup ecosystem in India and be in the top consideration set in markets such as the US and Europe. Global private equity companies manage assets worth nearly $4 trillion, and that is the industry Toppeq is going after.

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