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Eatopia’s packaged foods are made with natural ingredients & backed by a customer-centric approach

Eatopia's packaged foods are made with natural ingredients & backed by a customer-centric approach

New Delhi [India], March 29 (ANI/ATK): Over 85 per cent of all packaged foods in India include artificial additives, which are chemicals intended to improve and enhance the taste, appearance, and shelf life of the foods. These chemicals hidden behind unpronounceable names and cryptic numbers are linked to cancer, diabetes, heart disease, obesity, and even ADHD. Utilizing this opportunity, many brands have popped up with the motto of promoting and delivering natural and healthy food.

However, there was a major drawback with many of these firms failing to deliver palatable foods; thereby causing traction from gaining mass acceptance. People really wanted to stock up on healthy food and snacks but didn’t find them appealing to their taste buds. And for a period, “healthy snack” became synonymous with bad taste. If you are willing to buy sugar free, or a natural snack, you better be ready to encounter its bland taste. This scenario, therefore, calls for a competent firm capable enough to bridge the demand for natural and healthy foods while meeting the needs of the taste buds.

With a deep understanding of food science and a customer-centric approach, McGill Foods’ Eatopia is one brand that fills this void with absolute competency and ease. According to the CEO & Director of McGill Foods – Jacob George, “Eatopia has prioritized consumer’s insights and has taken care to fit products into a consumer’s day-to-day lifestyle. Understanding food science, leveraging the market, deep level penetration of food science & technology, exploring opportunities within food science, connecting with the consumers, trying to be a part of their lifestyle has helped Eatopia stay on par with the standards set by the industry.”

Since its inception, Eatopia has strived to deliver healthy products that are developed using ingredients from natural sources. “Eatopia has been established with an aim to be a superhub for all health needs. The brand aims to become an integral part of a consumer’s healthy lifestyle. Eatopia’s objective is to positively impact lives through clean-green food made with all-natural ingredients with zero chemical additives.,” mentions Sachin Eapen, Co-Director, McGill foods.

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