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PM Modi did right in being candid about excessive dependence on coal to produce power in the absence of assured uranium supplies because India cannot join NSG. Western powers and businesses should influence China to end its veto on India’s NSG entry instead of lecturing New Delhi to cut emissions.

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  1. It is a travesty for China to block India’s entry into a grouping that has as many as 48 members. All the more, considering its impeccable non proliferation record. 2. With the continuing fall in the cost of solar and wind power, and the very high capital costs of nuclear power plants, also safety concerns, India would have to review its ambitious targets for nuclear energy. Another relevant factor is that up to 40% of the power generated in the country is not adequately billed for. Theft and Dacoity losses, concessional supply to agriculture, all create a situation where a normal residential, industrial or commercial consumer would find nuclear power unaffordable.


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