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Ahmed Patel’s loss will hurt imploding Congress. A shrewd strategist is what it needed in Modi-Shah era

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Congress treasurer Ahmed Patel’s untimely demise leaves a void not only in Indian politics but also in the imploding Congress party. He was a pragmatic consensus-builder and an anchor in the faction-ridden Congress. A shrewd strategist, Patel was also what the party needed in a political era dominated by Modi-Shah.

UP govt using forced conversions to curb inter-faith marriages, a dangerous political ploy

Religion, relationships and their connection are personal choices backed by courts as a constitutional right. It is abhorrent that UP’s BJP government is using the ruse of forced conversions and ‘love jihad’ to target inter-faith marriages. This is nothing but another dangerous political gimmick aimed to unleash more communal polarisation.


  1. So many fine tributes pouring in from journalists who covered the Congress. Keeping UPA afloat for a decade, the lady Captain safe on the bridge, was so much due to the sort of man Shri Ahmed Patel was. What Vinay Satapati would call a Jugalbandi. Rest in peace.

  2. There is now only one temple for the protection of the fundamental rights and liberties of all Indian citizens. Also for preserving and protecting the Constitution. We pray that it remain open and ever vigilant. A more visible, forceful profile is imperative.

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