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Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s challenge to the Congress to fight the remaining two phases of elections in late Rajiv Gandhi’s name shows BJP’s intent to continue raising non-issues to avoid a debate on real issues of economic slowdown. It’s an insult to Modi’s historic mandate in 2014 for development.

SC right to dismiss opposition’s VVPAT plea deliberately maligning EVMs

The Supreme Court is right in dismissing the review plea of opposition leaders on increasing VVPAT count of votes. The opposition leaders appear to be deliberately casting aspersions on EVMs again and again to undermine the Election Commission. EC isn’t helping either by its uneven positions on controversies involving Modi-Shah.

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  1. 1) Rajiv Gandhi must have passed into ages but his acts have still been haunting the nation.
    2) Dow Chemicals is a MMS baby, blaming NM doesn’t sound sense if comparison is with Bhopal gas tragedy where safe exit gallery was provided by the then GOI ( No need to name the then PM).

  2. Rajiv Gandhi did use the Indian Navy’s services for his personal holiday. But this is ignored and gratuitous remarks are about Modi who is giving as good as he gets.

  3. PM Rajiv Gandhi has passed into the ages. The electorate voted him out in 1989, was willing to give him a second chance in 1991, as they did for his mother in 1980. Now the subject matter of biographers and historians. We – not I, personally, alas – are a young, hungry, impatient, aspirational nation. Each day in the life of a newly elected government is incredibly precious. Being rooted in the ideology of the past has played a big role in denuding this mandate of its promise. Many thoughtful columns will start appearing from the end of this month, analysing the five years that have gone by in a swirl, with so little to show for them.


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