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Supreme Court’s refusal to entertain Uphaar survivors’ curative petition reconfirms the perception that the courts have applied social and economic criteria to justice at every stage. It is difficult to shake the feeling that Ansals have outsmarted the judicial system. This is why so many such calamities never find closure.

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  1. Justice long ceased to exist in the halls of our self appointed judiciary. This case, like every other case, was subject to the decades of delays that our judges have normalized. Then they said that the defendants were too old. Jaya Lalita was dead by the time the Supreme Court came up with their verdict. Sukh Ram also argued that he was too old to be incarcerated. In this case, the Supreme Court judgement went far beyond what was even at issue. There was no doubt about the guilt. It was an outrageous judgment. Now the final chapter on the destruction of justice has been written in the Uphaar cinema case.


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