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Without prejudging CJI Ranjan Gogoi’s innocence or the woman’s complaint of sexual harassment, an impression has gained ground that due process has been overlooked. Although three respectable SC judges constituted the committee and the complainant herself appeared thrice, the process appears to have been hurried through, setting an unseemly precedent.

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  1. KCR is building his family fortune so state looting is not sufficient making an attempt to loot from centre

  2. What does “ due process “ really mean, for those of us who are not law graduates ? It means three Justices tying a black band across their eyes, oblivious of the status of the two individuals affected by this complaint, and returning a finding of innocence of guilt, purely on merit. That is a very high bar to cross and if one may say this with the utmost trepidation, I really did not expect that to happen. It does not help that the report itself remains a classified document. What lies ahead, one cannot predict, but the matter will not rest here.


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