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Opposition parties’ criticism of PM Modi’s government for allowing exports of hydroxychloroquine and paracetamol is a needless controversy. India is the world’s biggest manufacturer of these drugs. The National Malaria programme stocks enormous amounts at any time. India, called the world’s pharmacist, can help lead the global fight against Covid-19.

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  1. often controvercy is created out of nothing and that is how politics goes in this country the tablighi jammat case is the latest exsmple

  2. More than the Opposition, one would blame President Trump. Dr Shashi Tharoor has tweeted that in his long diplomatic career, he has not observed such a practice. What Uncle Sam wants, he gets. It is not the world’s sole superpower for nothing. However, the manner in which this has been brought into the public domain was eminently avoidable. Have seen a tweet saying that HCQ is not available online in one part of India. Needless embarrassment has been caused.


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