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The sharp cut in small savings rates was overdue. Low interest rates can be passed on to borrowers only when rates of all savings schemes are reduced. Small savings rates should remain aligned to prevailing bank rates in the larger economic interest, even if it hurts a section of depositors.

Media is critical to defeating coronavirus. Pandemic isn’t an opportunity for govt power play

The Supreme Court has done well to protect media freedoms by saying it doesn’t want to interfere with free discussion about Covid-19. Media is critical to defeating coronavirus. Governments should partner it by being transparent and sharing information, not impose restrictions. A pandemic shouldn’t become an opportunity for power play.

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  1. The media is flying today at 20% of the thrust it was generating during the second half of UPA II. Anything more, and it could all be entrusted to ANI.

  2. A regime of low interest rates is good for the economy, although one would not make the case for real interest rates turning negative. Having cut rates to levels that are undoubtedly hurting saving households, the government and the RBI are duty bound to keep inflation close to the mandated 4%. In the previous phase of elevated inflation, households turned to real estate, creating a bubble that is still hurting all stakeholders, gold – which is unproductive from the economy’s viewpoint – and into dodgy schemes like chit funds. A profligate government needs prudent savers, should not penalise them.


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